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'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

TaylorJ - forgot to say, good news about the physio. Glad you've had good week 3 and enjoy trip to the Peaks.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Evening all,
Am in bed, but no point trying to sleep as I had 1 hour last night, nothing all day and four more days of steroids. Even though I am prescribed 2 in the morning only, the lack of sleep is frustrating, especially as I feel tired, have sunken eyes and dark circles under the eyes. That combined with the bald head, I don't think I'll be on the front cover of vogue anytime soon.So, good opportunity to catch up.

Emma (melrose) - glad you're back posting, sorry you've been having a rough time.
I've cleared out about 4 bags full of clothes - tops, dresses, undies and cossies that I can't wear any more. Plus daughter added in a few things that are ok but "I've never liked that Mum". After BC, she wants to take me for a big clothes shop with her idea of the re-modelled me - boho chic apparently, so bohemian (not hippy) but chic (not scruffy). I think I know what she means!

Chelle - thanks for updating the list again. Enjoy the TLC from Mum and Dad, home cooking etc.

Sandra - me too with the steroids and sleep, lack of sleep carrying on for days after you stop taking them. Last cycle I took them days 2-6, but no proper sleep until day 10.
You were right, I didn't have the leftover curry tonight, too ambitious. OH made me an omelette and salad. Pleased with that, ate nothing on day 2 of cycles 1 and 2. Had a scone with jam later on too, get me!

Cress - sorry you've been so poorly and this heat is not helping any of us, reading all the posts.
I've had my 3 FEC now, moving on to 3 Taxotere to follow. I've heard bad things about the Tax - "hit by the Taxotere truck"......
Doc at clinic this week said I wouldn't have nausea with the Tax, but I felt there was a BUT, so she did mention aching bones and joints that could floor you for a week and cumulative fatigue.
Hope you're on the up and have a relaxing weekend

TaylorJ - thanks for Martha update, been missing her.

Caroline - you are absolutely not being selfish. The hair loss is and has been an issue for all of us. Losing is it a big deal, especially with everything else we have to deal with xx
I read ahead to Chelle'a next post and couldn't agree more that the worse thing for me is any staring or pitying looks, so I didn't go out of the house for about 9 days after I shaved mine off, but I'm fine about it now. I wear the wig outside the house only to avoid any staring - just scarves or nothing in the house - and my wig (Raquel) must be ok, because the nurse at chemo yesterday asked me if I was cold-capping today!! I don't think she was just being nice because she wasn't very chatty at all.

Night-night everyone, pass the sleepy dust, sweet dreams to those that are getting some sleep in spite of the steroids, the heat, the SEs etc....


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Cazzer - I was upset losing my hair 1 because cold cap didn't work and 2 because having hair was the only thing that made me feel normal. It's the only obvious sign that you are having treatment for cancer and I didn't want people staring or pitying me. But like all the waiting for test results etc, the reality was not as bad as I'd expected and you will adjust to your wig and scarves etc in a short period of time. It's not at all selfish - why shouldn't we feel sad about it - as if this journey isn't throwing enough at us already! It will get easier to deal with, just take 1 step at a time - big hugs x
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Thanks Melrose, makes me feel a bit better knowing im not the only one, I honestly think it's harder to take than the cancer which again is silly:( really appreciate ur reply and hope ur feeling okay:) x xc

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Aw Caroline you're not selfish. It's right we should focus on ourselves. We're going through a lot and as a woman losing hair is extremely hard. Xx
Taylor glad to hear from you and that you're having a better week. My arm is still very stiff, I have slight cording in my armpit but better than it was. Keep us updated on the psyhio x
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Glad ur back chelle and ur standing ur ground:) my next cycle is 7th August Thank u:) only when u get 5 minutes and really grateful ur still doing this, feeling really down today hair is ridiculous and know the wig needs to come out really can't come to terms with it but know I'm being selfish, and know there are worse issues, hope you're all okay ladies:) x x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Evening Jewels, haven't posted for a while but have been reading all your posts. I had a lovely chat with Martha last week, she was having a rough time this cycle with fatigue. Tried to text her since but no reply so hope she is ok. She did say that her OH was off work this week so they might have gone away. Hope to hear from you soon Martha.
Update from me, been for first physio since ANC and have def got some cording. Physio was lovely and showed me some exercises to do and also trained my OH to do some gentle massage on the affected areas. While I was there I had to lie on a couch and my wig rode up half way off my head, we all had a good laugh! Have been much better in week 3 this cycle which I think is due to not taking the antibiotics. Even managed a trip to the coast yesterday which was lovely, but still too hot despite the sea breezes. We have managed to book a couple of days in the Peak District this weekend too.
Chelle, am really pleased that you have great support from family and friends. I am not too far from you so if you want to meet up sometime just let me know.
Cress, thinking of you and hoping things get better for you soon.
Jackie, enjoy your holiday, you deserve it! Glad you got a new date which suits you.
Sandra, have started drinking a glass of pomegranate juice each day, apparently it has more antioxidants than green tea and tastes good too!
Debs, what a nightmare you seem to be having! Your wig looks fab by the way.
Marion, glad your cough is easing a little and your sleep is improving.
Joan, a favourite food of mine at the mo is sweet potatoe cooked in olive oil and turmeric.
Nicola, I am in awe of your fitness routines, mine is limited to walks but plenty of them.
Nicj, thought your affected arm shouldn't be used due to increased risk of lymphodema? Sounds like you are jinxed with the cracking cannulas and the rubbish chemist, you will soon have enough material for a book!
Emma, great idea about the e bay sale, will have to get my son on to it tho he will want a cut!
Fiona, hope you have a better time this cycle with the side effects,. How rude of your chemo nurse not to talk to you.
Hope all jewels have a peaceful evening and manage some sleep in this heat. Take care. Xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Aw Cress - can't believe they said you could have a portacath and then have none! Take it easy lovely and hope the SEs subside soon x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Haven't been posting but have been reading. Had cycle 2 - and got hit by massive downer following by the Taxotere truck. Absolutely shattered, can't sleep, eat or think so sorry can't write individual messages this time. It's all I can do to lift my head up - way worse than last time Maybe it's the heat as well....
Had Groshong line fitted as no portacaths in the hospital and the sedative didn't work so it wasn't very pleasant! With bald head, plasters on neck and chest I really feel like a cancer patient now - but I did get given a free posh carrier bag in M and S - so there's always a bright side, right?

