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Lack of support at home


Re: Lack of support at home

Hi Helen


When I went in for my mastectomy last December, the first question they asked was to find out if I had someone to help me at home (I had a drain in for five days). I think all those ops you are having require a general anaesthetic. I should give your BCN a call and explain your situation to her.  I'm sure that if you explain this, and again  when you go for your pre-op assessment, they will let you stay in for a little longer.


Sending hugs and best wishes


Poemsgalore xx




Re: Lack of support at home

Hi Helen, from my recent experience I am sure they will only discharge you if they are certain you can cope. Be honest with them and they will ensure you are well looked after and sent home when it's safe x

Lack of support at home



I have a problem and I'm wondering what do do about it. I saw my breast surgeon last week and I have now got a schedule for my reconstruction.


It involves three ops which are basically 1) lipomodelling under the scar tissue to try and free from the muscle, 2) the extended LD flap reconstruction and other bits, 3) lipomodelling to smooth everything out.


My real problem is when I have the lipomodelling is that because it's done under a general anaesthetic and according to the info I was given you need someone around for 48 hrs afterwards. I don't have that and I don't think they would keep me in for the 48 hrs.  What do I do?  Do I cancel everything?  I'm so upset at the moment because I don't know what to do.  Can anyone suggest anything.


Helen Cat Sad