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Is my daughter at risk


Re: Is my daughter at risk

Hi megsmum... the risk is from one person in the immediate family and this risk is only increased if the cancer developed under the age of 40... so if you were diagnosed in your 20s or 30s then your daughter would be at a moderate risk which would mean your daughter would be able to have earlier breast screening.

what genetics are looking for is a risk of family history, that is cancer occurring in generations of the same side of the family. So its passed from generation to generation. familial breast cancer isnt common so its uncommon to have more than one case within your family which is unrelated eg you and your cousin.

in your situation its unlikely that your cancer is related to your family as nobody in previous generations developed it.

again with your mother in law if she was the only one her side of the family then again its unlikely to have come down her line either.

breast cancer is a common disease and every female is born with a 12% of developing breast cancer in their life time. 80% of these cancers will occur after age 50. 80% of breast cancers are sporadic and just happen by unlucky chance.

this doesnt mean she wont get BC in her lifetime but its likely to be the same risk as jessie bloggs next door.

Lulu xxx

Re: Is my daughter at risk

Hi megsmum,


Here's the link to BCC's publication for breast cancer in families which I hope you find helpful.  Also our helpline team will be only too happy to talk to you more about this. 




Take care,

Jo, Moderator


Is my daughter at risk

Hi no one seems able to tell me and my Gp is reluctant to refer us for genetic screening.
I had a grade 2 Er +ve tumour, only aware of 1 maternal cousin with Bc, but my Mother in law also had Bc, ( daughters gran on dad's side)
I worry that she is more at risk as she has relatives on both sides with Bc.
Any advice would be appreciated x