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'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Jayne if you are lurking, say hi !!!!
thought your daughter was lovely.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Weird instead of a Maxie profile pic I can see one of me on a Segway!

ok so i started on all the antI sick meds yesterday to prep for today. then today before I was infused I told the onc nurse all my symptoms and a lot of them will have been caused by the anti sick, so she gave me some Emend before we started and thn gave me the pills to take home for now and next time to see how we get on.
So far a bit nauseous and some retching but nothing like last time fingers crossed. But tummy very bloated back to constipation ? Back to the prunes and Movicol.
hi pointy good luck for tomorrow.

Nicj xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi pointy - a very warm welcome from the Jewels xx best of luck for tomorrow - trust me it will be nowhere near as bad as your head will be telling you if will be! This group is full of fantastic ladies who will be there to virtually hold your hand the whole way. I'll add your dates to our cocktail list. Can't help on the drug combo I'm afraid as I'm having EC x
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi I would love to join the June group please! I start tomorrow, absolutely terrified but once the first one is over I am sure it will get easier.
I am having 4 x TC and can find no one elses experience of that drug combination so anyone out there that has some I would love to hear from you.
Good luck everyone!

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Maxie is that your wiggy? If so it looks fabbo xx glam puss

Well OH didn't bring me any McDonalds (s*d) so was proper sulking, and he said "take the C off chips!" cheeky so in so! but then he pulled out a bar of Green & Blacks dark choc so I didn't have to strangle him after all.

ONC has just been in to see me and said they'll prob let me out tomorrow if I behave and drink lots of fluids. They are monitoring all fluids in and out so am having to unplug my drip - walk to the bathroom and then pee in a potty - my dignity has left the building!

Thanks for all the well wishes and make sure you all look yourselves, hospital beds are no fun 😞

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Evening Jewels,

What a lot to catch up on - sorry I will miss lots of people out but there has been so much going on...

Welcome to Flippantfox. I'm having my 2nd cycle of AC on Wednesday so we're only a day apart. Good luck next time and make sure you tell them you were sick last time.

NicJ - Emend - fingers crossed....

Chelle - poor you! Take care of yourself and enjoy the party in that big room x

Emma - love your hair, you look great.

Vicki - well done to your veins!! Hope you find it comfortable - if not, don't despair. After 3 weeks mine is just settling down and feeling relatively comfortable at last.

Cress - have a great time. Don't feel guilty, we all wish we could go!

Had a good weekend but very tired now - shouldn't be on day 20 but sleeping is still a problem. Went to work again as I still don't want to be at home with just my thoughts for company so no chance of a mid morning nap . Quick trip to the hospital before work for pre-chemo bloods, but they couldn't get any blood from my picc line. Drugs can go in but they said it must be in the wrong position in my chect to be in the blood flow. So much for ease of access...

Sounds a bit weird but almost can't wait for next cycle on Wednesday. I feel like the first lot must be wearing off and I really want it to keep working on me and my lump...

Hair is shedding quite a bit now. Went to the park with the kids at the weekend and it was so windy I felt I had to put a cap on in case it blew off! Got the number from a friend of a mobile hairdresser to come round and shave it, but my husband has said he'll do it - I was touched as I agree Fiona that this must be hard for them. Have warned him that by the time this is over I'll be bald, scarred and menopausal but he hasn't run yet .

Like the name LACE for our trip. It'll take me a bit longer to finish than many of you as I still have to have surgery after chemo, then rads - might be nearly this time next year.

Sleep well everyone xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Ladies remember to check out


for all of you who are losing their hair. It's a chairty based wig alternative and totally kept me sane whilst going through chemo. Message me if you need anymore details. Just want to make you all aware that there is this wonderful product out there.

All the best to you all going through chemo...

