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LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?


Re: LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?

Evening Angie


Ouch, they really do sound insensitive, i'm really sorry that they are like that with you. Things are tough enough without having to negotiate for everything.  I know the weight gain is a real problem with Tamoxifen, i'm finding it to be an ongoing battle.   I do hope they are a bit more sensitive at your next appointment Angie and you are able to plan your treatment.


Take Care   Gilly x .  

Re: LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?

hi Gilly,

i think they have to tell you the pitfalls but i did feel like they think it isnt worth it. the latest 'problem' they have created is that i have gone up to a size 16 with tamoxifen from being 12/14 and she actually suggested that i might be too fat for the op. to be honest they are useless and worse than that they are very insensitive, ive aswked them before now to find a staff member with one boob that i could talk to. so i have extra tension about my op with this. i think i will go ahead and try to bite my tongue when i have to see them. i wish it was better but hey ho, cant always get what we want.

thanks again

angie xx

Re: LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?

Morning Angie


Interesting that you feel that the bcn gave worse case scenarios.  I do sometimes feel that with bcn and Consultant.  I have just had rs expander replaced with permanent silcone, nipple created and left side Mastopexy to match up.  I did feel i was the one trying to be positive all the time but i guess part of their role is to point out all the pitfalls.  My Consultant talked about seromas / lack of sensation / irregularity is size & feel of the evenutal breasts.  I had to reassure her that i am two years on from the original shock diagnosis and my number one priorities are staying alive and being cancer free everything else is a bonus for me......


I am only three weeks on from surgery and it appears the right side silicone may eventually be slightly smaller so am being fitted next week for some new bras and will see whether i need a tiny gel insert on right.  My Sister and Niece both knit and are already looking what shape a little insert will need to be for gym / pilates etc.  I think knitted knockers can do similar.........   


I was 50 when diagnosed and i think its fair to say i am a completely different person with changed priorities at 52.  Whilst i was in hospital the lady in the next bed was 74 and had a mastectomy / ANC with expander which will be replaced with permanent silicone in 6 - 12 months.  She was upset as Sisters / Family said she was being ridiculous and should just have a Mastectomy and have done with it.  She had a different consultant to me but she said he was fine to do the surgery following physical health checks and agreed to match up the other side when exchanging expander. You go girl..........


I had drains in for the week after and am sleeping on my back, some slight fluid build up etc but to be fair healing well even where i've had Radiotherapy.  I'm eating well / sleeping well and doing lots of walking, so far so good.  Just my tattoo to go then hopefully back to 6 monthly / 12 monthly checks and Tamoxifen.  Even with it's cr***y side effects i am looking forward to taking that for another 9 years.  I have got  a lot of living to do...........  


Wishing you well with your ongoing treatment Angie.  Take Care   Gilly x






Re: LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?

hi all,

thankyou so much for your replies. i felt like the BCN was trying to put me off having the op and gave me all the worst case scenario stuff, so i was thinking that its maybe not worth it. however, you all have such positive tales that i am now back to thinking that i will have it. i felt at 50 that they didnt really want to waste time on me. i had drains and seromas with mx so i can deal with that, my worst problem will be frustration i think, but i'm sure it will be worth it.

thanks again ladies

angie xx

Re: LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?

Hi Angie,
I had a left mastectomy with LD flap and strattice mesh and an expander implant in July 2012. As I had previously had radiotherapy the surgeon did quite a large skin graft as well. I came home after five nights in hospital with two of my three drains still in, and I had someone stay with me for two nights. Just as well, as the first night one of the drain bottles lost vacuum and we had to go back to the hospital in the middle of the night. I had seromas drained each week after the drains came out for four weeks, and bizarrely during this time fluid would leak out of the entry point of my donor site drain, so needed to wear old tops and t-shirts! It took nine weeks to heal, the donor site being the last to finally close, but I suspect I'm quite a bit older than you. Driving was quite hard, I had a manual then and it really made my arm ache, but I drive mostly in town. Anyway a year later I had the expander replaced by a permanent implant and its all settling down nicely. Finally in January this year I had a reduction and uplift on the good side,
It's a long process, and you will need as much help as you can muster at first.
All the best with your op - it will be worth it!

Re: LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?