Just to say, I think you're all amazing and I'm so glad I've found you all. XXX

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle youre like a mother hen lol xxxxx keep you chin up my lovely xxxxxxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Can't leave you lot for 5 minutes to sort yourselves out! It's like having 30 odd children lol x
You know I love you all really and I worry half of you wouldn't actually turn up for your cocktails on the right day if I didn't keep you in line xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

My brain is mush so if I've got anyone's dates or cycles wrong please shout! I've started updating it about 3 times and given up because I keep getting it wrong!
I'm fine today - over in Manchester. Ex OH is trying to make amends but it's too little too late so I'm standing my ground. Parents have been the only people around while I've had last 2 cycles anyway as 1st one I told him to stay at his mums and 2nd one he upped sticks and stayed at his friends for 2 night to avoid having to see my parents so really won't notice any difference if he's not there! His parents are mortified and said I need him there while I finish treatment so had to fill them in on a few home truths about how little support he's given me so far. My parents are great and I know if I need them they'll be there and if I'm sick of the sight of them they'll give me what space I need. I honestly hope it spurs him into action to get the help he needs as he's not a bad person he just has severe issues he's not dealing with. As I'm not in work I can spend as much time as I want in Manchester and friends will keep me company while I'm at home.

It's too bloody hot - I was dripping wet by the time I got to Manchester so the wig came straight off. I'm loving my Buffs at the minute they are so handy. My onc was happy with my progress and lack of SEs on cycle 2. Said the Taxotere needs more steroids and the white blood cell injections and that cycle 4 will take at least 6 hours as they have to monitor you with the Herceptin - need to make the most of cycle 3 next week then!
Well my mum is cooking tea so I'll catch you all later X

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Ha Chelle you've updated me on list before I even asked you....so efficient, what would we do without you!!...xx

Emma love the profile pic!!.... Great fun using those photo morph apps, I've got loads of weird & wonderful pics ( mainly taken by my ED....she's obsessed & very creative, the whole family look like weird alien mutant species when she's finished!!!....xx


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

What a lot of busy bees you all are....can't turn my back for 5 minutes & theres a page full of new posts! 🙂

First of all Jackie, really hope you have a great week away, take the docs advice & have some nice wine & cream teas...how lovely!!.....those neutrophils will be sky high by the time you get back 🙂

Fi glad Cc seems to be working for you & good job you mentioned your 'flutter' to nurse!....sometimes you just dont know whats normal & what isn't while on this chemo ride!..xx

Caz great that your getting good results from Cc too....xx

Jill, this no sleepings no fun is it? Mine carries on way past finishing the steroids too, well into 2nd week last cycle.
How great is your son & his mates doing the garden for you.....really thoughtful!..:-)

NicJ OMG what a nightmare you've had!!.....take it this is same hosp that botched your picc line & left you with no water??....who would supply dodgy syringes like that, its unbelievable!!....good job you were calm,don't think many would have been, especially as it happened twice!!....As for the stupid assisstant in Boots, well I've had that done to me before (for very same thrush tab!!) asking loudly what if any meds on, if I actually had thrush at that very moment etc, this was all before chemo, I just blushed scarlet & ran out clutching the bloody pill....ha if it was now though I think I'd do exactly what you did, chemo certainly brings the rage out when needed...well done to you!!....xx

Nicola, running, spinning & orienteering!!!....think I need a lie down!!!....so envious of your energy!...I managed a 15 min walk yesterday & thought I was Jess Ennis!!....:-)

Gussy lol re 'stiffy pudding'!!!...poor lad!.....it is mind boggling all the conflicting advice re diet isn't it?....I assumed red meat in moderation would be a good thing to boost red blood cells, my MIL had liver cancer & is constantly told by her consultant to eat lots of red meat & dark chocolate for her blood....suppose everything in moderation is a good mantra!...xx

Fiona, glad you're up & about, shame about non chatty nurse, bit awkward for you. I haven't been as bad this time round ( cycle 2) but swear they gave me less poison this time, I'm positive I had 4 1/2 syringes of red E & 3 of C last time but only 3/12 red E & 2 C this time (OH agreed with me) but nurse said no exactly same as last time....mmm not complaining mind.
Only thing Im struggling with is what to drink, water tastes vile even with lemon in it, like lucozade but aware full of sugar & caffeine. Diluted pineapple is ok. Have been having large glass of cranberry every morning too, cant stand my usual green tea, very odd!
I bet you wouldn't have managed curry this early on last 2 cycles so fingers crossed for you lovely that the nausea doesn't last as long for you...xx

Vicki sorry you're not feeling as good just yet, I think heat prob not helping. I had steroids & Emend but did read that not always prescribed together, another variation in diff hospitals! Have you got some 'take as needed' sickness pills?...have found they help when feeling a bit icky ( ive got metriclopramide...prob not spelt right!)...hope you feel better & are up to Zumba..ing again soon!!...xx

Chelle hope you're doing okay sweetie, lots to get your head around at the moment, be gentle with yourself & let your lovely family take care of you....xx p.s. seeing others have mentioned 🙂 my next chemo is 6 August (we're a cheeky lot aren't we but just shows how much you're needed!!....! when youre ready of course!...)

Well i pad now playing up now & cant scroll so hope not missed anyone out!

