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'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Martha - I just use a recipe off allrecipes.com and you can convert the measurements to metric but I put cinnamon in the biscuit mix as well as the sugar you roll them in as I love cinnamon X

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Loving the new pic Betty boo lol OH was lovely and gave me a great big hug and told me "to stop being so paranoid and that I'm ok and my sore ribs are him poking me for snoring through the night (I think he was joking lol). I hope your pins & needles have gone....Mine have 😉

Maxie yeah that is exactly how they discovered my liver problems. I have my platlet blood check on Tuesday so I'm going to request the full shimoz platlets, liver, kidneys, calcium, neutrophil etc etc - Might as well stock up on new results on a weekly basis lol Well done you on the hair cut, it's the first step to getting on with it, you are brave sweetie and it's so nice that you have donated to the little princess club - Although the pony club would have appreciated it too lol

Fiona I know exactly what you mean about doing stuff around the house. Like your lot, as soon as they see you looking a bit chirpier then it's tools down and you're left to do everything. Bloody nightmare.

Chelle you need to post the reciepe for those Snickerdoodles - They sound lush 😉

Trish, Lainey and Linsey I hope you guys still aren't propping up the bar and you are all back home safe and sound and are tucked up under your duvets xx

Emma (peachy), all the very best of luck tomorrow. Don't drink too much and it's good that you eventually got your picc line sorted.

Well ladies it looks like York is the place for us all. We can schedule when closer to the time xx

On the subject of hair. My leg hair has slowed in growth, my armpit hair hasn't grown back (just noticed that tonight), my flower garden is thin on the ground but......The hair on my head definitely needs another trim lol. Here was me thinking I was going to be that miricle child but hay ho.

I hope everyone is having a lovely evening xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

TaylorJ - thanks for tip re Mannions - I've heard of it but never been x my hair also feels a bit manky but to be honest Im shedding less hair than I do normally because I'm not straightening it all the time.

Jill - I know Hope Hospital my parents live in Stretford so not far away. Your mum sounds like mine lol x

Emma (Peachy) - glad you got the picc sorted eventually. Good luck for tomorrow - am sure the team will look after you well and hopefully you'll have minimal SEs like a lot of us on here. Big virtual hugs x

Emma (Melrose) - love the new profile pic Betty Poo xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Evening All,

Picc line has been put in today. First attempt wasn't successful - vein wasn't playing ball. Second attempt was fine, although had to have 3cm pulled back out because it was in too far after xray. Little sore but nothing a few paracetamol have taken care of. Got a pair of funky welly socks and cut the foot off to make a cover until the ones i've ordered today arrive.

Hope todays cocktails for.....
I've edited this three times - laptop keeps jumping about. Write a huge post and then it disapears. I'll try again in a while.


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Evening jewels,reading the posts everyones having a good day i had bloods done this morning and she managed to hit home first attempt and hardly a bruise,hope the one setting cocktail up on monday is as good,loving everones pics not had chance to find one to match my moods yets sure if i asked the kids there would be some choice ones lol and i am known as nasty nanna to all my grandkids god its going to freak them out when i lose the hair could also be fun though,
Its good to see those that are 1 step in front of me dont seem to be having to many SE its giving me so much hope.
Chelle yes i am in manchester but they have started christies at salford (hope hospital) so alot better for me means the mother can just drop me off and then trot of home then come back for me (saves me having to put on a brave face) I maybe in my mid fortys but anyone hurts me and she will kill lol nothing more scary than a pensioner out for blood and if no wobbles after first one can take myself there.
Think the dogs loving me back at work sprawled on the settee when I got in and eneded up virtullay throwing him out to go round the garden because when I got his lead the look said Nooo !!! think i ve definatley wore him out last 2 wks.Well going to mooch though cupboards for food cant beleive I work in a food shop and couldnt find anything a fancied for tea
catch everyone later xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Goodwin afternoon Jewels. Well I am on day 9 and my side effects seem to have settled to be tiredness and an occasional fuzzy head feeling which comes ang goes so am hoping that things don't get any worse this cycle. Have now got my brown wig which is sitting on the sideboard where I hope it will stay providing that the cold cap does it's job. Must admit that I hate only washing my hair twice per week, but that's what I have been told I must do.
York sounds great to me for a meet up next year, something to look forward to for us all and it's only 20 minutes by train for me. Not sure that I will be able to recognise most of you though from your current pics!
Chelle, check out Mannions cafe in York, have been there twice and the food was lovely.
Joan, really glad that you took some positives from your meeting with your ONC, have been thinking of you