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Evening Jewels, have had quite a lazy day today but managed to go out on a long walk and don't feel as tired as I have been doing, hope this continues up to my next cycle on 4/7.
A warm welcom to Flippantfox!
Chelle, a big virtual hug from me to you, hope you feel better very soon. Xx
Nicj, am so glad you have got Emend this time and hope it makes cycle 2 more bearable.
Vicki, glad the PICC line fitting went well.
Jackiebee, hope your heartscan went well and that you are all set for Thursday.
Cress, you lucky thing, have a great time (again) in Venice.
Good luck to Maxie for tomorrow, will be thinking of you.
Have a restful evening Jewels. Xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

P.s Well done NicJ...hope the Emend does the trick for you, let us know how you get on!..xx

Also just realised had missed Jill!...wow that was a really quick visit to the bar, think they call that a 'swifty' where I come from..xx

Pic of Dick Wiggington now up!..xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Evening Jewels,

Firstly Chelle, what a bummer being in hosp but really the best place for you with your infection....hope you get that sneaky Mc D's later! ...xx

Vicki...yay!!!!....so pleased you got your picc sorted ....our Big Vein chant must have worked!!..xx

Marion, glad you've had a better day, love your York slogans too!..xx

Cress you lucky girl!.....no slutty behaviour now, you know what these Italian stallions are like!..;-)

Emma (melrose) your hair looks lovely, I think it suits you...xx

Deedee my hairs curly (frizzy-ish) already, am hoping it will come back straight, will prob be like a brillo pad tho..xx

Fiona you may as well persevere with the cold cap now you've started, seems to have good results from what Ive heard..xx

Well I went for 2 wiggy- woos today, first appt for NHS one, picked one out & its quite nice, free of charge too, but you cant order any long ones, thats the deal in our area. ....So 2nd appt to get long wig which had to pay for (ouch!) but it is sooo like my own hair when it was long (last week!) & looks like it does when Ive been to hairdressers, am so impressed I may never take it off again!! ....my daughters have christened it 'Dick Wiggington'....not very ladylike!!

After wiggy fittings OH wanted us to do something 'normal' while we still can so as we were in Oxfordshire we went to Blenheim Palace for the afternoon, it's somewhere Ive always wanted to visit & it was fab!...having some dinner now & hope after such a busy day I might get some sleep tonight!

Martha if you're reading this, just remembered in the wiggy showroom I met a good friend of yours....'Stevie'!!....I recognised her & she's very nice!!....OH thought Id lost the plot as I was blabbing on talking to a wig like she was a person :-)..xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Yay nicj what did you say to your GP and how much did you get ? Gonna try and get them next time 😉
Deedee xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Congratulations Nic 😉 xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Yay NicJ xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Thank you. I confess I was worried about telling you all, it seemed such indulgence when I know how tough it is for you xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Cress - you slutty little devil you! (Now know what the vampy nails were for - to enjoy a bit of Italian sausage!And I mean pepperoni!) good on you girl - trust me I'd be on a flight in a heartbeat if I had the chance! chianti and plenty of it! X

Might have to get the OH to sneak me in a Maccy D when he comes to visit later x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Fec cycle 2 day 1
given Emend. Yeah!

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Cress you naughty girl! Good on you. Take each day and grab what you can. (Italians included. Phoawr! )
Chelle my belle. Poor you 😞 Glad you went though as you'll be fit on no time. Shame your up north couldn't popped in with a macy d and a few cocktails. 😉
Vicki all i'll say yay!!
I'm now an official Member of 'BAPS'! Hate it but hey ho its only for a week or two!

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

goodWow good you enjoyed your cottage pie Chelle, Cress good on you we forgive you wish it was me there in Venice 😉
Deedee xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Slightly embarrassed to post this... I'm back in Venice! My folks are still here and my godparents are visiting from Canada so I got the credit card (still warm from the annabandana spree) and got a squeezy jet flight out. It really feels like the last hurrah before Thursday but all that talk of Italians got me going - slut that I am! I know so many of you are suffering aI'd I send you all my love but I had this chance so I thought I'd go for it. Am I forgiven? Xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi Fiona - yeah don't give up on the cold cap just yet - it just doesn't work for some people but they do get good results these days. If my hair thins all over I'll carry on with it, I'll only stop if I get a complete bald spot that is somewhere noticeable. I've just read on the Paxman site that there is no problem washing out the conditioner straight after chemo but I think I'll leave it as told to just to be safe! Just keep messing to a minimum (my hair has not looked this grey in about 5 years!) and keep gently using PH neutral products x

just had cottage pie for my tea and I could actually taste it (although the mention of McDonalds made my mouth water and I too never ever eat there!) I'm going to be fat, spotty and bald - what a poster child for getting through chemo!