Sandra xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Yay! What would we do without you Chelle?!
Few Jewels we haven't heard from in a while. Hope you're doing ok ladies. Pop in and let us know you're still shining xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

FEC 2 Day 9
Hi Lovely Jewels. Well I've come out of my Hungry Caterpillar cocoon albeit more a fat slug than a beautiful butterfly. Spent day 6 and 7 sleeping and eating. And as someone else mentioned my legs and arms felt so heavy, everything was an effort. Anyway had BM jab yesterday and that seems to have perked me up. So besides a bit of tummy trouble, raw gums and metallic taste i'm doing ok.
Glad everyone made it back from the bar the last few days. Some eventful moments!! Debs can't believe that happened to you and in front of your D. How have you been since? And Nic not another thing for you to have to go through. How you manage to keep going i don't know?!
Jackie sorry you didn't make the bar but glad its given you the opportunity to have a break away and enjoy the sea air in Cornwall. Have a fun and cancer free break xx
Re Food and Diet...I have to admit i've been terrible and just ate what i've fancied, which have mainly been carbs. I've brought fish, friut and veggie stuff but just haven't fancied them. I know i've put on weight. I wish i had a OH who looked out for me Marion but he can just about stick a pizza in or order a take away. I'll have to cook some healthy meals and freeze them otherwise i'm going to end up mahoosive!!
This morning i decided to have a clear out of my pre mx swimsuits and low cut strappy dresses. I've put 6 customes and 6 dresses on ebay. May as well recoop some of the chemo prep expenses!! £ already have bids so not bad! In the afternoon I went into work for the last day of term BBQ (22 leaving speeches, long afternnon!) I wore a scarf as its too hot for Eva and received too much attention but loads of compliments. It was nice to get home and go bald again. 🙂
Just been having a play with ES iMac, he's away in Magaluf, God help him! See profile pic for result ;))

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Vicki - I was up and dressed by 2 30pm, managed to eat breakfast and lunch, certainly didn't manage that cycles 1 and 2. Don't work too hard now, glad you manage to jump on for a cheeky post.

Chelle - you ok today lovely? My next chemo should be 9th August (4th cycle). Me and Vicki both asking you to update the list - as I said in my last post, the JJs can't function without you. You seeing any family over the weekend? Whatever you do, be kind and treat yourself.

Tried two of the JJ curries, Trish's chicken one last week and Marion's veggie curry - both easy to make and delicioius. There's some of the veggie one laft over, which I might polish off later.

DN just been to administer my injection. Yet again, for the second time, the Drugs Chart was completed incorreclty, so I had to do it myself (well she stuck it in my tum and I pressed the plunger). I took the chart to clnic on Tuesday for the doc to complete, then asked them to check it at hospital yesterday. I can see what DN means - it was completed in the "Once only" section of the chart, where there is an area for ongoing meds, where DN said it should be filled in.
A few blips/ incompetencies recently - Joan, Nicj and others....


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hello Girls 🙂
Fec 2 day 3...im working from home as feel too nauseous to go into the office. Seems from reading previous posts that the 2nd dose is worse but then the 3rd one seems slightly better. Im not too bad, just expected to be as perky as first time round. Finding if i eat something small every hour its ok, so have had lots of fruit and some rice cakes..

Fiona glad youre doing ok, strange as you say that we all get different info from the Onc's...guess they feel i dont need steroids if on emend, not sure id like the side effects though...

Caz and Fi(Satsuma) glad to hear the cold cap still working. Like you Caz it was def harder this time round, already dreading the 3rd attempt. Mind you i finally washed my hair after 5 yes 5 days, and no real loss on my head or anywhere else so i guess its worth it.( trying to convinve myself i think).

Chelle so glad youre still around, even if you dont post, if you are reading the messages you will see how much you mean to us. Relationship trouble is hard enough at the best of times without throwing the C word into the mix, and the stress of this puts a strain on even the most solid partnership so you have to do whats right for you here and now, the future is unknown but you need to feel loved, understood and supported. Make sure this w/e and the next few weeks is all about you and your family can support you through all this crap. (if/when you feel up to updating the list my 3rd chemo is 7th Aug). Oh god that sounds a bit pushy sorry..

NicJ, sounds like if something can go wrong then it happens to you...i admire your strength and coping skills, i imagine you are a very inspirational lady.

Gussie, i did actually LOL re the stiffy pudding... my other half once asked for some "brown fudgy" (getting choclate brownie and fudge cake mixed up)...It still makes me laugh when i think of it :-).

To all other Jewels, whether knitting, heading away, trying to stay cool or just getting through the day the best you can, hope you all have a nice w/e and feel loved and cherished by those you depend on.

Better get back to work, im linked into the main system so cant be "unavailable" too often.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

FEC Cycle 3 Day 2.

Visit to the bar ok yeaterday, although they had too many patients and not enough staff, so over an hour's wait bafore I got hooked up. Nurse ( ward sister!!) put in canula, hooked up saline then remembered I was having the meds intravenously. She faffed about a bit, which involved a puddle of blood coming from the canula, lovely. A different nurse administered my chemo, she was fine but no chat so I switched between eyes closed relaxing and my magazine. OH was there, but he gets absorbed in his Astronomy magazines. Another chatty nurse passing by announced to all male OHs that they were useless, were supposed to be keeping us company, but just read their books or magazines.
Back from hospital at 4pm, then the brick wall of nausea and spaced-out feeling hit at 5.30pm. Fortunately, ate some soup and bread when I got back as couldn't eat later. No sleep, maybe 1 hour. Nausea again - despite increased dose of Ondansetron. Still got Emend, Dextamethosone and Cyclizene same as last time. Also Omeprazole, which certainly prevented the acid reflux last cycle. Having said that, I was not back posting day 2 last cycle and for several days 1st cycle, so I guess it may be a bit better. Just hoping it won't last the 12 days it did for cycles 1&2.

Sandra - thanks for your good wishes and glad your tum is settling down a bit.

Jackie - sorry your chemo postponed, just makes it all drag on longer, doen't it? Hope you can relax in Cornwall and chill out a bit before your rearranged date, good that they accommodated you so you didn't have to come back early.