Deedee, hope you are feeling a bit better today after your bad day.

Martha, you can really do without all that stress, hope the pins and needles settle down for you, assume they may be a side effect from your potion?
Hope that Trish, Lainey and Linsey are all ok, hope to hear from you all soon.
Good luck to Emma for tomorrow.Will be thinking of you.

Thanks to all Jewels for making me smile through these tough times, I am so glad to have you by my side. Have a peaceful evening Jewels. Xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Fiona - the only thing that tastes good with cocktails is more cocktails!
Snickerdoodles are an American recipe they are cinnamon and sugar cookies that are a bit soft in the middle. Dead simple but taste great.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle - Fat Rascals all round then, when we meet up in York. Will they taste good with our "real" cocktails? What are snicker doodle biscuits, did you make the recipe up?

Marion - great to hear you dug yourself out and are on the up again. You always give such good advice to all of us. Relax at the allotment and be supervisor.

Maxie - welcome to the new look you ( the hairdo, not that you look like a horse).

Robbie - welcome, good to hear about minimal SEs.

Martha - bl***y doctor, getting you all panicked, we'll send round a posse to beat her up. There seems to be a pattern of doctors' bedside manners falling short compared to the BCNs and onc nurses generally being better with the explanations and not panicking us. Your OH sounds lovely and glad the hug helped. Big virtual one from me too.

Off to cook the dinner. No-one else moving, all the chores reverting back to me since I've been feeling better. There's a surprise!!!


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Maxie - You're little horse is lovely lol.

Ok, so if we are all in agreement then York it is for a meet up next year once we're all sorted 😉

I'm feeling a bit better now. OH gave me a big hug and I feel much better. I'm off for a little nap xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Heehee just a little horse!! 😉

Btw York sounds fab for the meet-up next year if that suits everyone else!!.....must make sure all our livers are fully functioning again before we hit all those bars!!!...real cocktails...ooh lovely...xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Maxie you crack me up (is that a sore throat or are you just a little horse?) x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Sorry Martha posts crossed again!....bloody hell I wish some of these Doctors realised the affect they have on people when they don't explain things properly!!!....what a fright for you, extra cuddles tonight from your OH I think....xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Windy Miller and Emma (aka Betty Poo) - can you pack it in now, there's a toxic haze over Leeds and I can smell you both from here (phaarrphh)

Martha - just what you need then giving you a fright! That's the worst part of this illness is that every pain or SE we convince ourselves of the worst. I just worry Im going to spend the rest of my life like that.

Welcome to Robbie - I'm on day 10 of my 1st EC and like you seem to be missing the worst of any SEs x

Marion - hire a good soppy film and give yourself a reason to have a good blub, you might not feel guilty that way. The Notebook or Awakenings work for me every time (or invite me round for a cuppa - the sight of my spotty face is enough to make anyone cry xx)

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Afternoon Jewels,

Jackie I too shed a little tear when I read your post this morning, this bloomin disease makes you feel so vulnerable & wobbly at times...xx

Marion, glad you feel a bit better today!....least you've got a bit of sunshine in Wales...:-)

Fiona, sometimes think its fate when you bump into people, Im sure this lady will be a great person for you to chat to in the coming months...xx

Ooh lots of poo issues going on at the mo!!...may have to get my toilet re-inforced!!!!

