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Keeping track of multiple cysts in self-exam?

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Keeping track of multiple cysts in self-exam?


I'm just looking for a bit of advice really; in my late teens I was diagnosed with a fibroadenoma. This was fairly unnoticeable so was left for a few years, until another two developed in the same region, and I subsequently had a lumpectomy on all three, about four years ago. Since then I've been fairly good at staying aware of any changes - I recently found another couple of lumps and have been told I have many 'scattered' cysts. The biggest was subsequently drained but since then I've been examining particularly closely and can actually feel quite a few - too many and too moveable to easily keep track of individually, particularly as some are quite deep and don't feel that well defined.

I'm just a bit concerned about how to keep track of them really - with so many here and there, how am I to tell if I am feeling a new lump that will need examining? Though I am able to contact my clinic directly with anything that needs checking, without having to go through my GP, I don't really want to be going every few months 'just in case', but I'm worried I'll miss a significant change, and dismiss anything that might be new as a familiar cyst. Is anyone in a similar situation who can offer advice?

Many thanks