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'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle have signed your epetition, agree wholeheartedly with this, you should get help with wig, this BC is not the cheapest, the items you need to buy just to help you get through it is tremendous.
Good luck at the bar tomorrow.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Marion - wig looks lovely - very natural looking and nice colouring - really suits you x
Gus - hope you manage to have a fab time tonight x
Ann - good to hear off you windy miller - make the most of the good days x
Cress - it's crappy missing beginning of term, I've missed getting on a really big project which will run for about 2 years as they are replacing our wealth online system. Know I'll get stuck with small projects next year now which will all be compliance problems and are really boring 😞 - cucumber and fizzy water sounds good - will def try that x
Fiona - glad you are taking it easy - hope you start to pick up soon x
Faye - good to hear off you. Can't help with the thigh pain I'm afraid x
Jill - take it easy and hope line doesn't give you too much grief x
Sandra - took a leaf out of your book and cleaned the ensuite shower. We all love you psycho scary boot x
Hope all my jewels get their sparkle back soon and I'll post later tomorrow night once I'm home x
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hello Ladies,

Jackiebee, the doctor was something like Dr Gerrard and A and E Consultant is what his shirt said, and I kid you not, he was seriously nice. I can think of a lot of things to do with him ! On the downside the bruise I have on the back of my hand from where is stuck the cannula in is impressive and hurts.

There are lots of comments about how hard number 3 is hitting. I found it very hard and the nurse giving me number 4 did say the drugs do build up in our system so it must be inevitable that things get tougher as we go along.

If it is any encouragement I am on day 11 of cycle 4 and feel really good. Yesterday and today I rode my horse for 2 hours around the lanes and did some yard work. I was tired in the afternoon and had a nap for an hour, before doing some housework and going for a decent walk in the evening.
I am not good with remembering names, but one lady mentioned the terrible wind with FEC. I suffered too, in fact I managed to scare one of my horses with my impressive farts. Better out than in, as the saying goes.
I am dreading next week and number 5, but I am determined to enjoy my better days leading up to it and then look forward to better days in the future. Come on girls we can do it.
Ann xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Well here you are, front view of wig, DON'T HAVE NIGHTMARES.

Jayney - Glad your back. Hope you don't have too many SE's.

Chelle - All the best for tomorrow Hon.

I am also having a grumpy day. OH has been really chirpy today, singing and joking and I just want him to stop. I am so ashamed of myself as I should be glad he's trying to cheer me up. What a miserable cow I am. Canyt wait to get this evil stuff out of my system.

Gus - Have a great time tonight. Tell us all about it tomorrow.

Fiona - I'm always astonished at the length of your posts and how you keep up. Well done.


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Sorry to hear so many others are low at this point, but also reassured it's not just me. the only good thing about being halfway through is saying eff off to FEC. Was as sick as a dog this time and more wiped and shaky-flaky than ever. Doing better today though (off the steroids & anti-vom pills). About to pull on Miranda (wig) & go see Patti Smith, though. Been sleeping all day in preparation.
Fi, so sorry for your loss. Will pm you.

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Will someone stop this bloody train because I want to get off. Now.
(yes, I'm having a Grrrr day too! ) I popped into school to get some books, and I'm just so fed up at (a) missing nearly all of last term and (b) not being able to start next term. The start of the school year is one of the highlights and I've got all these ideas for lessons - and it's not going to happen. I feel really frustrated and angry and sad and I've just had about as much as I can take of people trying to be nice but saying totally the wrong things. I'm also fed up with staying at home when I could have been in France for the entire summer.

Thank you precious friends - I feel better now! Love you all xxx

p.s. Fiona - yukky mouth - cucumber in fizzy water with ice is very refreshing. I also ate lots of broccoli with round 1 because it still tasted like broccoli. However by round 2 I was sick to death of the sight of it.....

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi everyone

Just tried to do ASDA shop online for delivery tomorrow, try again later - Server busy!! Mouth so yucky, had a Callipo lolly, lovely but the relief only lasted for 5 mins. Ready to punch something, stand clear everyone.
We all seem frustrated at the mo, I too am so fed up of the "You're half way" comments. I know it's well-meant, but I could scream, it just means I have to do it all again, then rads, then God knows how you get your life back, ever!

Jackie - glad you enjoyed your few days away in Cardiff, am sure the kids loved it. I think access to the Tardis is only a short-term thing, so lucky you managed to do that too.