Martha, hope pins & needles get sorted, or that at least you get some reassurance..xx I had a blood test today & that had liver function included on it, is that how they discovered your liver probs?..x

Well, have been for the 'chop'....thought I might have been a bit upset but so busy listening to the young girls there & their stories of complicated love lives it was fine!!.....next stop pixie club!!..:-) Am donating my hair to the Little Princess Trust, which is prob quite mean as some poor childs going to get lumbered with my frizz!...maybe I should donate it to the Pony Club instead, looking at it now in its little pony tail, would look good on a little bald horse!!!


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Oh Martha Hun. You're OH sounds lovely and i'm sure he'll give you a big hug but sending you a virtual one in the meantime xx
I phoned chemo unit today as pins and needles, achy arm and what feels like a swollen gland under my armpit on picc side. Lovely Nurse Ian told me not to worry but look out for swollen fingers and any redness. Put my mind at ease. They definitely have a better bedside manner than the Onc nurses!

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Fiona I've been trying green tea - It's not the best, but I've found that it helps my liver when it's a bit bashed lol

My spots haven't arrived yet, but I'm expecting them to come out in the next week or so. I think if memory serves me, it would around 1.5-2 weeks after my first session that they appeared.

Go Marion, keep away from the pit and get moving. But not too much xxx

Oh dear Windy Miller - At least I've got the dog that I can blame. You'll be like Emma next (MIA at the loo) haha

Welcome Roobie - It's good that your 1st cycle went well and that you've been back at work. I hope your next cycle goes just as smoothly.

Well ladies my doc sent me into complete turmoil and I wasn't a happy bunny. Firstly I was told that the pin and needles were down to hyperventilating. When I told her that I wasn't hyperventilating and I was rather calm, she said just becuase I wasn't physically heavy breathing it could still be a sympton and to breath into a brown paper bag!!! Next she says Oh I see your calcium levels are up slightly to which I replied "is that my liver" and she said NO, IT'S YOUR BONE. Well Feck me I just about fell off my fecking chair. I said oh ok I need to go then hung up the phone and burst into tears.

My ribs have been sore for around a month but I've just put it to the back of my mind and with the news about my liver function being raised, this just sent me into a flat spin. I called the chemo nurses in floods of tears and told them what the doc had said. She told me the max normal level for calcium is 2.5 and my reading was 2.6 - NO BIG DEAL. the chemo beats up your body and there was no need to panic about my bones. And as far as my liver is concerned, if was functioning normally until my first chemo so they just want to keep an eye on it. The scan is purely precautionary and they want to see how much damage is being cause.

I'm still slightly emotional but I'm off to pick OH up from work and I know he will calm me down.

Keep shining Jewles xxxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Oh dear Ann I seem to be with you on that one. Was out with my parents when had to rush off to the loo. They nearly sent a search party as I was ages, scared to get up just in case! Made it home a been another two times since. Forget PooGate it's more like floodgate! Where's the Imodium?!
Marion glad you're feeling cheerier but it is ok to cry you know. We won't tell anyone 😉
Sorry to stay Martha I was only kidding about the bike 😉
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi Ladies!
Just to let you know that I'm on day 18 of my first EC cycle and I'm at work!
Had a couple of bad days last week, such as nausea, heartburn but apart from that first cycle went well.
All the best of luck to everyone starting or in the middle of their chemo.
I've been logging on the site and reading everyone's posts, this really is a positive site.
Take care!
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Windy Miller here, I have gone a strange yellow colour. Feel fine if a little hot, temp fine. Oops, pardon, don't even have a cat to blame !

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Afternoon everyone

Sorry to have been on such a downer last night. Didn't manage a cry. I felt one tear try to slip out but my brain said no, so it crept back in again. Woke determined to be more up, then went to the loo 5 times by 10.30 and my leg bones feel like they have been through a mangle.( Old fashioned laundry aid for the younger members.) Came down stairs to find chemo brain had struck again and I had forgotten to put my last Nimvestin stomach injections back in the fridge. Today starting really well. However my district nurse phones the pharmacy and they said its ok out for 7 days so that was ok. So I've done the dusting and some laundry and tidied the bed and hopefulloy am now on an up.

