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Letting people know


Re: Letting people know

Marble- Thanks for that. You have no idea how much it has helped. I am really questionning myself about this just now & your support is really appreciated. X
Its great that your mates did the race for life. It might be a good idea for me to sort something out for a race for life when I get back to work.
I know what you mean about the boob watching. Have to say i have always had generous sized boobs and not really been afraid to show them. Since i have been diagnosed i have worn a scarf round my neck cos i dont want people to look at me.

Good luck on your return to work. By the sound of it your work mates will be just happy to have you back & any questions will likely be well intended. X


Re: Letting people know

I think you've done the right thing. I told the people I work most closely with and my boss sent an e-mail to the rest the day before my op. Yes, they will worry because they care about you, but isn't it better for them to know what to be concerned about rather than worrying because they know something is wrong, but not what it is? If it was someone you worked with who had cancer, wouldn't you rather have the opportunity to offer them your support than let them go through it alone. That's what they want to do for you I expect.
Good luck with your op. I get my results on Monday, a bit scary!


Re: Letting people know

Hi Ya,

I got my results and decided to go public at work, due to the
fact I knew I would be in hospital for a couple of days and people
would be wondering where I was etc. I was going to tell people
that I am not well, but as I work in a call centre, felt that people would be trying to gossip and find out what was wrong, so my office
manager sent internal emails to all staff, informing them of my
diagnosis, but telling them to respect my privacy.

As first the atmosphere was very tense, nobody knew what to say
to me, so said nothing. I told them all to just treat me as normal
and although I have wanted to talk about it, you do not want
to keep going over and over saying the same thing, due to your emotional state.

The response has been overwhelming, with half of the office entering
the race for life event, I have received gift vouchers, a voucher
to have my nails done, chocolates and a card.

I shall be returning to work on Wednesday and in some ways am
dreading it, as I feel people will be asking questions and boob
watching lol.

This site has been a godsend as you will feel very alone in what
you are going through. I feel everybody is still getting on with
their lives, but mine is at a standstill until I know fully what is
happening with results etc.

Good luck with your op. I think you have made the right decision
with regards to work, especially if you end up needing treatment
at least your work mates will not be shocked


Letting people know

I have just been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Having lumpectomy etc. on the 10th March. All happened very quickly. The problem is My job puts me in touch with a lot of people who I get along well with. I knew from the outset that i would have to let some of them know what was going on for me because arrangements would have to be made to cover my job in my absence.
My first concern was to make sure that I told my family & close friends myself because i didn't want them to hear some scary account from another source. So i made sure they knew and then I informed my work colleagues & my staff team. This was ok because Plans have been put in place to ensure my post is covered whilst i get to the end of treatment etc. I have done everything I can to assure people that I will be ok and they have been very supportive. Also I work for young people service & i have very little time off work so th e young people have been very concerned because someone else has come to cover my job & they have been asking what is wrong with me. Tonight I decided to tell them the truth - not about where th e cancer was, but that I have a cancer & I will be off work until I have finished whatever treatment i need to get it sorted. My problem now is I am not sure if I should have tried to keep it a secret because people (not just th eoyung people) do seem to be very concerned despite my efforts to reassure them. This is not any easier with the news about Jade Goody and Wendy Richards. Have i done this right? I feel really bad just now because all these people are worried about me. Has anyone else felt like this?