Sandra - as you can tell, I have joined you in the Grrrr... club today. Didn't see the Daybreak piece, but just something else to annoy us. i was told could just be plain unlucky to get BC, once you've got it no point in blaming anything we did or did not do. Eat those choccie ds and enjoy them.
I wear the little stocking cap under wiggie, leaves mark but not sore. Also marks left by scarves, glasses anything on my scalp. Been bare-headed all the time at home, it's so much more comfortable.
TKMaxx is good, I either get loads or nothing there.
Had to have another morning in bed, just so tired and feeling faint. Daughter said I looked so small and vulnerable with just my bald head poking out of the duvet. She sat with me for a while chatting and stroking my head again (like your girls do).

Vicki - I am eating, although very slowly, as mouth is so sore and nothing really tastes nice. My nails are painted dark colour (deep coppery shade) on advice of onc nurse. I had bought Evonail, got it out but instructions are in a foreign language! Help!!!!! - do I paint it around nails, even with varnish on, or does it go on nails with varnish on top??
I am more wiped out with the Tax than with FEC, BUT as it is cycle 4 I think I would be wiped out anyway regardless of whatever cocktail.

TaylorJ - enjoy your break, catch up soon.

Marion - have you asked about a line of some kind to help your poor sore hand?
Lovely to look forward to visit from daughter and GS. Please can we have photo of front of your wig?

Jayney - glad you back home ok, lovely. Ditto re no Emend for me on Tax, but not much nausea (thank God), just the yukky mouth!!
Am having new bathroom fitted, probably starting in Sep. Plumber better behave or there'll be no tea and biccies.

Jill - sorry you feeling rubbish, just have a rest lovely. You do so much and cope so well, give in today and rest.

Chelle - hope bloods will be ok for tomorrow, what a long day you are facing. Bet your Mum will cook something nice for your tea when you get back?

Faye - good to hear from, you also in the frustrated Grrr... club.
No issue with my inner thighs, but got a sore heel, from nowhere?

Going for another lie-down, lovelies, catch up later,


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Afternoon sparklies,
not posted for a while as ec 3 seemed to hit me harder, plus had a bit of emotional meltdown for a few days, but i have been reading all posts and thinking of you all.
jayney- glad safely back from the bar. Hope lins and becky check in soon not heard from them for a while.
jackie- glad you enjoyed cardiff- think a few days away does the world of good.
hopefully all those on their jollies at the min are having a great time.
marion - i have probs with arm that i cant straighten it after the first 2 doses, heard cant have chemo in affected side but onc said ok to use other arm if needed so would def push to get them to try vein somewhere else.
chelle- loved the wig pic, nice to put name to face.
sounds like a few of us are not feeling so sparkley at the moment-sending you all a big cyber hug.
weird question now but does anyones elses inner thighs hurt????
catch u later
faye x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Good re bloods Chelle, sounds like a long day tomorrow for you tho :-(......roll on bloody Christmas (mind you as the Grinch you may not like that idea! 😉 )

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Jayney, well done for first Tax, hope the sick feeling goes.
Not surprised you're grumpy with builders banging all day, thats all you need, hope its not for long!..xx

Jill you do do a lot with working & grandkids, sons etc & its prob the cumulative effects but honestly I feel tired just reading your posts sometimes! 🙂 ....Hope you get a good rest...xx

Taken some of my frustration out on my bathroom, namely the limescale on the shower door(such an exciting life I lead these days!)....ha! It didn't stand a chance & has now all gone, (as has my energy)...lie down now I think. .....Dog still trying to avoid eye contact with me, can sense the psycho mood I think & is hoping I don't make him go for walk..x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Back from bloods so hopefully all good for Tax and Herceptin tomorrow. Can't say I'm relishing the idea! Going to be there all day as they have to monitor any reaction to the Herceptin 😞 I'm drinking loads of fluids today but I'm completely flushed up and hot from the bumper steroids dose. I've asked if I can do the Neulasta myself rather than going back on Weds and they said no probs seems as I'm doing the blood thinners anyway.

Jayney - glad to see you back from the bar - take it easy and hope the SEs are manageable x

Marion - think we need a pic of the front of your wig lol - hope they sort your hand out - it's unusual for them not to give you a line or a port when you're having Herceptin - they said no way would my veins hold out.

Sandra - sure I'm turning into the Grinch! The small things really set me off. I'm dreading going back to work I don't know how I'll cope with the office politics!