Hard to stay down when your putting up such mad photos and posts. I do love you lot.

Ann - You sound a differnent lady to the last cycle. Good for you.

Maxie - Well done making a decision on your hair. Hope it behaves itself when it grows back.

I have been ravenously hungry since chemo started. I usually just eat because its mealtime. Now I could eat ox.
I also crave salty things. I normally never add salt to anything. Got a foul tasete in my mouth to. Yuk.

Jackie - Re fasting. I was told to eat normally. Looks like defferent opinions from different doctors again.

Emma - Any action at poogate yet?

Sun has just come out so might wander over to the allotment with other half. (No intention of doing any work of course)


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Yes that's a fat rascal, they're just like scones but they look cute x

My spots seem to be drying up a bit today thank god, my nose was beginning to look like rudolf.

We've decided to have a picnic at home as it looks like its going to chuck it down today so just waiting for my friend to turn up. I baked some snicker doodle biscuits this morning (Delia eat your heart out!)

I think my friends are struggling with how to treat me because I feel ok, they seem to think I'm just suddenly going to keel over at any second.

York would be really nice for a get together and there are plenty of reasonably priced hotels if you book them a bit in advance. We'll have to plan it plenty ahead of time (plus the bars are great in York which is all we need ;-))

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hey Martha,
Our posts crossed. Sorry (and glad) you had a little cry. I agree so much with you, the crying also is very therapeutic for me, I do always feel better afterwards. Also, my tears are not always sad ones. Sometimes they are happy, brought on by emotions about my kids or when someone is really nice to me or if I get a lovely card and message from a colleague.
Hope the doc phones you back soon,


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Maxie good for you making a decision. You'll look great with bob I'm sure.

Chelle - I'm guessing that's the fancy cake, your latest piccie?

Emma - too bad re Portugal, remember you talking about it before. Bigger and better hols all round next year?

Jackie - sorry you had a wobbly this morning, they do creep up sometimes, don't they? Enjoy the kitchen shopping to cheer you up.
I went out for my walk this morning and a neighbour called out admiring my hairdo ( the compulsory pixie we're all ending up with). Felt I had to explain why and she was so lovely to me. I knew she was a retired cimmunity nurse, but had not known she had cared for cancer patients, so she made me promise to come for a cuppa anytime for info, advice or just a chat. Her daughtef also is a ward sister in the hospital where I get my chemo - hope NOT to run into her as that would mean I had been admitted to the ward!!
Yes, needing the hand- held hoover round here too, but as I don't have one it's the dustpan and brush.

Re food and appetite, days 1-12 was struggling to eat anything, but last few days have been enjoying what I fancy and eating quite well. However, tea and coffee ( to which I'm normally addicted) YUK! Have tried Green tea with Jasmine and Peppermint tea - ok, but not a big fan.

No sun here today, but very muggy - either that or the flushes are getting more frequent.


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

FEX x 6, Cycle 2 Day 3

OMG Chelle - Loving the new pic and I hope you had wonderful dreams last night lol. I am so glad I didn't log in again last night or I would have been having the same dream as you lol.

Marion you need to cry (if you can), I find it very theraputic and I always feel good afterwards.

Esther I find that drinking loads of water before, during and after the chemo works really well. My kidneys and in particular my liver take a beating every time (only my 2nd cycle) but the fluids help to flush everything through. I hope your SE ease through time xx Welcome to the Jewels. Drinking lots also helps with the dry mouth 😉

Emma - Get you being all active, I hope you enjoyed your bike ride (blow some of those cobwebs away). I'm loving the pic changes too - They are cheering me up no end lol - I think it is just the mood where in xx

Ann, I am so, soooooooo glad the Emend has done the trick for you. I have the emergency doc calling me shortly about my pins & needles and I'm going to ask for some emend. Although I haven't been physically sick, the nause has been a little more this time round and my fatigue has kicked in a little earlier than expected, but I'm trying not to lie down to it this time round. I had a bowel movement yesterday, but nothing so far today - I think I might take a senokot tonight as I took nothing last night and think that may have been a made move!