Hi Angie
I had LD recon with implant just over a year ago at same time as Mx and SLNB so don't know about waiting time. In hospital 5 days, 2 of which were in high dependency, my blood pressure dropped after op. I had an epidural pain block in for 3 days which was amazing, catheter , 2 drains which came out after a week. In hospital didn't feel like doing much, games on phone and trashy magazines you don't have to read. Walked around in hospital with my infusion pump (tea trolley in corridor so great excuse to keep mobile). At home V shaped pillow, bed whenever I felt like it, shower with drains hanging on door knob. Walked the dog after a week, drove after 5 (right side, difficult to reverse), work from home for myself so started slowly. Very important to do exercises. Had a lot of swelling which took a few months to go down. Very pleased with result, scar on back doesn't show and I don't think about it. Recon is really nice shape, have cleavage, can wear almost anything. Sometimes still have aches and "pulled muscle" sensations and sometimes still wake if turning awkwardly in bed. Am still gardening, decorating, picking up 2yr old grandchild etc. Also had previous radiotherapy which apparently can affect recovery , scars slower to heal maybe but bio oil is wonderful and plain moisturiser. Have got to the point when I don't think about it too much, was told it takes a year to fully recover and I think that's about right. If you need any other info please pm. Helen x

Re: LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?

hi kitten mad,

that sounds like you had an amazing recovery time. mine is left side and my car is gears, i struggled a bit after mx but i drove aftre 3 weeks. hope i can get it together like you have, good for you. thanks for replying.

angie xx

Re: LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?

I had LD flap with small implant. I was in hospital for 5 nights. I had catheter out the day after the operation, morphine on tap but this was removed the  following day, and make to get up and walk about,  then moved on to other painkillers. The first day home I stayed in bed, but not after that. I walked about a lot while I was in hospital, I did not stay in bed all day while there. At home I had to sleep with a V shaped pillow and propped up somewhat, easier in hospital with the adjustable beds. I had 2 drains, but one taken away after 2 days. My operation also involved all of my skin being removed too, so a bigger op involving plastic surgeon etc., I had 3 surgeons to lessen the surgery time. I was back at work within 6 weeks and driving after 4 weeks. I still don't carry heavy things on my "bad" side - which was the right side. It may be harder if you are left side with gears etc. Reversing could be painful but it is easy to avoid it in car park spaces if you "drive through"!  My op was done as an emergency as I only went in for a skin graft - so 30 mins notice!  Was not expecting to get a MX!  Had previously had ANC, WLE - chemo and rads (obviously to no avail). Almost a year since the Mx and LD, healing well, scars on back hardly noticeable. Still sometimes have to take painkillers at night as can wake up during the night if I turn over whilst sleeping. Happy for you to PM me for any more details that you need to know. Good luck  KM xx

Re: LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?

hi mel

thanks for that, it does help to hear about actual experiences rather than reading leaflets, especially with the hospital stay. glad you had a good result,

angie xx

Re: LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?

Hi Angie. I had an LD flap recon 6 weeks ago at the same time as MX and ANC. I was in hospital for 6 days and had a catheter for 2 days. I had 5 drains but 2 of these were for the ANC so only 3 associated with the LD recon.

Pain was managed really well. Morphine pump for about 3 days and then tramadol, paracetamol and ibuprofen. I was up and sitting in a chair as soon as the catheter was out, and walking the short distance to the loo, but felt more comfortable in bed. I took a V shaped pillow in with me and this really helped.

I had my phone and ipad with me. The hospital had a pay service tv and Internet access but I found it very difficult to use so I just tethered the ipad to the 3G on my iPhone and used that with no problems.

I had to rest a lot when I went home. I wasn't in bed but I did have to keep moving positions and keep using the V pillow... the main problem was back ache. All very manageable though.

I am really happy with the result. Very soft, natural looking and feels like a breast. The nerve endings and blood supply are all there so it feels warm and has feeling in it when I touch it. It has taken till now for all the swelling to subside and feel more normal.. But well worth it.

I was told that I couldn't drive for 6 weeks or do anything much at all (no hoovering, tasking washing out of the washer etc) and even if I weren't going through chemo now, I don't think I'd be ready to go back to work. All depends on the type of job tho I guess.

I think your bmi has to be under 30 to get the op.

Think I've covered all your questions? I would certainly recommend the procedure on the basis of. Y own results.

Hope this helps. Feel free to pm if you want to know any more.
Mel xx

LD flap delayed recon, have you had this done?


i will be going in soon for LD flap delayed recon. i wonder if you might share your experiences with me.

How long did you have to lay still in bed?

Could you use gadgets like ipads and phones in bed?

did you have a lot of pain relief?

How long before you were up and walking?

Did you have a catheter?

How long were you in hospital?

Did you have to stay in bed when you went home?

How long before you were driving again?

How long before you were back at work?

Are you happy with the result?

Did you have to be  a certain wait to get the op?

I have had mx, chemo and rads in march 2013 and i expect this op in the next 6 months or so. Any info will help me a lot, especially about the hospital stay.

thanks, angie xx