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Just diagnosed and so much to think about......


Re: Just diagnosed and so much to think about......

Loads to think about!   That's why you are going back to discuss the options, they should discuss the options with you.  I know some people just want a masectomy, for others they prefer a lumpectomy if they can, but I think at the end of the day most of us decide to go with what is recommended by the experts.  The Breast Care Nurse should also be able to help you decide, and make sure that you understand it all.  Do you have someone to go with you to your appointment, it helps to have someone who can remind you of details when you forget, we all do that.  My guess would be that any surgery will be after Christmas, so go on your holiday, I guess as well that you don't feel ill so now is the time to be on holiday.  I was diagnosed on 7th October and had surgery on 20th November, had to have biopsies and MRI in between.


Don't know about telling your 13 year old, but you may want to delay it until after Christmas and your holiday if you can.  Also understanding the options and outcomes may help, you may need some statistics about how treatable breast cancer is.


Good luck  Jane


Re: Just diagnosed and so much to think about......

Hi Anne I was diagnosed on the 6th November with 8mm grade 2 and had WLE and SNB on the 5th December. You will find that your consultant will do whats right  for you as not everybody is the same.You go through that many different emotions.You have done the right thing coming on to the forum as you get plenty of support and advice of all the lovely ladies.I am so glad I came on . As for going away I am sure your Consultant will tell you to go as if you dont go back till next Tuesday it is getting close to christmas.I go back for my results on the 18th which I will be glad to get. As was told will have to have radiotherapy hopefully thats all.

Love and Best wishes and big hugs 

Kath xxxx


Re: Just diagnosed and so much to think about......

Hi Anne


Sorry that you have this diagnosis but all the ladies here are great and will offer lots of support and advice.


As far as mastectomy vs lumpectomy and rads, they offer the same in terms of outcome. Some women prefer the mastectomy as they feel happier to have the whole breast removed but statistically it is not better. You would be offered reconstruction and there is lots of info here about the options. With the lumpectomy it depends very much on the size and location of the lump as to what cosmetic outcome you would get and def worth discussing this with surgeon. Again you can get reconstruction after but if you have rads that has to be delayed for 6-9 months because of the effect if the rads on the breast tissue.


Cunningly enough I delayed my surgery so that I could go on holiday to Egypt too. Again discuss with your surgeon but I shouldn't think it would be too much of a problem.


My children are grown up but I'm sure someone will come along soon and share their experiences of telling younger children about their cancer.


Take care.




Just diagnosed and so much to think about......

Diagnosed on Thursday 12th December, from what a remember, a 2cm grade 2 cancer. Seeing some one on Tuesday to discuss options but really don't understand how you make the right decision....mastectomy or lumpectomy / radiation. I just want the best chance I've got of beating it! And what about reconstruction....do I need that?! The other worry is that we are meant to be going to Egypt for a week on Christmas Eve....it seems like that will delay my operation til mid January but does that matter? Do I cancel the holiday? I want to go coz my 13 year old is seriously excited about it. And how do I tell him about the cancer, particularly as my brother, his uncle, died of cancer 3 years ago. I don't want him to be scared!

So much to think about......