Right it's nearly steroid heaven time again, keep your chins up lovelies x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Afternnon Jewels only on day 2 and for some reason feel totally crap no energy and feel sick but got the same mixtures as last time cant understand it hardly any sleep due to steroids and scared of tugging line normally bouncing off walls but just drained going to lie on bed again and see if I can drift for a while hate this BC crap also suffering the chemo glow had to call in work and everyones like wow u look great felt like saying few choice things but I ve got to work with them and know they were trying to be niceAnyway going to crash hopfully catch up later
Jill xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hiya back from first Tax. Must say I felt woozy and sick all the way through it and was surprised but I think its all the different drugs they put in first to counter side effects! Seems like the prevention is worse than the reaction in some cases. Mouth has started to feel furry already - yuk. Didn't get Emend this time as told not necessary - we will see.
Maxie I feel the same as you at the moment. I must be such a miserable pain to live with. I am angry and upset all the time and God help anyone who steps out of line or says the wrong thing. Horrible. This disease is such an all encompassing nightmare and the fear factor thrown in just makes it very difficult to get through some days.
We have builders in at the moment who insist on turning their radio up full blast so they can hear it over the banging - I am coming so close to going in there and switching it off but fear if I do so it will be the last I see of them and I want it finished. My poor dog sits shaking all day long at the bangs. Really need it at the moment. Never mind as Winston Churchill once said "when you are going through hell keep going - never never give up." Jayneyxxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Chelle I agree, we have some super fit Jewels on here & we're all different shapes, sizes, ages etc which proves to me theres no single cause to all this & trying to make us feel guilty about putting on a few pounds is just wrong!!!...

Am in a very grrrr mood today Jewels, am cross about just about everything & think if BC was an entity stood in front of me now I'd kick the **** out of it & it wouldn't stand a chance!!...decided I needed to de-stress a bit so thought I'd go for a stomp around the local nature reserve that Id heard about, drove there to find you have to pay & display & for once in a million years I had no spare change in the car, felt like EVERYBODY was staring at me (which they probably were as I have a psycho look in my eye today!!) so back home I trudged & now its raining!!!...ggrrrr!....can't even take my doggie for his little amble as he's been left partially disabled after excessive football with GS at weekend & can hardly stand bless him!

On another note, Marion I'm worried about your hand, I take it they've checked it out at your chemo unit? surely they won't expect you to have all your remaining herceptin through it? I'd kick up a fuss if I was you (psycho Sandra again!) ....seriously though don't let it get any worse...Pleased you've got daughter & Gs visit to look forward to...xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning Everyone

Sandra - Wig Cap. I bought a cotton wig cap but it make my wig ride up so I've stopped wearing it and wig feels fine.

Re: Half way through. I have my 5th dose of Tax on Thursday so 1 to go after that. Does that feel good? Not really, as there will still be a couple of weeks after that when I feel rubbish and then Herceptin until next June.
My hand that they use for the cannulae looks like I've had a bad burn. I'll try and get them to find a vein elsewhere this time as my hand was really itchy and stiff. Don't know how it will stand up to a further 12 doses of Herceptin.

Jayney, Lins & Becky, hope all goes well today and hope to hear from you later.

Re: Nasty taste in the mouth. I keep eating things to try and make the taste go away. My stomach is starting to look like a bowling ball. Probably just as well I go to the loo a lot for the first 2 weeks after cocktails or I would be the size of a house.

I have been for my bloods this morning so gearing up for Steroids tomorrow and cocktail on Thursday. I've not had much sleep this week due to bites I aquired at allotment. They have finally stopped itching so hope for a good nights sleep tonight as I don't usually get a wink after taking Steroids.

My ED has said she will come up from Cornwall with 2 year old Grandson on my good week after cocktail so that will be something good to facus on.


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Sandra - 1st thing I asked my oncologist was if my weight issues were the cause as that was my immediate thought and he said there is no solid evidence and that people just want to pinpoint a cause on something else that is bad for us so they can put the focus on stopping smoking or slimming etc so grab those choc digestives proudly and munch away x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Thanks Chelle, good tips there, hope bloods all ok....xx

Vicki Im going to try the dark nail polish when on Tax, can't do any harm & doesn't have to be too goth, think any dark colour ok, thinking a nice dark red..xx

Well, munching my way through a packet of chocolate digestives....hardly healthy but only thing that tastes nice at mo....did anyone see Daybreak piece on BC this morn?...experts blaming it on weight gain etc but made me laugh because Sally Dynevor (Corries Sally) was being spokesperson & theres nothing of her!...hence am now rebelling with the choccie biscuits (know I'll regret it later!)..xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Vicki, have sent you a PM re cold cap.
Am away on a short break so will post again in next few days. Love to all. Xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Sandra - re the wig caps - the 1st lot I bought were too small and I ended up with an indent but I got some others from natural image I think - were about £1.25 each and they are much better. They are supposed to help stop the wig slipping but to be honest I don't use them often as its cooler without them and I don't notice they really help with the slippage anyway. I washed 2 of mine yesterday and did the expensive one with the proper synthetic shampoo & conditioner but tried one of my cheapy ones in just fabric conditioner and it worked a treat (plus it smells lovely).
Got to get ready for bloods so I'll catch up later x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi Jackie posts crossed, glad you had good weekend, sounds fun! 🙂

