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Just diagnosed and emotional mess

Blossom Hill

Re: Just diagnosed and emotional mess

Hi Scarlett. I'm a newbie on here I've found the support that complete strangers give each other is so amazing. I was diagnosed with stage 2 BC on the 25th November, although I've seen surgeon three we were unable to agree on a treatment plan, I am 58 and went through the change cold turkey as I wanted to minimise my chances of getting Breast Cancer!!!!!!! Waste of time eah, I've now been put on a hormone drug to block my estrogen, wghich is what my cancer is feeding on, So I'm back to having all the doors open in the house the night sweats and walking bout in a summer top cos I'm flipping hot!!!!. There are some treatments out there from Holland and Baratt, herbal stuff but obviously you would have to check with your doctor if they were safe to take, I have a friend who takes menapusal supplement that she buys over the counter which she swears by, but obviously it may not be suitable for you. This site is amazing and has kept me sane in the wee hours when my brain goes into overdrive. Good luck with your journey, just take a day at a time.




Re: Just diagnosed and emotional mess

Sarah, you have come to the right place, you'll find lots of advise and support here by looking at the different threads and someone is sure to be at the same stage as you.
I'm 52, and was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive bc, in November. Had a mastectomy on 7 Dec with reconstruction and I'm now waiting to start chemo in a week or so.
I found the waiting for results and surgery the worst. I just seemed to deal with things better once I knew all the news. I haven't had as many meltdowns for a couple of weeks, but I'm sure I have a few more to come yet and it's completely understandable, it's a horrible place we find ourselves in.
Take care xxx

Just diagnosed and emotional mess

Hi, Im 49 and was diagnosed with grade 3 invasive bc on 18/12.  Sentinel node scan due 13th and lumpectomy due on 14th January.  Have been coping fairly well and have a very positive attitude.  However, was told to come off HRT, after being on it for 13 years, and now trying to cope with the hot flushes, night sweats and my emotions are all over the place.  last few days have been the worse when all I seem to do is cry!


Just want to get surgery out of the way and know what I have to beat!


any advice/help would be much appreciated.