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Just had WLE and Sentinal Node biopsies


Re: Just had WLE and Sentinal Node biopsies

Hi Glad it went ok.


I had no drain then got small seroma. Had 150ml drained after 10 days. Breast nurse said to apply gentle pressure to seroma by hugging a pillow on that side. Also to bend arms  with hands in arm pits and make a "wing" like a bird and flap to get that area moving. Seems to work ok.


It feels so much better when the cancer is out doesn't it.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery.




Re: Just had WLE and Sentinal Node biopsies

No drains though warned may get loads of fluid build up, nurse said like water sloshing in a bag, not nice thought LoL 🙂


Boob has swollen under arm, few less painkillers today, though exercises make it worse.


Results on 27th April, then if all clear radiation treatments will start soon after.


But just focused on recovery as any thought of more work on breast makes me cringe at moment.


Its such a sensative part of our bodies and all this does seem like huge invasion, brutal, yet life saving.


Its frightening, and so many going through this.


Hope others recovering




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Re: Just had WLE and Sentinal Node biopsies

Well, Meri, you're on your way. You've got rid of the little bu***r, and although it wasn't easy , you are now in a recovery period. Look after yourself. No heavy lifting or hearty partying yet! It does take a while, and keep those pain killers handy. Do you have any drains in? Good that the lymph nodes look clear and you can go straight into radiotherapy when you are recovered. Excellent result. X


Just had WLE and Sentinal Node biopsies

Had op on 12th April, day before yesterday, just come up for air.


Very sore, drugged, not sleeping well.


Doctors and nurses wonderful.


i have a Chronic pain syndrome so my brain overreacts to pain signals due to spine damage causing long term chronic nerve pain.


I so hoped it would not kick in but aprently did even during op, had nerve block, loads strong drugs but body even under general anaesetic reacted badly.


Had morphine on waking, and got strong pain killer at home.


Found wire location bit painful, sharp, jabbing pain but only for couple hours before op.

The radioactive jab did not hurt at all so that was good.


I have two cuts, one above nipple where growth removed and another higher on breast where wedge of tissue with lymph nodes removed. Not sure how many yet, all that blue dye affected, pathology will say how many.

But surgeon said they look ok but need results.


I just need sleep, rest, as body so exhausted, maybe all the stress beforehand affected me too.


But so pleased growth all out as invasive breast cancer.


Just hope no more ops before radiation tretaments.


I note most others have easier reactions so think just my body, and other health issues, and age taking its toll.