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Indentation at bottom of breast, no other symptoms

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Re: Indentation at bottom of breast, no other symptoms

Hello there,


Throughout  your life there will be breast changes, hormonal reasons and general aging can produce them, but the trouble is without an expert taking a look you won't know the cause of your indentation. Benign reasons cause 80 percent of lumps and a variety of changes, and at your very young age it is very rare for there to be a sinister reason. However, women are urged to report any changes to their GP as soon as they are able, and so the right thing to do is to do just that. Basically you will be doing exactly the right thing in having someone have a look for you, that's what the medical profession want us to do...be breast aware. If you don't get it checked, you will only keep worrying and your GP will either be able to put your mind at rest or refer you for an ultrasound to check. 

I hope this reassures you that it is important to see your doctor. 



Re: Indentation at bottom of breast, no other symptoms



im sorry you are here,   Most definitely go see your doctor.  You arnt hassling at all, it's their job.  It's the exact reason I am on this board.  I'm going to the breast clinic tomorrow.  Please make an appointment.  There seems to be lots of lovely people on here who can help.  

Indentation at bottom of breast, no other symptoms

 Hey  all,


My boyfriend noticed an indent in my left breast 4 or so weeks ago which we thought may have just been from my bra. I took a photo and thought no more however took another yesterday and can now see it more clearly. 


I have absolutely no other boob oddness, but it has panicked me as I am only 21. My paternal grandmother recently got diagnosed with breast cancer in the last 4 weeks, and my maternal aunty has overcome breast cancer also. Is it worth hassling a doctor for? 


Thanks in advance.