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Is this the start of my journey ?


Re: Is this the start of my journey ?

I don't think there's a normal way to react - everyone deals with things differently. You might even feel differently about it on different days.

If you've not been diagnosed yet, it might turn out to be nothing to worry about anyway. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

Is this the start of my journey ?

Have been on this forum for 5 - 6 years now. I,ve found it to be invaluable and a great source of inspiration and support. I didn't come on here for me it was in fact my beautiful mum who battled so bravely for 5 years with BC before losing her battle this time last year. I,ve known I,ve had a problem for a while, incidentally my mum left it too late and secondaries were diagnosed shortly after her initial consultation and I,m now at the stage where I can face up to it and deal with whatever the outcome. The thing is that I don,t know how I feel about this. I can see my hubbie is worried and those close to me that I have chosen to confide in but I don,t feel any emotion. My OH says it,s down to the loss of my mum and yes he,s probably right as I have taken it really badly but at the same time I don,t feel like I can pour out my inner emotions to him and let him know just how empty I feel inside. I,m on anti depressants now which too be fair have took the edge off my low mood, but wondered if anyone else had been in a similar situation ? I,m at the breast clinic on Tuesday morning .