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning evryone,

Im another one here finding cycle 3 the hardest so far..and YES i agree re the "halfway there" comments making you want to punch someone ;-). I think other people really just dont get it. It gets harder to "bounce" back after each cycle, so the fact that we have 3 more to do and they will be harder everythime really freaks me out. Yet we are meant to smile and give the thumbs up because we're half way through. Its not going to stop getting worse til we are finished and i tried to explain this to my boyfriend when i wasnt whooping it up after number 3. Like you Cress im totoally fed up with it all....

Fiona, the side effets as you say are different not worse, but a yucky mouth is the pits, are you finding you can eat ok?. Oh re the nails have you given them any special treatment?. Im not a nail varnish wearer, but wonder if the dark nails are worth trying??. Think ill look like a witch though with my bedraggled hair too. Hope you take it easy and rest plenty. Ah bet youll miss your princess, i know i find it hard being a lone female at times, maybe we'll have to get skyping, you too Cress!!.

Jill, hope the line settling down ok and your boys are looking after you.

Cress, good luck with your "doing day", im finding work so much harder this time and even missed Zumba last night(a first for me). Really hope T doesnt wipe me out as much as this 3rd FEC has. Perhaps its the bone injections, lack of steriods, but somethings hit me harder this time round.

Well off to the office but then working from home rest of the week which will be easier (i hope). Good luck to those at the bar today.

Big love


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Good luck to Jayney, Lins & Becky today.....Jayney I have a few palpitations with normal dose of steroids so expecting more when double dose with Tax.

Cress, yep exactly how I feel at mo, so fed up of all this & 3 more seems a hard slog plus all the ongoing stuff afterwards but we WILL get there & am sure the chemo part has got to be the toughest bit...am focusing on a couple of months from now & the joy of actually tasting food again & not being paranoid everytime somebody sneezes etc etc!!...if theres one thing this bloody c**p teaches us its to appreciate the little things in life...xx

Fiona, take it easy today, ....miss my girls being around too, although youngest manages to come & stay most weeks for a day or so & is always on the phone with some crisis or other!!..xx

Wig question now to all wiggy ladies, wore mine for 2nd time yesterday & had little stocking cap on underneath, when I took it off I had a deep indent in my head & it was sooo sore....do any of you bother with the cap thing? thought it was supposed to stop itching & to make wig sit better. Have to say wearing wig made me feel a bit better yesterday & while I couldn't quite forget I had BC I felt a bit more normal, we drove couple of hours to meet OH's daughter (dropping GS off) managed a pub meal (wine tasted yuk tho couldn't finish it :-() & bit of shopping in TK Maxx ( one of my fave stores!)

Main s/e last couple of days is bloating & excessive wind (sorry TMI!)seems tum gets to massive size then all lets rip lol!...good job TK Maxx not that busy yesterday was uncontrollable!!! 🙂

Have a good day Jewels

Sandra xx
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning everyone, I've missed you!
Had a great weekend in Cardiff, kids loved the Dr Who Experience, we even got to go on set inside the new tardis, very exciting!
feeling well this week, gearing up for the next dose next Monday. Cress I feel exactly the same about the halfway thing- I'm not even there yet, but feel like its taken everything to get to here and I have nothing left in the tank for another three!!!
Fi, so sorry to hear about your ex-partner, it must be a really difficult time for you xxx
Ann tell me more about the handsome docs please, it's a long time since I saw anything that could be described as such in redditch hospital 😉
good luck at the bar today ladies.
every time I come on here I plan to respond to everyone's posts, as so many of you already skilfully do, and then fail every time, I have no working memory left. But I read all your posts and they make me laugh, cry, and feel supported every day. Love to all of you x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Thanks Fiona. Fingers crossed all will be ok Jayneyxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi Cress (posts crossed),
Think I'm on another doing nothing day today, same as yesterday. Did sleep a bit better last night, but still sooooo tired, Went downstairs to get a drink and felt a bit faint, so back to bed again.
I'm day 6 now after the first Tax, muscle aches started day 3, taking Co-Codamol, they coming and going all over the place, but bearable. Got some sore nails, both thumbs and 2nd fingers. Think you said you had sore nails, but it passed after a few days?
Worst thing is my mouth, really tender and everything tasting like sawdust!
Re having kids around, only 4 weeks until daughter back at uni, dreading it. Still got OH and son at home, but they do spend an inordinate amount of time talking about and watching sport, aaargh, so really miss my princess when they do that.
Good luck with your doing day, don't overdo it. I might try a little walk later, big deal, when I think what I used to pack into my life BBC!