Debs - glad you coping ok with work and minimal SEs. Love the M25 story, woe betide the man who crosses a chemo lady. If you'd had your wig on, could have whipped it off and made him feel even worse.
I've had my 3rd and final FEC yestereday, starting 3 rounds of Tax next. So sorry to hear about your bad experience, Marion has had the same I think. Has anyone else had problems with the Tax?
Your new pic looks great.

Cazzer - glad you're doing ok after bar visit yesterday.

Vicki - hope your nausea improves. Funny that I've got both Emend and Dexamethasone steroids, this cycle and last. There seems to be quite a lot of conflicting medical views between us all.
Hope you feel better as the day goes on. Glad you got your wig sorted too - what a lovely hairdresser, warms the heart to hear about such kindness.

Marion - glad the cough is a bit better. Possible thundery showers Sat or Sun, so that might clear the air a bit. Me too re crisps - not usually a fan, but it's s&v or Doritos for me just now.

Joan and Marion - thanks for the diet tips. Oddly enough my sweet tooth has not been around much since I started chemo, much preferring a savoury taste. I dont like fizzy drinks, just been having the odd glass of Lucozade, OH's idea as someone at work recommended that. Gone off alcohol, coffee and tea with milk - as I used to drink copious amounts of tea and coffee and a reasonable amount of alcohol that is probably a good thing and after all this BC I will try to cut down anyway. Always have eaten lots of veg, fruit and salad - although not so much fruit at the moment, as I'm finding it a bit acidic. I do have glass of cranberry juice every day, recommended by onc nurse to try and avoid another urine infection.
Luckily, my son has started training, aiming to enter a triathlon with his friend. Plus daughter doing an extreme fitness exercise programme, so they both want lots of fish, chicken, veg, not too many carbs. Suits me fine, so the whole family can be eating the same. OH will have to lump it - his diet is ok, not brilliant, but he does no exercise.

Chelle - so glad you're back, JJs not the same without you. Glad you're feeling so strong and positive and putting yourself first. You're always so supportive to all of us, now it's your turn to lean on us. Great you are surrounded by family and friends too. Big hugs xx

Fi - good to hear from you again. Just as well you mentioned the fluttering and got that sorted. Hope the CC continues to work for you, hope your hair will be one of the JJs successes.

Jill - hire out your YS and his mates - just what we all need when family and friends just get on and do helpful, practical things.
OH and son got a rollicking from me yesterday. ASDA online shop arrived about 11am (me going for chemo at 1pm). They emptied the crates, then disappeared back in front of the golf, leaving me with a huge pile of shopping to pack away. I snapped, I'm afraid. Their response was "just ask for help, we thought you preferred to do it yourself", my reply was "I shouldn't have to ask!!!!!"

Nicj - you poor thing with the dodgy syringes, thoughtless nurse and stupid thick assistant in Boots. Laughed at your response, showing her up, she's in the wrong job, surely a basic thing in a chemist not to shout out someone's private business - unbelievable. You have been so unlucky so far, being queen of the side effects in the JJs and that fiasco with the PICC line.
The new camper van sounds great and everything crossed that you'll be able to get to Greece.

Well, think I'll try to vacate the bedroom now and get dressed. All have a good day,


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning Jewels.

Welcome back Chelle. This time in our lives has to be all about us! Can't remember if that means you are now living on your own but if you are, there are a few of us in that boat, and it is all doable with a bit of planning, so just holler if you want to chat. In fact, now I have the measure of it, I like it better than when my Mum came up to help (and I ended up looking after her).

NicJ - what a bl00dy nightmare for you at the bar. But how you shamed the clueless pharmacy assistant was brilliant! Don't mess with the chemo ladies...

JackieB - hope you are enjoying Cornwall. I thought I was going to miss my appointment this week too so I have an inkling of your frustration. Hopefully rest & change will do you good and your neutrophils will rise. I asked my onc nurse if there was anything I could do to boost neutrophil levels and she said no ... But a friend (who had a chemo last year) suggested quinoa. I know nothing about quinoa... Maybe I should.

thank you fimbo (sorry if i switch away from this window to look up your name on my stoopid ipad i lose everything I type) for the link to that website. Lots to digest there. About diet I don't eat much processed food so spent most of week 3 restocking my freezer with my own home made ready meals, home made cake etc. interesting about red meat - seems the jury's out. My onc said I should eat some red meat to boost my red blood cells and I have been doing that. I have been off the sauce since chemo started - mostly don't fancy booze, & maybe it's as well as after a whole half pint a few weeks ago I asked a waiter young enough to be my son for a stiffy pudding. Fortunately he correctly translated that as sticky toffee pudding. There are some very good 0% beers out there now, particularly the white beers (try Erdinger if that's your poison). I'm also making good use of my soda stream this summer - got through a whole cylinder in my 1st cycle. My brother in law is an algae expert for one of the water companies and he says the freshest water is drawn straight from the mains, which is why I have a soda stream rather than bottled water, which he said can hang around for months / years before its drunk.

Well that was an essay. I need to get off the sofa and get washed. Doing everything in the wrong order today but hey, who cares? Planning to stroll out with the dog in a bit and maybe back to the sewing machine. make trying out a chemo cap pattern which is quite promising. Maybe more of that later ...
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning all- just a quick one as we are about to hit the road to Cornwall- trying to focus on the benefits of travelling without being a day after a chemo dose rather than the risks of infection!
My chemo nurse rang to say that they will fit me in on the Monday after we get back from hols (29th) so that we can have a full week down there, and that the best thing I can do for low white blood cells is to drink wine and eat cream teas. What a lovely woman.
Chelle, glad to see you back and hope you are doing ok.
I might not get to post regularly depending on wifi in the cottage - so if I don't 'speak' to you for a while don't worry about me and I wish you all as good a week as possible.
Jackie x
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Still here NicJ! Had a really busy week last week trying to do as much as I could before the chemo fog fell. Managed to run and spin. Fec cycle 3 two days ago. Feeling not too bad so far. Off to Scotland next week for 6 days orienteering so need to be well by then.
Best thoughts to chelle - remember a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