Morweena - That's great that you're almost done with the chemo side of things. I had the runs 4 times on Wednesday before my 2nd cycle but I just knew that I would stiffen up afterwards - I didn't even mention it to my chemo nurse (oops). Anyway, I took meds that night and went yesterday morning but as mentioned above, I didn't take anything last night and I've not been today. Think I'll be having a wee tablet tonight though. I really hope you mangage to get some sleep soon xx

Meggy that's great that you are feeling well after your first cycle. Just watch for the fatigue kicking in once you stop taking the steriods but long may it continue. xx

Fiona I just had a cry over your post and I'm really not sure why...It could have been the part about your OH and his 'forum' comments as mine was exactly the same. We all need each other on here and in all honesty I really feel that I can share things on here that I wouldn't usually share with complete stranges (my bowel movements and ache spots lol). I mentioned York as a good meet up place as I felt is was relatively central to a lot of us (even although I'm in Scotland lol).

Maxie my liver gets sore for the 1st 2 weeks after my cycle then it settles so I don't think there is anything too sinister to worry about however, my OH was being rather flippent about it so I put him clearly in the picture that the liver is one of the places that it spreads to and he soon shut up after he picked his chin up off the floor (I felt like a bit of a bitch, but I couldn't help it lol). Pins & needles back again today but waiting on the doc calling me back.

Emma - Get on the phone asap to the doc and get some Omeprzole - Take 1 20mg tablet per day (you can double up if it gets really bad) but that takes away the acid refulx immediately. I take 1 every morning (even if I don't have acid reflux) and it helps. It killed me during my first cycle. Also get those bowels moving as that can cause issues too. I hope you go soon and it's the end of "bowelgate" 😉

Jackie I hope you are feeling better after your episode. I can be in Morrisons shopping and then all of a sudden I get weepy - It happens at the most strangest of times.

Re the fasting/not eating thing prior to chemo. I spoke with my chemo doc regarding this and she said that I'm just to eat what ever I want when ever I want and that is exactly what I do. I'm like you Chelle, craving salty chips and I never, ever have salt on anything. My tastebuds are still going so I'm not really off any food at the moment.

OMG Windy Miller - I might follow Jackie and get some lactose.

I hope all the Jewels are having a wonderful day xx
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Ha ha ha!!!
Just off out to buy some lactulose in readiness! I'll warn everyone to batten down the hatches when I take it.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Haha Anne - you've now earned the nickname Windy Miller x
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Good lord, I need ballast. I followed the instructions to take double dose lactoluse. It certainly worked, no constipation this time.
However i am about to take off unaided by anything but wind. My teddies have taken cover.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

My food consumption is up the wall as well as I'm struggling to taste certain things. I'd been dieting before my dx and lived on Muller light yogurts, fruit and veg and scan bran crackers but I can't stomach them currently (especially celery and I used to chomp about a pack a day!) I love pineapple because I can taste it and the little pot of custard I had last night was a proper treat. I've been craving salty chips but have made slimming world version with 1 cal spray so I'm not being too naughty! Not sure I could fast but I do drink about 3-4 litres normally a day and I only managed to nibble on the day and day after 1st cycle.
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Glasgow Girl, thank you, I might just try an amble at the weekend. Foal now nicknamed Tiny Tim - he is actually huge but the vet called him Tiny Tim whilst trying to ease him out of the mare who was getting tired, is very well. He and mum will stay away whilst I am in this state.