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi Marion glad your feeling a bit better today and managed some housework. I was thinking next year our hair could come in Curley so maybe curly tops on tours lol,
fiona hopefully your s e's are minimal this time on thurs try and get that emend drug. Lace name does sound good
Deedee xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi Marion, posts crossed.

Glad you feeling good today. I am doing as little ironing as poss, taking a look at the laundry and deciding that will do, we can manage with a few creases.

Like the LACE name!


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Afternoon all
Quick post before I think abut cooking dinner.

Jackie - hope heart scan ok

Flippantfox - welcome to the Jewels. Im on FEC 2nd cycle on Thursday. Similar to you, had awful nausea last time, days 1-12. Also my hair started shedding day 14, a few strands to start with and been accellerating more and more each day. I also cold- capped and was considering not bothering, but after Chelle's comment re most shedding between Cycles 1 and 2, I'll probably give it another go.

Chelle - what's happening to you, poor love? Rest in hospital and get better soon. When's the party starting?
Thanks for the advice re most hair shredding between cycles 1 and 2. Was panicking as so much falling out today, more than yesterday, more than the day before etc. Will persevere with the cold cap for now.

Jill - hurrah, one down already. Were you in the Express queue, so fast in and out? Fingers crossed for no SEs.

Vicki - glad PICC line mission accomplished, what a relief for you.

Deedee - go for it with the food cravings, we definitely all deserve some treats and to eat what we fancy.

Catch up later,


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Jill - Did you go to Speedy Gonzales bar for Tequila Slammers? Both my visits I've been in from 9.30 a.m. until 7 p.m..

Chelle - Poor you. Hope it clears up soon honey. Hope you find some friends for a party in there.

Deedee - I do indeed have butterfly feelings in my stomach. No idea what it is but I find it really unsettling. Glad you enjoyed your cheeseburgers. I haven't eaten crisps for years but I now can't get enough of them I seem to really be craving salt.

Welcome flippanfox. Getting to be quite crowded at the bar but can always squueze another one in.

Been thinking of names for the big meet.
POTY Pixies on tour York
LACE Life after chemo excursion

I've felt pretty normal today. Cleaned the bedrrom, ironing done and run the vac over upstairs ceilings. We live in a very old house and keeping up with the cobwebs is a full time job. Been a really grey day today but should be brighter tomorrow so hope to get out for a bit.


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Fec-t cycle 1 day 5 hey Chelle you take it easy and make the most of your rest in hospital.
Jill you did well today at the bar.brill I was same as you took some magazines for me to read and didn't have time to read them.
vickie that's brilliant you got your picc line in now you know things are moving for you on wed.
Does any1 experience butterfly feelings in their stomach I green to be getting that a lot.
Today I had such a big craving for a MD's cheeseburger had to have 2 as well not something I usually eat as well but I sure did enjoy them 🙂
welcome flippanfox nice bunch of ladies here they will cheer u up when your feeling low and answer any questions you might want to discuss.
Deedee xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

hellooooooooo 🙂
Well thank you girls, your positive thoughts helped...they got a PICC in finally even though they were prepping me for the groshong. The bloke doing it was amazing compared to the woman i had last time. Who would have thought id be so over the moon to have a tube coming out my arm rather than my chest lol. He did say though that he'd recommend swap for a portacath as ive Herceptin to have and he wouldnt recommend keeping a PICC for 15 months!. But he knew something had to go in today ready for wednesday.

Hope everyones doing ok, JMEG-Jill- that was super quick, what regime are you on?. I was told to be there most of the day but thats because im cold capping too. I also found out i get a free head covering, so will have a look on wednesday as they have buff headwear & baker boy caps 🙂 as well as scarves(which arent really me).

Chelle take care, hope you get your sparkle back soon, we cant be a man down, youre too important as you keep us all updated with our dates as well.

I asked about the look good type clinics and there arent any in my local area so if you lot have any tips from them, then feel free to pass them on...

Well have decided not to back to work for the last hour of today but will have a full day tomorrow to clear my desk before Wednesday. Finally fel like somethings about to happen now.