Love to all others - it so helps to know that we are going through this together. Mozzies on chemo made me laugh out loud

Keep well and enjoy the sunshine


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi Chelle
sorry to hear your news, I did a big rant about men and their ability to cope ages ago so won't subject you to that again. thinking of you though.
havent seen any posts from Lins for a long time and the other Nicola? Sure there are some other names too but chemo brain fuzzy, Jayne I will try calling you later if that is ok.
did chemo yesterday pulling the determined to go to Greece Face in a bright and jolly way.
Left arm a complete mess from Picc removal, phlebitis, and recent blood tests, covered in bruises. got special cream hirudoid for all those with bruising/superficial phlebitis.
had to use right arm which is my affected side - any reason why they don't like to use it?
all looking positive and hopefully back on track when the top of the first syringe cracaked and started leaking. Had to wait an hour for new syringe to be delivered, nurse had never seen that before. Back to infusion and her picking my brain about managing behavabout of ASD kids cos her nephew ..... (Back to the day job boring about autism rather than cancer).
When the syringe with the E stuff in it also cracked but this time in the cannula line - panic and pinching the line to remove the section then blood dribbling everywhere - lucky I had lots of kitchen towel in my just in case I start throwing up bag. Had to wait for another hour for a new syringe and the pharmacist coming down to check the syringe and start writing a supplier complaint and then go off and check all the others in the clinic!!!
My nurse then giggled nervously and said "I'm glad it's you this is happening to". Think I will assume she was complementing me on calmness!
earlier in the week tried to get some canneston for yet another side effect - thrush!! The queue in boots was very long and this being Ludlow I knew most of the people in the queue, including a man I have had many battles with the chief executive of the county council. The assistant grabbed the box I wanted held it up and said "is this for you and are you taking any medicines". So there I am in a not flattering bandana thing, looking woozy, briusises and hospital dressings on arm and don't forget a local celeb from being in papers for my head shave thing, I laugh yes for me and shed loads I am on chemo. Assistant then shouts down to pharmacist "this lady is treating herself for thrush and has cancer we can't let her have this can we" I turn to the queue and say Anyone back there not catch that? someone shouted to the asstant I did but my Dad is a bit deaf could you say it again?
right my new thing to do is selling our old campervan on EBay. Very exciting. I am very lucky! My critical illness policy is paying up cos I am officially critical! We took policy out just in case years ago when we found out about the boys, there was doubt about them paying up cos of better survival rates for BC. So relived have blown half the money on a newer, easier to look after motorhome! Pity the man who took me on a test drive while OH was on the oil rig. He said it was unusual for the lady to drive as i took a swig of water and shoved it in to reverse to try parallel parking when he wasn't expecting it.
Hope everyone has an SE light day.
love to all

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning Jewels Its already a bright morning at the coast sleep faries not found me here either so been up at 1 then 3 then gave up at 5 D & GD sleeping like babes GRHH me trying to tiptoe round a caravan lol but looking forward to some quality time with them,just sat knitting cardi for the new little man due later this year so peaceful.YS had induction for new job yesterday and should start sometime next week so looking good there left him home alone lol at 25yrs old looking after the dog,spent most of yesterday and facebook monitoring his movements lol feel like a stalker,but least I know dogs safe house safe and beer bin full lol he had couple of friends round great bunch that he has grown up with but they,ve done the bushes and weeded garden and sent me pics to prove it lol.
Chelle keep your chin up there lifes crap and we can only control so much of it and just accept the rest but no matter how bad it gets all your Jewels are here supporting you and at the moment I am working on the its all about ME routine and if someone one dosnt like it tough their problem.
Notice a lot of comments about T just recently I am starting mine after EC but getting mine weekly for 12 weeks rather than 4 x 3 something to do with reducing SEs because I need to work as much as possible up to now my SEs on EC are minamal but now everyone seems to be saying T is worse anyone more upto date on this.
Well whatever plans you ladies have for today have a good one stay safe and stay happy
Jill xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle, that must have been a difficult decision and took great strength but it already sounds like you know you've made the right decision. Take care and focus on you. The amazing women on here are giving so much support it's great. I know I don't post much at all, but do keep up to date with posts and feel grateful to all you regular posters.
Well I was at the bar today- thought it might not happen as the bloods I got ahead of my picc line fitting on Monday showed neutrophils at 0.29. Threw me a bit but explains the additional tiredness I felt over the last week. SE haven't been too bad, but had a cold early second week whih didn't turn into anything worse but made me feel a bit crap again, after feeling slightly brighter day 6. Anyway was told they were going to hope neutrophils bounced back naturally and wanted to check this morning ahead of scheduled chemo and it worked- up to 1.88:) so they'll see how I am next cycle too and if drops further may need to get the injections. I'm thinking the sore throat and cold may have made an impact.
My slight complication today was that I mentioned- after CC had been on 45 mins and the picc was being flushed- that it gave me a kind of flutter in my chest, and I'd been getting these more frequently since Monday. X ray was reviewed and turns out the line was too far in and close to my heart so nurse pulled it out a bit, got re X-rayed and we started again at 2pm. Felt a bit stupid for not mentioning earlier but thought may just be the body getting used to the foreign object in my chest. All good now and feeling not bad tonight. Hope this continues along lines of last time as I felt lucky it was manageable. I'm working from home for some if each cycle and its been reasonably productive so pleased with that. But in awe of those of you managing brilliantly with families and schools and going into work, and ironing! And Zumba! Madness.
Also, and I hesitate to say, the CC seems to have worked for me so far, I know it's only been one cycle so we'll see, but after hearing others' experience I also feel much better about handling hairloss too. Different than I felt a month ago. Loving all your shaved head looks and stories.
I'm not going to try and remember all the posts I wanted to respond to now, especialky with my increased forgetfulness- but think what you are all sharing is amazing.
Take care jewels.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle, so glad you've not stayed away too long....great to hear from you.....onwards & upwards eh!!..... Yep 2014 will be our year!!! 🙂