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Jayney - had my first Tax last Thursday, after 3 FECs. I didn't have any reaction to the big steroid doses. Actually having the Tax was fine, no probs. So far the SEs not worse than FEC, just different. Hope you get on ok today and you'll be able to post later and let us know you're ok. xx

Lins and Becky, good luck to you both today too. Not heard from you for a while, hope you are ok


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Good luck this morning to Lins, Becky and Jayney.
Sorry about the palps, Jayney, how horrid. Make sure you tell your team at the unit (I'm fussing like a mother hen!) Try not to worry about the Tax (so much easier to say!) I've not found it pleasant, but not as tough as some of the ladies on FEC have (which I'm dreading!)
Jill glad the line went ok, hope fuzzy head starts to clear.
Fiona, keep taking it easy - no point in overdoing it!
Debs, Tax x 3 got me too dispite the lower dose + single jab. Day 7 and it looks like I've swallowed white paint! Took a sleeping pill last night as desperate for sleep but even though I did get a few hours - it's not like good quality sleep and here I am, awake at 7am but still tired!
Sandra/Fiona, I know what you mean about Half-Way - my friends are all beging very (Shh ...positive!) telling me '3 down, 3 to go' and I know they mean it to be encouraging, but honestly, after 3 I don't know I've got another 3 in me! it seems like a huge mountain to climb and even then, there's more to come.... and I'm not even having Herceptin..... I'm just so ****** tired of having BC.
Fi, I'm so sorry to hear of your ex-partner. No wonder you're feeling low. I hope you have someone you can talk to, but for the moment, hugs coming your way xx
Chelle, loved the wig pic! Have fun with your folks
Vicki - I also have the radio on when I'm on my own - Hope your boy's back safely. I'm dreading September because I'll have 2 more cycles and all my children will have gone back to school/uni - so it'll be me, myself and I....
Ann, hope the arm has settled, did I hear the mention of a good-looking doctor (ears pricking up!)..... Sigh....
Sorry if I haven't mentioned anyone - all Jewels are very precious and I hope you're all feeling ok.
Hoping today is a doing day rather than a doing nothing and lying in bed day - I've got so much I should get on with!!


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Thanks for the good wishes for tommorrow. Has anybody else had rapid heartbeat on the steroids? Have taken my 8 today and am now awake with palpitations and fast heartbeat. I do take bisoprolol for palps but this is something else. I am quite worried about tommorrow as it is my first Tax and quite a few ladies have had nasty reactions to it. Trying to be upbeat but worry seems to build up just before next dose. Hope all goes well Lins and Becky. In the words of Blackadder "we'll soon be drinking schnapps in Berlin." Jayneyxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Good luck to Lins, Becky & Jayney tomorrow x

Jill - hope you're doing ok after the cocktails and take it easy x

night ladies x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Afternoon Jewels well line went fine bit tender but not as bad as expected down side is seems to need more care than a baby lol but cycle 3 went though it fine heads a bit muzzy so going bed for an hour same each cycle so not really bothered hope everyone else ok catch up properly later

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Fi - I am so sorry to hear your sad news, condolences from me, such a very difficult time for you xxxx

Sandra - what a lovely little boy, gorgeous smile, looks like you having a great time together.
I've had this morning in bed, just giving in to having a rest today. Not really feeling unwell, just lots of aches all over, sore mouth and sooooo tired. Know what you mean re struggling at midpoint. Pleased that 3 FEC done and I'm over halfway, but still seems a long time to go.

Jill - I do hardly any ironing, never did much before, but it's bare minimum now, so I am already signed-up for the lived-in look. Don't buy anything that looks as if it's crushable, only indulgence is several pairs of linen trousers which I love and which I do iron.
You're right to say no to extra babysitting, you need to put yourself first and not be overdoing it.
Thinking about you today, hope all goes well and we'll hear from you later.

Chelle - I am taking it easy today, I really need to. Think I overdid it since chemo on Thursday, so defo a lazy day today. Just going to get up now and have a shower and some lunch. Catch you later when you've stocked up on your food goodies.


Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning all

quick post before I hit the motorway.