Jackiebee, I fast prior to chemo, purely because I am so anxious my normally gannet like eating habits disappear. I also find it very difficult to eat in the first week. It does not bother me because I am way over weight.
In the second week I had the most odd cravings. I was eyeing up the salt bowl at one state but a packet of crisps fixed the crave.
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning all
Sorry to hear you aren't feeling great Marion. I too had inexplicable moment of despair this morning. When walking my daughter to the bus stop, we were running late, the school bus came into view and my daughter had to run for it- shouted 'I love you mum', and it looked like she wouldn't make it- then the bus pulled in, honked his horn and waited for her. In my mad mad mind I couldn't help but think the busdriver KNEW why I had had my hair cut and that was why he stopped for her (I know, bonkers), and then it all just came out, right there in the street in our village. Even my dog looked a bit concerned. Luckily I didn't see anyone I knew but felt so stupid. But it has passed now and I'm off to look at kitchens this morning!! A rollercoaster.
On another note, I wondered if any of you had seen the research about fasting before chemo and how it might help with SEs? I know Martha posted something about eating light the day before...??? Any opinions/experience ladies??
Meggy- sorry to hear about the dog being sick... 😞
Hi Esther (are you maybe also the esther who is on the YBCF forum on facebook by any chance?? Otherwise there are two esthers on EC who started this week and that would be a big coincidence)
Good luck to those of you at the bar today. And to those of your trailing round the house with your hand held hoovers, I salute you 🙂

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Bless about Portugal 😞 I would do anything to be in the sun right now. I'm in the middle of a fight with BA about my Oct trip I canceled to Vegas and NYC, they are absolutely useless.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Emma - yeah make sure you have something for LooGate - if you get really backed up you'll end up with the Farmer Giles so they may prescribe a softener. I waited over the weekend and wished I hadn't so call them today x have you got something for the reflux? I'm on lansoprazole and they keep it in check.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Maxie, love the decision making! Go for it xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Oh no PooGate! I've not been since Monday so took stuff last night and will await action! Have also had gurgley burpy stomach which may be the acid reflux. Is it worth me phoning the gp anyway...just in case?!
Its so lovely to hear you more positive Ann. Long may it continue. And Cress, how are you?How's inflataboob? Mines more 'phantomboob' at the mo!
Morwenna it must be such a relief to be at the end of the line. I've followed your posts and you have been a great guide through my journey and always full of fighting spirit. Goodluck to you xx
Chelle, I'm the 11th too. Looks like another busy one at the bar!
Well Jewels, this morning I should be waking up in sunny Portuagal with 5 of my best friends 😞 You just never know what life will bring do you? However as some one once said 'everyday may not be good but there's something good in every day' So I'm off to find it . . . ❤️

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Jill - I take my hat off to you doing 9 hours on your first day back! I'm lucky if I can stay awake for that long lol
Are you in Manchester if you're having treatment at Christies? I was born and raised in Manchester and all my family are still there. Good that they've got you somewhere more convenient as you do start feeling like you live there!

Meggy - bless you sorting the dog out at that time! It's bad enough avoiding people germs!

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning Jewels

Good luck to the cocktail ladies today!..xx

Marion, hope you're feeling a bit better today?...sometimes a good cry helps get it all out...virtual hugs to you...xx

Martha ...was so busy laughing at your monkey face pic I forgot to say good that your pins & needles subsided but would def phone unit if they start again.....next Weds ridiculous!...hope your liver behaves too, I blame too many cocktails...;-)

Ann, so glad you're much better this time round, you really had it rough last cycle....long may it continue...xx

Decided to stop being so indecisive & have booked in for chin length bob today...:-)

Catch you all later Jewels xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning lovely Jewels
Didn't get round to posting last night, family film night. OH had few DVDs for birthday recently, so he, me plus son and daughter sat down to watch "Casino Jack", Kevin Spacey film. After several interruptions, including ASDA online shop arriving, son and daughter having to check iphones several times, we watched (and I enjoyed some chocolate for the first time since chemo). Not a great film, story a bit compilcated for me, probably because I kept nodding off. However, I did wallow in the quality family time, I love it.
This happens every evening, nodding like the Churchill dog, then I always sleep really badly when I get to bed.