Joan & Marion, thanks for the healthy eating tips, am trying to have healthy alongside cravings for carbs on nausea days but sometimes just cant face fruit which I usually love, drinking lots of fresh cranberry tho & prunes & plenty of salads (alongside my chips & fishfingers;-))

Great comment from MIL tonight OH trying to explain im not sleeping well because of steroids & he mentioned that Id. slept a lot yesterday (could barely lift my head off the pillow!) "well no wonder you can't sleep then if youre sleeping all day!"....ggrrrr, havent napped at all today & still got no sleep in me tonight....little blue pill may be needed me thinks!

night night lovely jewels, hope nobody suffering too many s/e's in this heat tonight

Sandra xx
p.s. hope you like new profile slogan, sent to me by a real "tough guy" friend of mine who now has his own health issues, thought words very apt (as did he) for what we're all going through...xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle - Bless you. Your a strong, lovely lady and its good to have you back. We wouldn't know who was doing what without you. You're needed.

Good luck tomorrow Janet.

Nite nite sparkling ladies.


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle, good to hear from you, have been thinking of you a lot today. Am sending you a big hug and wishing you strength. Xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Well I didn't stay away long did I ! Realised I have had more support from you lovely ladies since i joined this site than I ever had off the one who shall not be spoken of! And today I realised what fantastic support I get from my friends and family and regardless it would have been them who would help me through this.
I actually feel relieved now I've told him to go as its occupied my mind to much when I need my strength to fight my own battle and now the extra baggage I've carried around is gone. I've made it perfectly clear that there is no way the house is being sold until my treatment is finished so until then he can go fight his demons out of my way.
Thank you all for your lovely words, we are one hell of a bunch of amazing and strong women and I genuinely believe we can conquer anything x 2014 is gonna be one big old celebration for me! Kick the backside of BC and and brand new start.

Hope all the ladies who've been at the bar are ok and normal admin duties will resume shortly x

thanks again lovely jewels x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Joan - My husband barred me from dairy and sugar, including fructose since he did some research on the day of my DX. I am allowed to eat whole fruit but not fruit juice as it contains more fruit juice, and so fructose, than you could possible get naturally as you couldn't eat that much fruit. Having made my own fruit juice I can vouch for this as it takes an awful lot of fruit to make a descent size drink. Thankfully, I don't like fizzy drinks and my OH won't eat processed food. I'm not much of an alcohol drinker either, it doesn't seem to agree with me. We eat meat once a week usually chicken. My OH drinks bicarbonate of soda for indigestion which he find works as well as anything. OH wants me to come out of this as healthy as I can be, and apart from crisps and the ocassional ice lolly I am doing what I'm told. Fish fingers are a bit naught but not bad I think wehn eaten with fresh veg from out allotment.

Talking of our allotment, I m usually covered in bites at this time of year as allotment is next to a river and get load of mossies and midges. I have not been up there much since dx so they are biting OH instead.
I wonderd what would happen to the biters if they bit me just after I had filledup on my cocktail. Would they be rolling around on the ground saying, it must be something I ate..


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

AC cycle 3 day 2

Chelle, so sorry this is happening at the moment, you really don't need it. Your family sound like they've been a great support to you so lean on them now.

Cazzer, Maxie, Fiona - re nausea, cycle 2 was worse than cycle 1, at least for the first couple of days, but so far cycle 3 is a bit better (hope I haven't spoken too soon). The head spinning nausea on day 1 of cycle 2 was awful but I seemed to avoid it last night. Wore my travel sickness bands this time which I forgot to do last time - wonder if that helped?

As regards diet, I'm trying to be healthy at the moment. I haven't asked too much about my dx, but given the size of my lump I don't think it's great, so I want to do as much as I can to give my body the help it needs. I so much want to be around for a long time for my children. A site called Cancer Active gives holistic advice on diet during chemo.

Good foods - leafy greens, red grapes, blueberries, raspberries, beetroot, oily fish, turmeric, curcumin, garlic, olive oil, almonds, walnuts, lentils, sprouting beans (can anyone tell me what they are or what to do with them?), apples, carrots, peppers, wholegrain rice, pasta etc, jacket potatoes. Recommends keeping your system slightly alkaline so drinking a solution of bicarb of soda in water morning and night (tried it and doesn't taste too bad). Possibly supplement with Vit D and K but I haven't checked this with my onc.

Foods to avoid - sugary foods, esp fizzy drinks (healthy cells need complex carbs to grow, cancer cells use sugar), processed foods esp processed meats, cows dairy (not sure how I'll manage this!), red meat as fed on growth hormones, high fat food, salty foods, alcohol although a little red wine is ok.

Lots of other foods I can't remember. Sorry if it all sounds a bit heavy but I would kick myself if I didn't do everything I could, so just wanted to share it with all the precious jewels xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi Jewels,

Jackie so sorry you missed your treatment today but am sure a dose of good Cornwall air will do you world of good!...enjoy yourself & hope you get your new date soon!...xx

Deb what a nightmare re M25!....think man in car prob came off worse tho!!....never cross a woman on chemo!!! (especially in her 'good' week! 🙂
Horrid for you having bad reaction to the Tax & just typical your poor daughter there too, how scary for both of you...I've not had any probs with WBC injections so far, no bone pain, mine are for 7 days after chemo so hope you're ok too.....wig looks great, very natural...xx

Vicki sorry you're feeling more pukey this time, sure this heat doesn't help. Great that you got wig cut for free tho, thats great!....there are some lovely genuine people out there! 🙂
Hope you feel better soon...xx

Well Marion & co I too now have a fish finger butty craving!!!....i've been hooked on plain ritz crackers & ready salted crisps too ,normally much more of a sweet/ choccy person but can't face anything sweet apart from honey & lucozade at mo....its really odd isnt it, but good excuse to indulge....diet can happen when we've all got through the treatments!!...xx

Sandra xx
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi ladies, hope you're all doing ok:)
Artemis- I too felt nausea on this 2nd cycle yet didn't feel it last time still do slightly today so I guess its the build up of toxins now:( I found the cold cap much colder this time and less bearable but still managed it, I have lost a fair bit of hair which means its thinned but still have full coverage, but the hair flying about drives me insane and hate not being able to wash or style it like before:( hope u still continue to keep yours:) x x

Marion - thank you I don't feel so guilty now, im dreading being fat and bald how lucky are we! I now have a craving for a fish finger sandwich which I think I will have to have now, I also have a real taste for kettle crisps sea salt flavour and salted peanuts what's going on!:) anyhow hope u r feeling better now:) x

Hope all of you jewels are doing ok, think im going to start the fish fingers now:) big hugs to all of u x x
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Marion. Me tooooo, fish finger sandwiches .........what's that all about. Lovely though!!