Jill - thinking of you today - hope all goes well with the line and the cocktails.
Sandra - grandson looks a cutie - glad you had a nice time. Pork hawaiian is a bit like sweet & sour but with more peppers mushrooms and fresh chillies but you add some Malibu and coconut milk and really slow cook it so the pork falls apart - yum

Fi - so sorry to hear your news, hope you are coping at such a difficult time. Sending a big hug and know that we are all here for you x

Fiona - hope the SEs don't get too bad - take it easy and don't try to do too much x

love to everyone else and I'll catch up once I get home. Need to go to the supermarket and stock up for parents coming over tomorrow.

Chelle x
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hello ladies
Will post proper later today,tax accumulation (number three) seriously got me this time. Completely wiped out and emotional for about five days!
Anyway feeling better today so will be on later.

Chelle, my Fourth and FINAL chemo is on the 27th August when you update. Thank you

Laters ladies

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Jill so sorry, days mixed up!!....Good luck today, hope all goes well..x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Morning Jewls well all hibscrubed and gelled up just need to trudge back upstairs to get dressed now going to get a few jobs done first just incase this cycle throws one at me dosnt invole the ironing,trying to fetch the lived in fashion look back lol YS disagrees so he sort of ironed his own work gear,such a fashion freak for a male,OS diffentaly moved back out so peace for a while lol,D got offered a 2nd job yesterday only bar work had a hinty hint convo with me about babysitting another 2 nights a week and I very kindly declined feel bit guilty because shes a single parent but I ve just not got the energy at the moment but she only wants to work unsociable hours so she can be with D,shes a lot like me in the sense needs to be busy.
Anyone with hickman will it effect my seatbelt? going in on the right side
Well hope everyone has a good day rains just started here so pegging washing out of the list of jobs,managed to lose my blue chemo card so either going to have to admit lost it or clean the car out dont know which is leeser of 2 evils lol
Hopfully check in later
Jill xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Little pic up of me & Cheeky Chops from yesterday!.... he really is a sweetheart.

Fiona, Tax s/e's sound like they've arrived :-(..., hope not too bad for you. This yucky mouth thing is vile enough even on Fec, def puts you off food & drink..xx

Chelle Pork Hawaiian sounds yum!...take it thats got pineapple in it?... One of the few things I can taste, may have to try a version!.. xx

Vicki, the hot flushes were there from mid cycle one but only the odd one, now theyre all the time!! :-(...xx

Seem to be hitting that midway point of chemo where the rest of it looks like an uphill struggle. Feel like I shouldnt moan because no massive side effects, its just the accumulation of all the little ones & feeling just bleurgh!!!....So want to feel normal but feel anything but at the mo.....mini moan over 🙂
Keep thinking its Sunday today because OH off as we're taking GS back home.....have a good day ladies!...xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Fi am so sorry to hear that, massive hugs & condolences to you....xxx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi all, just a brief one to say my chemo cycle 3 was postponed til next Thursday 15th. Chelle please update when you're next doing the list. I had a tough week as heard of the tragic death of my ex partner, and went up to Scotland for the funeral yesterday. Although I was physically feeling much better, I'm mentally struggling and feeling really low now. It's simply a very sad time. X

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FEC-T, 3 of each. Tax cycle 1, Day 4
Tax SEs are kicking in a bit, unfortunately, since tea-time yesterday. Sooo tired, but not sleeping and aching all over. Mouth is horrible, so dry and nasty taste. Not really nauseous, thank goodness after the awful nausea I had with FEC, just a bit icky from the horrible mouth.
Did manage to cook chicken dinner today plus a bit of hoovering, certainly haven't managed that on day 4 previously. Had phone chat with fave auntie plus long Skype with sister and BIL. They all good ones to chat to, make me feel better.

Sandra - glad you enjoying time with your little step-grandson.

Jill - love the Mrs Brown's boys idea of your house. Hope you get on ok tomorrow.

Vicki - don't be working too hard tomorrow now.

Chelle - lucky you, Mum spoiling you with favourite dinners.

Night-night, sleep tight

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hope it goes smoothly tomorrow Jill xx

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Ooh Chelle nice to "see ya" :-), wig looks fab...Think we're on the same journey then as im having rads and Herceptin too, (with a side order of tamoixfen). They are also going to replace my PICC line for a portacath after my last chemo. Have a good time with the parents.

Sandra, hope youre having fun with your (step) grandson. Are the hot flushes a new side effect?. I think theres so much our poor old bods are having to deal with that anyday feeling "normal" has to be embraced...although it seems unfair that we have to be so grateful for feeling ok-ish. I dont think life will ever feel the same for a very long time even after BC is all done.

Fiona, hope the T side effects are still not too bad????.

Haha Jill, i mentioned Mrs Browns Boys just cos of how you describe home life, but its great they are there for you!.