Catch you later, i off for some food, havent eaten all day!!.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Well I'm taking over Martha's role of keeping the hospital bed warm 😞 got a temp now, neutrophil is 2 and I've got a throat infection) in for 24-48 hours to have anti biotics via IV and observations. So angry with myself for going out yesterday now as I hate being in hospital. Oh well suppose it's a wake up call that I'm not invincible and may teach me to slow down on cycle 2! At least I've got 10 days to get myself right for the next one. Mum and OH went into complete panic when I rang them to say I'd been admitted so spent 20 mins calming everyone down and then had to wait on phone to BUPA to get authorisation before they send me a whacking bill through!

Prob will be bored senseless tonight so expect a few posts (if I manage to stay awake!) got a huge room to myself so may have a party later x

Jill - must be the quickest trip to the bar in history! We're you on tequila slammers! Glad you are doing ok x

Maxie - did you get sorted with wiggys that you like?

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Lovely to hear it all went Jill and you were out nice and quick at the bar. What cocktail are you on? Hope the s/e's stay minimal for you xx
Chelle, hope they're spoiling you 😉
Welcome Flippantfox. Sorry to hear you were so sick first visit. Too many drinks at the bar eh?! I hope things get sorted for you tomorrow and you have an easier time. The jewels are a great bunch. There's always someone around to pick you up when youre down and listen when you need a moan or rant. We're always up for a laugh and a cocktail too so welcome to the bar xx
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Lovely to have some company from fellow sufferers at last. Chelle - I did not get Emend, but Domperidone, Dexlamethadone (not sure how to spell that one) and Ondansetron, intravenously before the chemo and then 3 days worth to take home. I finally got something else from my GP after a week as I had stopped being sick but still felt really nauseous, Metacloperamide(?) which helped. I will deff ask for something else this time. Thanks for the hair tip, I will do the cold cap again tomorrow and see how it does. Was getting distressed about my hair although I know there is no point in worrying. Also after my last cocktail I was sick of my hair getting in the way and would have swapped it gladly for being well!x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Afternonn Jewels first trip to the bar over and done with and I am amazed by it,took a book too read downloaded a film on to pad and never even got chance to do anything in and out of the chair within and hour lol thought i d be there hours so for those not been yet heres what happened to me
Took up start postion at 11.10 she put a hot water bag on my arm to get my veins nice and warm whilst that was happening she took my details checked meds were right ones and answered my questions then straight in with canualla direct hit first time cant even see where it went in then she put 3 tubes of red stuff in and 2 bags of clear stuff (lol i am definatley not medically minded) in and then an anti sickness drug,took canualla out and i was out of the chair by 12.05.back home having a coffee by 12.30 only effect upto now is felt a bit headachey but that could of just been stress/tension just had an hour on settee and seems to be clearing.ohh and the red wee.
take home meds are dexamethasone--steriod stating tomz for 2 days ondansetron --anti sick for 2 days then metoclopramide for future nausea,and and injection of pegfilrastim that district nurse is coming out to give me tomz
so hopfully all gone well not going looking for any SE and hopfully i will be able to sleep tonight and can now think yes i am on the road to being better it may have a few speed bumps along the way but dosnt seem like a cobbled back street now
good wishes to everyone and hope this if at all possible has reassured any newbies tomz post may not be as upbeat got the wig session to look forward to xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Just having a lay down in the unit. Done some bloods and just waiting for the results and the doc to come and check me over....

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hey Flippantfox - welcome to the Jewels. Did they prescribe you Emend last time for anti-sickness? A few of the ladies were very sick on 1st cycle but have found this one to work really well on 2nd. Be sure to tell them you need something else and don't suffer again. We all seem to have good and bad days on here and that's what we are all here for to give you the support you need to get through this crazy journey. I am cold capping as well and was told the worst of any shedding would be between cycle 1 & 2 but that it should slow down after that so try not to worry yet that its not working. Just make sure the cap fits as well as possible as that really aids success.
Please don't feel alone - please come on here and rant, rave, cry, ask questions etc and we will all try to help where we can. You're never alone on here xx
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi again, Thanks, I have been reading your comments whilst being mystified by the posting thing, and it is nice to know I'm not alone. I will definitely be asking for different anti-sickness meds tomorrow don't worry! I have also turned into a complete germophobe and keep squirting everyone in the family with my anti-bac! I also wear a scarf when I go out so I can pull it up over my nose and mouth if I sense illness in shops (coughing etc) lol. It is as much as I can do to stop myself shouting "get away from me!" at innocent strangers.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Afternoon ladies,

Just a quick post between wigs!