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle - Love and hugs. So sorry things didn't work out. We are all here for you. Come back soon.

Debs - I had an anaphylactic shock after my second cycle. Scarey stuff. They will now be giving me antihistamine by needle before each dose of Tax, starting it slowly and gradually speeding up, so my times are 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the rest of the cycles. Joy. You look great in your wig.

Jackie - Sorry about the delay. It must be really frustrating for you.

Cazzer - I have a thing for fish fingers at the moment and I haven't eaten them in years. Also have a big salt craving and have been eating plain crisps which are not normally allowed in the house as they are my downfall.
Also sucking Fruit Shoots as they help with wierd taste in my mouth. Howver, I am generally eating very healthy meals so won't be to hard on myself for the odd treat. Will sort my body out after this has finished.

Well although I'm still coughing I am definitly having quieter nights since aking my cough medicine which is great. Everything is so much better when a good nights sleep has been had.


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Grr just lost my post!!!.
Anyway try again...another hot day that we can't sit out in, but as someone else said if we weren't off thru cancer we'd be at work so wouldn't be out in it anyway..

So fec cycle 2 day2: definitely feel nausea that I didnt last time and the cold cap was harder to get through but I guess in 3weeks it will seem doable again..mind youthe state of my hair because of limited washing, no heat or products means its looking pretty ropey, apart from the day or two after its washed. Usual anti sickness but again no steroids, apparently on emend my hospital doesn't routinely prescribe them...

Debs you're looking lovely glad you're happier with the style, it looks fab Following on from the extortionate £36 I was quoted for a trim etc, I was given details of a hairdresser that did it for free. She's done a great job and was really nice. Gave me lots of advice re positive thinking, healthy lifestyle and also some sleep techniques including downloading relaxation stuff. It works too, the last 2 night's ive put it on when going to sleep and also when I wake early and can't get back off. Its as simple as having calming sounds in the background like nature noises etc.

Jackie sorry the next dose is delayed, especially when you feel well.. Maybe next time they'll give you the marrow jabs? Make the most of your time away and try not to worry.

Chelle, big hugs, crap thing to have to deal with on top of everything else, you know we're all thinking of you and hope you get the right support from thoseu close to you. If you go to Manchester, take care and im sure you'll feel less stressed. Catch up when you feel up to it.

Cazzer how did uou find thd cold cap yday? Have you lost any hair so far? .

Glad everyone else got through the cocktail menu yday and hope those up today have sparklers and umbrellas.

Right I need to lay down as my heads thumping, definitely slightly more hungover this time though im sure the heat doesn't help. Sorry to those Iive not gicdn a shout out to, on my phone so can't scroll back plus too much predictive text to keep correcting:-)

Catch up later

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Good luck all those at the bar today- keep knocking them back, we are getting there.
hope all who had them yesterday are doink ok.
debs- what a nightmare with the tax and car. Must have been a long scary day. Photo looks ace.
jackie- sorry you cant have chemo. Mine was delayed a week after i was in hospital. Onc did say at the start it might happen that they delay some weeks so think its pretty normal, but i know how you feel you just want to get on with it, but better to be safe. Hopefully you will have more energy for going away now and maybe try and forget about it all for a few days.
lottie - i tend to just eat whatever i fancy, as long as we are still eating and staying away from the usual shellfish and unprocessed cheeses thunk the units are happy with that.
jill - enjoy the seaside, i really feel like going for the day but am dubious as in my low blood count days now so dont want to end up back in hospital
Chelle- big hugs. Take care. You are a strong and lovely person and will be ok.
am going to watch some golf and then going for a drink with my mum
catch up later
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi ladies, firstly so sorry chelle but u have to be selfish and think of yourself u need all your energy to get through this, I split up with my partner just before my diagnosis was confirmed although I had already been told it was likely to be BC, so I made the decision to end it as I knew he would be absolutely no support and knew that I would be still looking after him which I couldnt deal with. Im so glad I did as my family has been amazing especially my lovely son:) so chin up and hugs to u x x
Had my 2nd cocktail yesterday feel more tired this time but doing ok, although I hate the broken sleep especially as u feel u want to sleep for hours:( as for food I find that the steriods make me want to eat everything that's bad for me, hopefully I will stop craving rubbish soon! Anyhow hugs to all ladies having cocktails or getting over them:) x x
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi All
Such a lot been going on! Chelle so sorry to hear your news, stay strong and try to remember that you have to get through this hideous BC time above all else at the moment. Look after yourself first please. Been there and done it and it isnt easy I know.
I have been reading all your posts but have been feeling so much better and what with going into the office (leave home at 6.45am and pretty much get back at 6.45pm) I have not had much brain power for writing.
My thoughts always go out to all of you that have been feeling really down and unwell and I may not post it but I am thinking of you all.
Something to make you all laugh.............
Had a horrendous journey home from work the other evening , three hours on the M25 to do a 1 hour journey, stuck in four lanes of solid traffic eating my nectarine ( as you do) and the idiot behind me who I could see was looking down at his phone and too near my backside then hit me. Poor guy must have though he had the witch from hell attack him. I leapt out (in the middle of the M25, but hey in the big scheme of my life at the moment it didnt feel to scary lol)I yanked at his door until he opened it and used a lot of 'f' words (nearly pulled clumps of hair out and threw them at him but htough better of it). He put his head in his hands and just kept saying sorry, in the end I told him I couldnt be 'f*** ars** as there was no damage. The worst damage was the nectarine juice all over my beige leather handbag (aarggh) and the fact that I missed my wig cutting appointment which was the thing getting me more stressed!!!! Then got home and watched Emmerdale and Brenda having her hair shaved off, that just finished my day.............you couldnt bl**dy write it!!!
Then at the bar on Tuesday had an anaphylactic shock to the Tax, which then delayed the whole process so arrived at 10.10 and departed at 5.45pm!!!! Bl**dy roasting hot in there, daughter had insisted on taking me that day ( against my better judgement) and that had to happen. She was in a right old mess, crying etc........what a day. HOWEVER, because of the horrid reaction I had to the Neulasta injection last time ONC just said, try without it then, your WBC's are good anyway just be careful re infection??? Here we are on Day three and I feel fine, been slightly tired, very slight tummy cramps not yet amounting to anything and slight metal mouth taste??? Sort of waiting for something to get me, so fingers crossed!!
Hair is now all clippered off thanks to OH and actually after the first trauma I really dont mind it, especially in this weather. Have changed profile pic to me in newly cut wig which I am very pleased with.
All of you at the bar today , take it easy and really hope your Se's are few.
Take care ladies, we are marching on through this, just keep ticking them off as we go along.