Faye - go for the weekend away, sounds like a good plan. Am sure it would do you good before the next round. Once I get the first cycle done, hopefully I can be sure of "good" times- probably week3 - and plan treats for those times.

Ann - good to hear from you and glad it was ok yesterday. So pleased your SEs are better this time. You up for riding this weekend? How's the foal doing?

Chelle - ok, bribes it is for the hospital staff to get my hands on some Emend. Doughnuts sound like a plan. (Martha - cider for the onc, you'll be top patient at your place!!)
York is lovely for shopping and posh afternoon tea. I think someone mentioned it as a possible venue for our post-chemo bash. It is kind of in the middle of the country - my daughter was in the National Children's orchestra when she was 11 and it was held near York for that reason.
Loving the frequent piccie changes - great fun and makes me lol. OH used to impromptu giggles and responds with "is that the forum again?" He has changed from " are you on that forum again?" to realising how much good it does me and admitting that no-one understands properly except someone who's wearing the same shoes i.e. our June Jewels.

Joan - so glad you feeling a bit better and had some positive news. Agree the consultants' bedside manner is not always good, bit devoid of emotion. After my DX , the surgeon (who has fab reputation, but not great with the chat) delivered the bad news, then left my lovely BCN to sort me out and mop up my tears. Hope you enjoyed telly evening with OH and have a good weekend.

Deedee - sorry you so sick, hope injection will have sorted it out.

Martha - you ditto with Chelle re the photo updates, they make me laugh. Also, loving Maxie's Hulk piccie.

Marion - hope you feeling better this morning. I think having a good cry does help, it just releases something - pressure, tension, bad thoughts, whatever. Hear from you later?

Esther - welcome. You can see we share, laugh, cry, rant, moan, everything on here. I couldn't manage without it.

Emma - would like to think I could do more exercise too. Managing a half hour walk every day, looking to increase length and walk faster. Also need some routine, whole days pass and couldn't say what I've done all day.

Morwenna - thanks for your encouragement, good to hear from someone further down the road than us.

Trish, Lainey and Linsey - go today girls, all the best.

Have good day everyone,


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Jill, I'm still suffering with cording too. The pain goes down to my wrist now and it feels bruised all down my arm! Trying to do the exercises but some days it just hurts too much! Physio told me not to do something that makes it painful, but to keep it gentle!
Good news about the hospital change, much better for you
Cress x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning jewels,well yesterday was my first day back in work after op did a 1-10 shift bit tiring but reallly enjoyed the normality in on a 11-7 today but got to go and get bloods done first,first round at the bar on Monday starting with EC reading recent comments SE dont seem to bad for most hope I am amongst the lucky ones back in work on the thursday,Main problem at the moment is the cording and weird sensation in my arm cant tolerate anything on it good job its still warm.Also sleep fariry still hiding but like someone said once I am out of the waiting room might improve gave up with the sleeping tablets as i was bouncing off the walls.
Rang ONC yesterday because i still hadnt had appointment time for monday to find out they had changed my treatment hospitail which is brilliant for me instead of a trek to the other side of town they,ve got me at the local christie's which is a 10 min drive away just means i have to go on fridays to have bloods done then mondays for the cocktail but thats a very minor detail just going to call on way to work.
Need to sort out link to my phone can read all posts but cant post not very techi but no doubt time to waste in the blood queue.
Anyway better get backside into gear hope everyone has a good day
jill xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Good luck to all starting today - I'm actually getting quite impatient to have my turn!!! Hope it's sunny wherever you all are. X

