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Is my choice 'radical'?


Re: Is my choice 'radical'?

Hi spit,

How's it going?  

Re: Is my choice 'radical'?

What's wrong with radical anyway?  I was offered WLE with rads or MX and I opted for MX because I just wanted it over and done with and didn't fancy the rads at all.  My surgeon and nurse were happy to go with what I wanted as long as I was making an informed decision.  After my op my surgeon told me it was bigger than they had thought and so he thought I had probably made a good decision (I wouldn't have had much boob left after they had taken the lump and margins).  I also opted for no reconstruction as to me possible problems with my back was a worse thing to contemplate than no boob.  I had my op in March last year and am now used to the new me and putting my boob on in my bra every morning.  It is rare now that I think about it until I get undressed again.


Go with what feels right to you because you are the one who lives with the consequences of your decision. Whichever way you choose I hope all goes well for you.

Re: Is my choice 'radical'?

I'm really surprised at your breast nurse, that's not what she should be doing. Mine and my surgeons although steering me towards lumpectomy did on several occasions say they would do whatever I want , whenever. So if I decide a few years down the line I want a double mastectomy they would do it. As it happens, none of the scans showed my lump and I ended up having 3 ops then finally a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with strattice (nove 2013) As they got all of the cancer with the mx I was very lucky and didn't need chemo or radio just tamoxifen.
Make sure you're happy with your decision and do what's right for you. I have spoken to many ladies who have opted for mastectomies and none have regretted it or thought to be radical. Good luck with it all xx

Re: Is my choice 'radical'?

Hi Spit, I am a bit surprised a the nurses reaction. Many people have to choose between lumpectomy or mx.


A while ago found this website to help clarify decisions about lumpectomy or mx www.bresdex.com/ (it was a link from the NHS cancer info so think the site is ok).  I found it after my surgery!  I had the lump removed, but surgeon did discuss mx when I said part of me just wanted to get rid of it.  I had decided if she didn't get clear margins I would ask for a mx rather than have a second go at the lump.


I don't think mx automatically avoids radiotherapy.  I think they are two separate decisions depending on your prognosis.  In some cases radiotherapy can make a big difference to recurrence, and the treatment is only 3 or 4 weeks of inconvenience compared to the rest of your life.  But I do understand where you are at the moment you probably can't see very far ahead and everything is so hard to do.  Especially as you have so little information.


Regarding the dogs, the cinnamon trust can provide dog walkers in some areas www.cinnamon.org.uk. I know they have volunteers in Suffolk.


I know we are told not to google, but have you looked on the american Breast Cancer Care site?  They do sometimes have a different approach over there.


I don't think you are being radical, but I also know I seriously considered radical treatment and ended up being quite conservative.  It was easy for me to trust the medics though because I have a common variant. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Re: Is my choice 'radical'?

I think that you should speak to your breast nurse again and tell her how you feel. At the start of the conversation ask her not to interrupt until you have finished and before you ring her make a note of everything you have written in the post you have just made......I would tell her that you feel YOUR feelings and questions appear to be getting 'brushed off'

Your feelings MUST be taken into account. Tell everyone you see the way that you feel when you have you pre-op assessment .... Ask to see the consultant again... If it delays things a little and they mention this you can say that having waited for 15 years you can wait a little longer.

Don't be rushed....... I was told that I could change my mind about anything right up to being wheeled into theatre.
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Is my choice 'radical'?

I have what is being called a 'very unusual' type of BC. Something to with Salivary Gland? No inof out there and what is there is so scientific it hurt my head to read it! I am due my pre-op tomorrow and lump removal on 21st. I hate the waiting. It will be at least another 4 weeks before I get results. It needs to go somewhere 'special' for testing (Nottingham, actually)


I just decided that considering all the other health issues I am facing it would be best if I just ask for a masectomy. When I said this to a BC nurse on the phone she said ' oh, no thats so radical and you so young' I am 58 this year, hardly - so young!


I do not want radiotherapy. I cannot deal with the 60 mile round trip for many reasons. If transpot than I will be out even longer, a lot longer! 


I have two little dogs who depend on me. One I just rescued before I knew all this. He is very 'clingy' due to being neglected and left alone in the past.


I have no attachment to my breasts. They are just sources of potential problems!


Is it 'radical' to choose a masectomy when you have a diagnois that the 'team' no little/nothing about and although they 'think' or it 'may be' do not know what treatment I may need?


I am still shell-shocked at the news. I have had the lump for 15 years! It showed non-malignant in 2005. I have been pestering to go back since!


Enough is enough. Surely I can choose whatever I wish?