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Just want to say hello and join your community


Re: Just want to say hello and join your community

Hello Lynne
Your story sounds identical to mine . Diagnosed November 2013 . All seemed really positive , was told I was young fit and healthy and didn't they didn't see any reason why I shouldn't get through it ! Then secondary diagnosis in January 2014
liver and bone .
I was devastated . But once you get your treatment plan in place it does get easier . Two and a half years down the line , I'm basically living the life I had before , if a little tired .
I haven't had chemo yet I'm on my second hormone now - letrozole . I have zolodex / zometa monthly .
Be kind to yourself it will get easier. I never thought I would ever be able to say cancer is not the first thing I think about when I wake up each day .

Re: Just want to say hello and join your community

Hi Lynne I am so sorry that you got dealt the double whammy of secondary breast cancer.  I too got diagnosed with breast cancer on 6th May then secondary breast cancer to the bones on 13th May.  I felt like my whole world had collapsed.  I hadn't had any symptoms.  I just went for my first ever routine mammogram and got hit with all this.  I have two children too.  It sounds like that I have got a treatment plan quickly worked out for you.  I had to wait what seemed like ages to get started.  You are obviously on chemo whereas I am on hormone treatment at the moment.  If you'd like to talk I would be very happy to do so.  But please keep strong, easier said than done sometimes I know only too well, but strong means to fight this wretched condition (I say condition because I will not refer to it as a disease).  It will not win and we will do all we can to fight it.  Love Debbie xx


Re: Just want to say hello and join your community

Lynnmcp.welcome to this surreal world .you will be able to read many positive things on here.the bone Mets section is used a lot by us..i have it in my liver bones and peritoneal area.
.the chemo is very daunting but as you said a positive move..i used the I've cap with docetaxol and didn't lose my hair and side effects were doable just take any offers of help with shopping etc.because of tiredness...check all the sites out and gather information..all the best Sharon.❤ x

Re: Just want to say hello and join your community

Hi Lynne and welcome to the last place I know you want to be but you will find a huge support network here amongst the various threads and many ladies in the same situation as you, I'm so sorry to hear your diagnosis Isn't quite as you had initially believed but there are so many treatments available now and you will be well looked after, feel free to post where ever you please but there is a secondary cancer section where you will find some lovely ladies many many years past diagnosis living life to the full and having some fun on the forum which I'm sure will give you the lift you need right now Xx Jo 


Just want to say hello and join your community

Hello everyone.


I am very new to this site. I apologise if this is not the right place to post but there is so much information, groups and things to click on I am a bit overwhelmed.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 22nd May and was told it was totally treatable and all was positive then on 22 June was told it had spread to my liver. Devastated, shocked, unbelieving are just some of the reactions as I am sure all of you will know.


I am 41 and have two children, 6 and 2, who are my world and I am finding it hard to get my head around all that is happening.


I had my PICC line fitted today and am due to start docitaxel and herceptin on Friday. In many ways I am glad to get started to feel that I am doing something active to fight this rather than sitting around waiting for tests, results and clinics. However, the fear of the unknown is weighing on me. I know that once I get the first session under my belt I will feel mentally better but it feels like a mammoth task.


I have read some of the posts on here and am amazed at how supportive it is I hope to be able to use this forum to educate myself and gain the strength I will need to carry on.


Thank you.