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Letrozole on alternate days?


Re: Letrozole on alternate days?

I just just started on Letrozole and due to bad reaction to Tamoxifen am easing myself in by taking alternate days to begin with.


i know its not enough to do its job but I need to see if I am allergic like I was to Tamoxifen.


I though every other day first, them two days on one day off, till I maange to get to every day.


To be honest after being so ill with Tamoxifen I am doing this my way first to see what happens.


But my aim is to take every day as prescribed eventually.



Sue C
Community Champion

Re: Letrozole on alternate days?

Hi bobtail

I think this is a question for your oncologist.

Side effects are not great, I know, but I can manage, so won't be stopping yet.



Letrozole on alternate days?

I have been taking Letrozole for nearly 4 years, initially to shrink the tumour. 

Was wondering if anyone has taken letrozole on alternate days to possibly help reduce side effects