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Last docetaxel cycle now cancelled


Re: Last docetaxel cycle now cancelled

Hi Alice

Your post wasn't rambling and sorry you've had such a very rough time. I too have had strong reactions to FEC and especially taxotere. After my first taxotere I went into neutropenic sepsis but also had a lot of other nasty reactions to it.
When I saw the Onc he reduced by 25% but said to me that some people just can't take taxotere. He said that if this turned out to be the case with me he would try a different chemo.
I'm wondering if there is any other chemo that they could try with you? Consultant may be thinking that the risks with neutropenic sepsis are just too great as you've had with FEC and taxotere. I was told it was a major thing to go through and you've been through it 4 times.

I'm sure though that your consultant wouldn't be making the decision they have without weighing everything up. 15th September isn't that far away and that might be the easiest way to have a proper discussion with your consultant about this. Also you'll be feeling much better by then. Can you ring their secretary to make sure that you will definitely see the Consultant (not his registrar etc). Otherwise I'd ring the secretary (or breast care nurse or chemo unit whichever you feel will help most) and explain your concern and ask if you can speak to/have an appointment with the consultant before the 15th.

A big hug to you.
Elinda x

Last docetaxel cycle now cancelled

Hi, sorry I post far less regularly than I would like, mainly as chemo has been a nightmare. Am on FEC-T (3 then 3), herceptin started on 4th cycle, start rads soon. Have been neutropenic 4 out of 5 cycles, have had 3 FEC and 2 docetaxel. Have had GCSF on all cycles. Saw my oncology consultant when in hospital on IV antibiotics again this week after docetaxel last Tuesday, and now thinks that the last planned cycle will be too hazardous to my health. I have had a severe hand-foot reaction to the first docetaxel cycle that didn't clear in time for the second and now hands have become worse including numbness that they hope will go. It's the first time my consultant has seemed worried by any of the side effects, and really doesn't think it wise to continue. I must admit I was a bit shocked at the time, as well as ill, and have just been discharged today (as no longer neutropenic - yipee) and now worried. I have grade 2, spread to all lymphs, HER2 and hormone positive, mastectomy and clearance done in April. Have a year of herceptin and rads planned, in 3 areas (chest, above collar bone and under arm) because cancer was starting to spread out of lymphs. Also tamoxifen for 5 years. I'm at a very good hospital with very good reputation, but worried that I'm leaving a bit of a risk without finishing treatment. Have a 4 year old, and really want to be here for a long time.

Not due back to clinic until 15 September and this is really starting to worry me. Grateful for any advice sorry about long rambling post. Love Alice