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Is this normal?


Re: Is this normal?

Hi, I had tpn as well 6chemo and 19 rads, treatment finished in begin of may and I've had leg/joint pain since then. Taking antflammatories for it which helps. Am also using intensive arnica warming gel which my sister in law had for something else and it seems to relieve the pain a bit. Its a bugger when the pain keeps you awake at night and the nights sweats on top of it doesn't make for a peacefull sleep. Forgetting what that was like. lol x

Re: Is this normal?

Hi kaarenkayotto

I have moved your post here from chit chat and sent you a pm.

Very best wishes


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Is this normal?

I had Triple Negative stage 2 breast cancer. I went through 8 chemos and 33 radiations.I am three months out of treatment and just this week I have started to feel fatigued again. The kind of tired i felt during radiation and I have pain in my joints again. Is this normal for it to come back ?