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Just had my diagnosis

Re: Just had my diagnosis


Just thought I'd say hello. Had a mastectomy myself a few weeks ago. Not heard anything about timing it with your cycle, the way I see it is if they're taking the boob, it'll be just as successful whenever and the sooner they do it the better. I guess it depends on what you mean by successful though. Have you discussed a recon? I've gone with a temp saline one until I've had chemo and radiotherapy then after that I will have one made out of my back muscle. Thermal imaging sounds interesting but the little research I have done suggests it's not that good. Were your mammogram results not too clear?
Em x

Just had my diagnosis

Hello! I was diagnosed with breast cancer this Monday (16/11/09) and am still in shock. I'm keeping busy as I have a active toddler as well as two teens. My friends have been brilliant but I wanted to connect with women who have been/are going through this horrible situation. Has anyone else considered having a thermal imaging scan to give an apparantly more accurate image of the breast? I am booked in for a masectomy and possible lymphectomy in a couple of weeks but am going to ask if my consultant will move it back a week so I'm in my second half of my menstrual cycle - it gives you more chance of success according to research. Has anyone else tried to do this?

All the best