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi,Pat I agree with the others don't leave it.I took a dulcolax last night and it worked ,if it hadn't I was going to phone the doctor as I went a week after my first op and it was really uncomfortable.
Morwenna I'm only up because my dog was being sick,she must have my symptoms rubber gloves and bleach at 6.00am is not good.Hope you get some sleep. Take care meggy xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle, forgot to say my next day at bar is 11th July, thanks Meggy for reminder. Xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Thank you Ann Chelle and Morwenna for your advice concerning constipation, I do tend to leave things to the last minute, and you're right Ann I won't get much over counter at weekend, I will try docs. when they open at 8.
Morwenna hope you manage to sleep, it's so annoying just laying there trying to nod off.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Good morning Jewels,Good luck to the ladies at the bar today.
Warm welcome Esther i had my firs fec on Wednesday so far so good,keep waiting on something happening but nothing,not that I am complaining .
Been reading last nights posts about lady garden,well I've told you all before I'm not very technical so no Hoover for me.I've decided I'm going to wear tights under everything.
Chelle our lovely administrator my next day at the bar is the 10th July all going well.
Catch up with you all later meggy xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morwenna - hope you manage to get some sleep and it must feel so good to know you are nearly at the end of your chemo! If I have the energy I'll be cartwheeling round the house when is week off finishing (ok ..... Too ambitious......a slow Mexican Wave?)
sweet dreams x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Funny to see some of you up before I've even been to bed! (Canada)

I'm on a steroid kick too. Hardly slept last night, and been buzzing all day. I don't feel sleepy now its nearly midnight, bit maybe I'll try a sleep aid again (didn't seem to work last night). Ho-hum, next week is my last dose of Paclitaxel, then I am DONE!!!

You'll get there girls!

On the constipation front, I suggest you take a dose of stool softener/laxative on the day of your treatment. Don't wait until you are constipated, cos you just know you will be! I used only take it for a day or two each cycle, then I was fine the rest of the time! When I started the weekly Taxol I found I had the opposite problem. Indeed I had my 10 th dose cancelled due to diarrhea! (TMI??) 😉

Good morning to those just waking up. I'm going to try going to bed ..... although I may read for an hour or three!! 😉

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Pat - totally agree with Anne as I ended up in a right state. I got some Pico Ducolax liquid from the doc and glycerin suppositories and they did the trick but felt so much better once I had lift off!

Anne - you sound so good am so happy for you - hope you have a fab weekend to celebrate xx
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Pat, good morning,
Watch the constipation. I was exactly the same on the first session, ate like you are but nothing happened and I was ill.
The doctor sent lactolose up and that worked quickly, I now have to take it daily. I really wouldn't leave your problem much longer without seeking help, remember it is the weekend tomorrow, gp's shut and the supermarket stuff is probably not sufficient.
Please think about getting advice. I ended up passing out in the bathroom, being sick on the floor and in agony.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning Jewells, Hope you have all had a good night, I went to bed at 10.30 and was awake every 1-2 hours, no change there then!!
Welcome Ester-I started on Wednesday with my 1st FEC and so far so good, only a fuzzy head and no trips to the bathroom yet, I am eating all the things they say-prunes fruit and All Bran and drinking loads, perhaps there will be a sign soon!!!!!
Ann, so pleased you are feeling better, you sound really good now, hope it carries on.
Good luck to all Jewells having their visit to the bar today, hope it goes well,
hope everyone else has a good day too, Marion hope you are feeling better after your upset, it does you good to let it all out, I haven't yet perhaps mine is to come.
Love Pat Xxxx
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Top of the morning to you all.
Good luck to all of you at the cocktail party today. I have decided EMEND is a wonderdrug. I have no indigestion, sickness or neasua whatsoever. I have slept peacefully from 11 to 4. Ok, the steriods have me on a high, but I don't mind being awake and feeling ok. I do object to being awake and feeling xxxx.

I just hope the next few days stay the same before the fatigue kicks in. I can feel my face/neck warming up now. I doubled the lactolose dose and am keeping fingers crossed for an outing to the bathroom.
Go jewels we can do it.
xxx Ann