Well, off to get the ironing done as work tomorrow so better get sorted, my son will be back from his dads too, so i wont feel quite so alone & no need to have the radio on 24/7 for company lol. :-).
Night Jewels and onwards and upwards

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Evening ladies,

Where has today gone! Changed my pic again as Isla-Mae had got her new uniform for nursery school and just looked so cute. She is such a bright button - I bought her a play doctors kit so she's been making me better today. She asked if we could have a BBQ so I said it needed to be sunny and warm. About 2 hours later I said it had got warm in the house so she said "oh good so it's time for a BBQ then!"

I'm back off to Leeds tomorrow and then my parents are coming over Tues evening in time for cycle 4 on Weds. Bring on the Tax!
Found out that I'm prob going to have to stay on the blood thinning injections for next 12 months until I've finished Herceptin as my port will be in the whole time! My stomach already looks like a dart board and I'm covered in bruises! Not impressed. Also got told I'll have a 3 week break after chemo and then 3 weeks of rads every day.

Right - mum has made pork Hawaiian for tea (because I fancied it - I'm so spoilt lol) - catch you later lovelies x

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Afternoon Jewels, well another sunday afternoon with the GD providing a distraction from tomorrow for now, Cant remember who said it but YES my home life do's seem to run along Mrs Browns boys lol love that show OS seems to of moved back out(dont think he liked my little chat) YS finally put an apperance in last night and Fiona posh food safe hid under the veg in the freezer lads will never look there lol
Anyway better go and entertain the monster
Jill xx

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Morning Lovelies!,

Chelle looking great!...nice to put a face to the name, wig looks so good, very natural, excited for my shortie one arriving hopefully this week now!...enjoy the rest of your weekend with your family...xx

Fiona, Eek hope Tax truck not on way..., take it easy....maybe just down time after mega steroids?..xx

Ann ditto with cannula arm, mines really swollen & wrist very sore, guess theres not much can be done with it, mines right arm so used it a lot yesterday but trying to rest it today..x

Vicki know what you mean about cumulative s/e's def worse this cycle & 'Meh ' just about sums it up!..x

Cress was it you that was saying about flushes?...jeez Im having about 10 a day!!...mostly in the evening & in the night, get the heat spread from the neck up, was convinced I had a temp of about a hundred last night but all normal!... Hope you're feeling better?..x

Katherine you're not leaving the Jewels, membership for life Im afraid!... Bank hols affecting lots of peeps treatment dates I think..x

Emma (Peachy) hope you've managed to catch up on some sleep?...so sorry for the way you felt last week, we've all had days/weeks like that Im sure & lack of sleep never helps...x

Well, lovely time so far with little man...he's not actually my Grandson, he's OH's so Im step-Nanna ( well just Sandra to him...he has his two nannas / Grandmas already!) hopefully weather will hold out & picnic somewhere later....Enjoy rest of your weekends Jewels!!

Sandra xx

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Katherine of course you are still a Jewel - you don't escape us crazy lot that easily! X I've updated your date x

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Evening all,

NicJ - so good to hear from you, was wondering how you were doing, but realise how very busy your life is, it's amazing you manage to get on the forum at all. I do hope you have a lovely holiday in Greece and get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Katherine - what a long haul at the bar for you. Get lots of rest over the weekend, take it easy.

Jackie - have great weekend with the family in Cardiff. I'm just north of Cardiff, give me a wave on the way.

Jill - what a busy household with your boys toing and froing. Good idea to get yourself in some nice, posh food, hope the boys don't find it.

Sandra - spoke too soon re Tax SEs, I think. Really exhausted since about 5pm today, had snooze on sofa, gone to bed feeling achy. Maybe the Tax train is on its way?
Lovely to catch up with your best pals and some normal chat. Have lovely time with grandson, am sure he'll be fine with Grandma's head.

Chelle - thanks again for updated list. Your wig looks great, very chic. Continue to enjoy the TLC from your Mum and Dad, they sound like the best of parents.

Ann - good to hear you got such quick treatment at A&E and a looker of a doctor too, lucky you. Hope you sleep well and feel better tomorrow.

Vicki - hope you managed some of that planned relaxation. Pity you're off your food. I have eaten like a horse today, big appetite for a change.

Night-night everyone, sleep fairies soon I hope,

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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

hi Chelle,
unfortunately my last cycle 4 is now on the Monday September 2nd put back because of the august bank holiday pushed everyone forward a bit, would like to have finished in august but was' nt to be. dont know yet when i start radiotherapy, can i still be a june jewel?
Katherine xx
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Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Thanks Chelle. looks like I was more than lucky to get out, phew close one. I do have five days of anti b's to take. I actually feel ok, apart from pain in the arm and shoulder, but it is the left one so I can carry on doing bits and pieces.

