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LD flap disappointing


Re: LD flap disappointing

Hi filosofie. I don't have the same as you but I'm so sorry to hear that your breast is misshapen. Have you talked to your breastcare nurse about your concerns? I have found they are very helpful and useful and almost a direct line to the surgeon!


You are your own best advocate and you are entitled to a second opinion. As I understand it, you can ask your GP, breast care nurse, or original surgeon for a referral to another surgeon.There's a thread on here about asking for a second opinion you might find helpful.



I hope you can get this sorted soon:) x x


Re: LD flap disappointing

Hi filosofie
Whilst you await replies you may find it helpful to call our helpline to talk your experiences and concerns over, lines are open during the week 9-5 and Saturday 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

Take care
Lucy BCC


LD flap disappointing

I had a Mx in September 2011 and had a tissue expander fitted as I had to have rads. This didn't look brilliant but OK under clothes. Last September I had the expander taken out and an LD flap reconstruction without implant as recommended by PS. The result is terrible. I have a dent all round where the skin from the back is stitched in. You can even see this through clothes unless I wear a padded bra. The PS is due to see me in March to talk about 'tidying it up' and lifting the other breast. But I'm so upset about this misshapen lump of scarred flesh that I've lost confidence in him. Should I ask to see another consultant?