Chelle ,I hope you're okay lovely....big hugs that you'll be home tucked up in bed soon..xx

Jackie & all germo- phobes (im one too!) this photo is for you!... the containers are full of anti- bacterial wash!!! 😉

Welcome Flippantfox, Im having my first chemo tomorrow....hope they can get the sickness under control for you this time round, feel free to rant & rave on here, this forums whats keeping me (relatively!) sane...xx

Catch you all later xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi Flippantfox,
You can post on here anytime and the girls on here are with you all the way, we are never alone. We will help as much as we can, if just reading the posts, that puts a smile on your face. When you go tomorrow tell them how you have been and they will help, do not suffer, that is not what they want you to do.
Take the time if you are alone to read through the posts on this thread, it will definitely put a smile on your face and make you feel better.
Thinking of you.
Pat. Xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle hope you feel better soon, good you're getting it checked out.
Melrose (Emma) Thank you for your words of wisdom, you are so right, we will get over this and be back to normal, we will continue to fight and WIN, one day we will look back at all this and know we have succeeded and won, also we are not the only ones there are other people suffering for all different reasons in this world.
Have a good day at work.
Take care all Jewells and have a good day
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi, I tried to post on here before but it never appeared so I must have got that wrong! I'm trying again as I have my second FEC booked for tomorrow and dreading it. So awful last time with sickness as none of my anti-sickness drugs worked Also my hair is shedding like anything the last few days, despite the cold cap. My daughter (21) has been brill, but she has gone out today and I am pathetically alone and feeling miserable.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle wishing you well and hoping you get sent home with a stern 'put your feet up and relax' Bigs hugs xx
p.s loving 'BAPS' 😉

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Spoke to the unit and have told me to go over at 12:30 to get checked out. Im having difficulty swallowing my glands are up that much. Better to be safe than sorry x will update later .....
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

PS Chelle I hope you are feeling better and Jill, that boss of yours sounds AWFUL!!
And Nic I agree about journalists - my daughter's school had a terrible coach accident a year or so ago where one of their teachers died and many of the children were seriously injured and the press outside the school were terrible. Headmistress asked all parents and kids not to talk to them and everyone closed ranks until they finally left them alone. I know they are doing their job but there does not seem to be any compassion.
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning all. Off for my heart scan today. Hope it's still working.
Thinking of everyone starting today and feel like I'm on the downhill slope now heading for the bar on Thursday.
Maxie- BAPS made me laugh.
Fiona, thought of your daughter helping you with your scarves made me cry too.
Realised why I have been extra emotional this week, my period started yesterday- oh JOY. But at least it might mean I can start to hold it togehter a bit better later in the week. I know hydration is important in the post chemo days and the rate at which I was crying the last few days has left me at high risk of dehydration.
I hear you Meggy about the early mornings, I don't know what Im going to do when I've been to the bar, my kids have still got 4 weeks left of school...!! They might be occasionally late, I suspect.
Talking of OCD I have already substituted all soaps in teh house for antibacterial ones and have a pot of hand steriliser by the front door to squirt on my kids (head to toe) when they enter the house (plus of course tonnes of it in my handbag, but that is always there anyway as I am always concerned about germy germs). Someone I know who has been through chemo said that supermarket trolley handles are particularly dangerous (so you are right to avoid them Marion) so she kept antibacterial cleaning wipes in the boot of her car and wiped them down before using them each time. And as for opening doors with sleeves- I do that whenever I can anyway (even BBC). So heaven help me when I really have something to worry about, in all seriousness I suppose I will need to keep a check on that or I won't want to leave the house.
Wishing you all a reasonable day, Jewels.
Jackie x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Good luck to the ladies at the bar and vicki today,hope everything goes smoothly.
I've been feeling really hungover last couple of days and don't like my cuppa in the morning really missing it.
Had my alarm set for 7am to get daughter up for school if I didn't she would stay there all day.will be glad when it's Friday and schools break up (I'm in Scotland ) so I can get up when I want.
Catch you all later Meggy xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning lovelies

Jill - OMG, your boss, that's outrageous, one of the worst comments I've heard. What a selfish person, what on earth do they think the BC is doing to you??
All the very best for today - hope to hear from you later. Ditto Chelle re the drugs, but I was told not to take steroids later than 2pm.