Sleep well Jewels. xx

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Evening lovelies,

Over in Manchester being spoilt. My mum & dad have been so great.

Fiona - not got very far planning the Ireland trip yet as most of the airlines haven't got the flights on yet and it's a small place so don't think there will be lots of choice on hotels.

Vicki - I do go shopping in Manchrster sometimes or the Trafford Centre (except weekends when it's mental) but I'm just doing a flying visit this time to see my god daughter whilst my immunity is ok. I think TAX still causes hair loss but not sure if its worse or better than FEC. Before I started chemo I read some scary stuff about it causing permanent hair loss so I asked my onc and he said he'd never had a case where that had happened hence why I only ever go on official sites now!

Anne - I think normal range for Neutrophils is 2.5 - 7.5 so you only just made it out of there! I think mine was 0.2 when I got admitted on the 1st round.

Sandra - hope you have a fab time with your grandson. My god daughter won't bat an eyelid if I have my baldy head out as her mum (my cousin) has alopecia so she's used to it.

Gus - hope you manage to get to some of your planned outings and have a great time x

Jill - hope you enjoy your weekend before the next round. Hope you've hid the stuff well in the freezer or your son will have it cleared out! Good thinking though and I'll do the same on Monday before next round on Weds!

I'm off my food again and I can't stomach bread or any kind of sandwich! But I do have a hankering for white fish, rice and curry sauce! Very odd!

Thought I'd finally post a pic of my ugly mug in the Hothair wig I got off eBay for £20. At least you'll all recognise me in York now!
(It'll be replaced tomorrow don't worry - don't want to give you nightmares lol)

have a good evening all x

Re: 'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Afternoon Jewels,

Fairly quiet here which seems to usually be a good sign that most peole are doing family stuff, but to those feeling rough, big love and we're on the cusp, we're halfway through, some 2/3 of the w ay through, so armed with what we know and the insight we get from others here, there is light at the end of the chemo tunnel...of course thers still rads, herceptin, tamoxifen(all for me) but we are climbing the mountain to being cancer free, and although sometimes we stop and feel its all too much, others put out their hand to pull us up and to carry on!. Im so proud to be sharing this journey with a great group of strong, compassionate and amazing ladies and i really do look forward to a future cancer free and with a whole load of new friends.

Im getting my mo-jo back its defiantely accumalative in my cae, each cycle has left me a little more "meh", headachy adn spaceed, but maybe no steroids has made it easier in some ways??. Will be interesting to see how i get on once i take them with "T".

Cress hope you feel less "flattened" and more perky again soon. Did you have nausea with T, i have the 5 FSG injections 5 days after chemo, wonder if they continue on Tax?.
Nicola...Orineteering/runing, you make me feel inadequate, definately gives you the super fit JJ crown lol ;-). Hope you had a good time in Scotland, i lived there for a few years, Ayshire and Outer Hebrides, have to say i dont miss it though.

Jill, oh you do make me chuckle, it sounds a bit like Mrs Browns Boys, your sons certainly keep you on your toes. Take it easy though and dont rush about too much. I do think we feel sons cant manage quite as well as daughters..

Sandra, enjoy seeing your grandson, i bet he'll not be fazed by "alfresco scalp", in fact he'll probably be checking everyone else in the family. Its so nice to have BC free time with family/friends, lovely that you have such good friends and cute pupies always cheer us up...

Jackie, have a nice w/e away, glad to hear the anniversary went well, have some grown up quality time ;-).

Chelle, think its Debs thats down for 4 cycles, better double check though. Enjoy manchester, do you shop there too or mainly spend time with family. i pottereed into town as its markert day but just cant be doing with crowds, so came home with a packet of batteries and that was it lol.

Ann, ouch sounds like youre having a sore time, (least there was some eye candy). Hope it starts to improve, but if you do end up with a port, it really isnt as bad as you imagine although with the riding etc it would need covering up. But maybe with 2 doses left you'll manage without. Anyway take care and keep an eye on things.

Ok so im off to relax, seem to have no real appetite, but probably just fed up of doing all the cooking, food prep etc, im sure if someone gave me something i hadnt had to organise id enjoy it.

Oh i think i the only one still cold capping-correct me if im wrong-but does anyone know if T is better than FEC on the hair situation?. Ive been on FEC 100 which is meant to be the hair eater, so have a feeble hope that i may end up keeping what i have??.(sorry if that sounds insensitive, if you saw what i have its not pretty lol).

Have a good rest of day and hope we're all doing ok.