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Letrozole for 10 years?


Re: Letrozole for 10 years?

Sorry I don't have a link to any research.  Maybe your contact could ask her consultant for the link to the research to which he/she is referring?


I was told (about 8 weeks ago) by my oncologist that latest research shows no advantage for primary breast cancer patients to staying on AI beyond 5 years so she is switching me to Tamoxifen (for 5 years) after I've taken Letrozole for 5 years.


During the time I've been taking Letrozole  (since Spring 2010) I've variously been told I'll be on it for 5 years, then 7.5, then 10 and now back to 5 years.  This is by various consultants at different stages, all, according to them, in line with latest findings in the scientific community.


It seems there is quite a bit variation in the medical community and different oncologists have different opinions and I don't think it make any difference whether they are wearing a private or an NHS hat.


Personally because of the potential deleterious effect on bone density, I would prefer not to take AI for any longer than it has been proved to be beneficial.  I will however, be asking for regular reviews post 5 years so that if recommendations change I will be treated in accordance with the latest.


Letrozole for 10 years?

I met someone who is being treated at the Christie (privately) and has been told she will now be prescribed letrozole for 10 years following the results of trails that have come out this year.


I can't find anything about such trial results for Letrozole only treatment. Does anyone else know about this?