Jayne and Nicj - good luck today girls, big hugs. (Nicj, agree re the vultures of journalists waiting for Nelson Mandela to die, it's horrible. Have some respect for an amazing man).

Maxie - BAPs, good one. Thinking of names may fill my night waking hours.

Deedee - I believe low immunity is the middle week roughly, days 7-14. Mine was marked with urine infection and mouth ulcers, needed antibiotics for the infection but didn't feel poorly or have a temperature.

Vicki Beyonce - shake that booty today and good luck with line fitting, hear from you later. BIG STRONG VEINS is the mantra for today.

Martha - long-sleeved door-openers - I like it - another idea for Dragons' Den?

Well, my hair continuing to shed quite a bit. A few tears at bedtime, but OH, son and daughter all rallied round, they were great. Daughter said we'd have a scarves and wig try-on session today - she great with fashion and looking good, so confident she'll sort me out ready for the hair getting worse. For just 19, she's sometimes more mature than me these days- so proud of her. OH and son more the manly hugs approach, but proud of them too. Got to go, I'm blubbing again.

Chat later, have good day everyone,

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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Good luck to all at the bar today. If I managed it you will too. Stay strong. xxx Windy Miller. x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Nicj you've hit a nerve! The poor man is 94, he's not invincible, surely they don't need to be hovering outside his hospital door to hear his progress. I live in the town where the two teenagers killed themselves in front of a train last week. They went to the local and only secondary school. There were so many news vans and reporters outside the school, hassling the poor kids, who were in shock and grieving, it was insensitive and cruel. They united together and decided, out of respect, not to give interviews or stand for photos.
Having said that, when something like that happens it does put things into perspective and make you look at what you have. I know I've 'had' BC and chemo is a horrible aggressive treatment. I know I only have one boob and have 'battle' scars. But I also know that this isn't forever. I WILL feel better. The effects aren't permanent. I can have a new boob AND a flat tummy in the future. AND I will go to York and meet the fabulous ladies who have helped me through this shitty time. So I count my blessings everyday 😉 As my old mum says 'worse things happen at sea!'
I'm off to work . . Wish me luck 😉
Have fun at the bar jewels and everyone else have a good day xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Good luck all you ladies at the bar today.....xx

Beyonce thinking "Big Strong Veins' for you!!!...:-)


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Chelle I too went out Saturday but on my own, I thought I would have a shopping trip but once out I couldn't wait to get home, I just got what I needed and hot-footed home, which included a 25 min drive, proberly my stubborn streak coming out just wanted to be normal again. Have not felt well over weekend have 'been' but still a bit heady and sluggish.
Good luck to everyone having treatment today, I found it wasn't too bad on the day, just make sure you look after yourselves after.
I would love to be included in the YORK trip, what a weekend that will be. Roll on 2014.

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All the best ladies at the bar today -

jmeg I was the same as you on the day - very calm as I felt I was moving forward and all the bl**dy waiting was finally over! It really was much better than I expected at the unit and the chemo team were so supportive and lovely and sure yours will be the same. Just tell them if anything doesn't feel right and ask questions you are unsure .

Vicki - can imagine it must be a relief to finally be taking steps forward as I think I'd be going crazy if I was still waiting to start and you've had a fair few delays now - go do your Beyonce strut and get that line in (BIG STRONG VEINS X)

I've got a sore throat this morning but temp is normal so I might ring the unit when it opens just to double check.

Maxie - lovin the BAPS lol

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Morning jewls that was best night sleep i ve had in weeks slept from 1-5.30 thought i d be a nervous wreak but seem to have a strange calmness at the moment,got to be there for 11 so going to have a long soak in the bath with a book and get myself ready to prop the bar up.hopefully will catch you all on my return,