Debs xxxx
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Oh Chelle I am sorry to hear that. I hope you are alright.
Lottie- I think some people are advised to follow a 'pregnancy' style diet but I haven't avoided anything- but after FEC just wanted plain foods like pasta etc and also lots of salt & vinegar crisps!
Anyway dont take my advice because I clearly have been doing something wrong- just had a call to say no chemo for me today. Neutrophils 0.4. I am really upset as I feel well and it was totally unexpected. We are due to go on holiday tomorrow, to Cornwall. Trying to look on bright side that at least I wont feel nauseous down there, but looks like we will have to come back early and I am panicking about catching something and falling properly ill...Waiting for chemo nurses to call me back with a new date. So frustrating.
:-( 😞 😞
Hope everyone else at the bar today feel ok

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle - look after yourself. Hugs.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Fiona, it doesnt get any easier does it? I was more apprehensive this time too. Hope you're not too nauseous this time, I was less so this time just the tummy episode yesterday....thanks for asking, tum still a bit grumbly but so far so good this morn!....Good luck to you anyway, will be thinking of you (& fellow bar visitors) today & sending positive vibes. .....xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Sorry to hear that Chelle, massive hugs to you sweetie ...xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle hugs to you, I seperated from my OH over 2 years ago after 28 yrs I just looked at him one day and relaised I didnt love him anymore and we were wasting each others lives and to be honest only thing Ive felt since then is releif (missing his private insurance at the moment) but please stay positve think only of yourself for now it its happening its for a reason
Jill xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle - I'm so sorry, lots of love, hear from you when you feel up to it.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

FEC cycle 3 , day 1.

Morning all, well I'm up, having some breakfast, feeling anxious about my trip to the bar at 1pm today. It doesn't get any easier does it? Did sleep until about 5am, but nothing much after that.

Vicki and Joan - glad you posted yesterday that you were both back from the bar, hope you both ok this morning?

Sandra - sorry you've got such an upset tum, are you feeling any better this morning?

Lottie - hello and welcome. Re any food and drinks to be avoided, I wasn't really warned off anything by the medical team, but there is lots of advice out there. If you look through this thread ( unfortunately that would take a while), there are lots of comments about our personal experiences.
I just go with what my body tells me really. I have gone off coffee, tea with milk and alcohol most of the time. Also, tomatoes taste funny. As I've suffered with vile mouth taste and horrible nausea for both my previous cycles, 12 days each time, I just eat when and what I can. Taste buds are ok, so I do try to eat as healthily as possible, while enjoying a few treats - have had quite a few Magnums!!
All the best for your treatment, hope you stay well and avoid too many SEs.

Re Apprentice last night, we always thought the Lord would go with Leah if he could get over the worry about any litigation following botched Botox etc. Like some of you said, didn't really like either of the finalists. Leah seemed very cold and false and Luisa would have been difficult to work with I think. Anyway, it all makes for great telly and will miss it, especially as usually watch it with both son and daughter.

Ok, wish me luck for today.
NicJ, Jackie, Katherine and Fi - see you there, plenty of ice in the cocktails today, I think Pimms sounds good on this hot day.

Will try and post later, but I usually am incommunicado for a few days with the nausea.

Have a good day everyone,


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Bless you Chelle. Sending loads of love, strength and courage your way. Xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Ladies - need to take a bit of a break from the site. I'll be back once I've got some things sorted but need a bit of time to gather my thoughts x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning Jewels day 3 after 2nd cycle and still no sleep granny knees are back but on the plus side no nausea this time (yet) bouncing off the walls due to steroids taking myself off down to seaside for a couple of days least granny knees wont have to climb the stairs for all those forgotton chemo brian items just packed car and cant beleive how much extra cr*p i ve had to take normally just grab a bag and go now its like have i got this n that lol sure i ve forgotton something.Taking D and GD so should be fun lol schools not finished yet so hopfully get a few quite days before the main onsluaght.
YS told me yesterday he had been made redundant 2 weeks ago but didnt want to add to my stress he told me he 'd booked some holidays to help me out after the SEs off first chemo but he had a interview yesterday and has an induction today so hopfully be back in work next week cant beleive how he is trying to protect me so much,He even managed to decorate the bathroom for me with a fair bit of supervision lol but think he is learning a lot of life skills at the moment and his cooking is improving either that or my taste buds have left town again.
Well better gee up the D & GD she was on lates last night so doubt shes even out of bed yet.
Catch up later hope everyone has the best of days.