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Implants for people with big boobs E/F cup


Re: Implants for people with big boobs E/F cup


I was 32ff and had a tissue expander in February during MX to remove 5cm ILC tumour, which was two thirds filled during the operation. The operation was replicated ten days ago for the other side so will match each other and I can consider whether to complete fill of the expanders or not, and at a later date whether to exchange for silicone implant. I am very pleased with the look so far and am not in too much pain. Leaning at the moment towards staying smaller, but may change my mind once all settled.


Implants for people with big boobs E/F cup



I am a 38 E/F bra size and I'm having a bi-lateral MX next month. I was told by the consultant it would be implant only as I am carrying excess weight on my tummy. I am wondering if anyone has been in the same situation and what the outcome has been? I can't imagine going to a small B/C cup i have had boobs since I was 12. It would change my whole shape. I only have DCIS and a minimal area of invasive in the left boob - the other is being taken away as a precaution as i am 35 and likely carrying a faulty gene. 


Any advice/info would be great.


L x