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Liver scan


Re: Liver scan

I have had lots of scans it's so quick the machine tell you to hold your breath and breave and yes it does feel like you want to go to the toilet but you don't. The injection is just like putting a cannular in doesn't hurt and I have even fell asleep once on it it's not that claustrophobic I was as scared as you before I had it you will be fine

Re: Liver scan

Hi Kim,

l was diagnosed with 2 liver mets in June 2015. These were removed by radio frequency ablation (RFA) which is a quick and easy op. So far nothing has returned. My understanding is that if there are only 2 or 3 and they are less than 3cm then RFA is an option. And there is no limit to how many times you can have it. It was great and if ever they find it again that is the treatment I will push for.

Good luck,

Anne x

Re: Liver scan

Hello Kim,


very well done,! Yes as lovely Nicky says, we do get used to having liver mets with time.....I went into shock when my mets were diagnosed.have them all over my liver amd in my spine too. (three years now)


I now, lke many others have three monthly MRIs..these are really the very best way to suss out how the liver mets are doing...my last MRI would have perhaps been a bit much for you! Even I wondered what was going on....it usually takes about 30 mins, but this one went on for an hour.............


..apparently my OH  was seen pacing up and down outside worrying about me!  What had happened was that they couldnt find the cancer and so they programmed the MRi . Scanner to do some different scans...they discovered the bc had turned into scar tissue and was inactive!  ( but must still have the chemo😠)


Apparently, they can tell by the amount of fluid surrounding the mets...just how active the cancer is!


what I really wanted to share, tho, is that I too,  have had anxiety re MRIs, my GP used to give me  two tabs of lorazepam to take just prior to the scan....that really helped. Also, once my friend came in with me....she had to take off all metal and she wore earphones as well...she sat on a chair nearby......


however, one does get used to the scanner......well done and hugs to youxx



Re: Liver scan

Kim, You deserve to treat yourself with something!! You did it! That's a plus for the next time! You now can tell yourself, you made it before! I don't have liver mets, I have lung!  I've never had an MRI for these. Is there a difference in what they need to watch liver mets? My oncologist this past summer did a CT of my abdomen to check for liver mets and for a base line. Kim, could you have a CT instead? Would a CT be easier for you? Scanxiety is the worse. I find it worse than the answer! I'm sorry all of this has put your world in a crazy spin. Maybe, you could talk to someone for some advice on relaxation and letting go if it! We are all so unique in what works for us!  FF

Re: Liver scan



 Its so horrible isnt  it, but like most ladies on here , I close my eyes as soon as I hit the table , they do not open until I Get off the table , but it takes so long dosnt it 45 mins. And it must seem like an age for you with claustrophobia .


My worry is that I cant lie flat on my back as I have axilla met , so this time instead of suffering , I asked for painkiller , I was given morphine , which dulled the pain.  You could try asking for a sedative anything to get through the time.


 good luck , take care x

Community Champion

Re: Liver scan

Hi kim

Its no wonder you had a panic attack after having an MRI when you are claustrophobic and also having the worry of finding out what the scan shows. We all understand as, all of us with mets, have experienced the same anxieties, in fact we have a phrase for it - scanxiety! Depending what the scan shows you will be started on appropriate treatment that will treat you systemically ie the whole body so if you have mets in the liver and bones all of it will be treated the same way with the same drugs. This could be chemo (some of which is tablet form) or hormone treatments or Herceptin. Your oncologist will know what you should be having. After a few cycles of the treatment you would usually have a scan to see how your mets are reacting, hopefully they will become stable or better still, shrink. Many of the treatments have few side effects, others have a few more, it just depends on what you are on. It is possible to live with liver mets for many years, I have had mine for 4 years now and have had bone mets for 9 years. I have had long periods of stability and shrinking and then other times when I have had to change onto another treatment. Most of the time I have continued to live as I did pre diagnosis although I no longer work but do travel as much as I can and enjoy life to the full. It takes a while to adjust to a secondary BC diagnosis and we all know what that shock is like as we have all been there. Allow yourself time to adjust and seek extra help such as counselling if you feel you need it. We have all felt more able to cope once a treatment plan is in place. Also please don't look online about SBC, survival rates and all that faff - almost all the statistics are out of date and there are lots more treatments now available that weren't when any of those statistics were published. 

Nicky x

Re: Liver scan

I had my scan yesterday and I was a disaster but I did it. I shook the whole time and then half way through I pressed the button and said I can't do it, they came in and talked me into staying in. But to be honest it's been worse since the scan I am so so scared about the results. Last night I had a panic attack and the whole room was spinning. I have basically decided that I do not long for this world. Has anyone else just had liver mets? 

Kim xx

Re: Liver scan

Hi Kim, i too am a bit claustrophobic and dread mri's but i have got through them. I always get the chemo nurses to do my cannula (i have non existent veins and they are more experienced)  the contrast dye isnt an issue as its just fed through the cannula. The machine is noisy but the nurses are very sympathetic...if you have to use your buzzer, do it, dont suffer. Pick some nice music and try and relax..i keep my eyes tightly shut as soon as i'm on the table and try to imagine i'm sunbathing. Last time i went the cd player had broken so i had no music to take my mind off it but i got through it by reminding myself it is in my best interests. You will be fine, i know. Let us know how you get on. XX

Re: Liver scan

Hi Kim

I have extensive mets including to my liver. Treatment isn't too bad, I had hormone tablets for a while which was OK, a few SE like hot flushes but nothing debilitating. I switched to oral chemo last June and have had a good response (tumours have shrunk noticably). Again no major SE though I am on a reduced dose after a bit of a reaction in the beginning. All in all the medication is very doable.

I had an MRI in November. I was really worried but in the end not as bad as I had feared. It took about 20 minutes and I kept my eyes tightly shut throughout. The give you a buzzer and you can stop it at any time which I found comforting but didn't need. It will give a better picture than CT so worth trying to get one done if you can but won't be the end of the world if you can't. I didn't need contrast dye.

I wish you the best of luck,


Re: Liver scan

Hi Kim, please tell the staff that you are scared of the MRI.in my experience they are very kind and will help you to cope with it.you have a buzzer to press and they can speak to you..take a cd you like although you can't always hear it clearly.

i haven't had a problem with the injection-it was just like the ct one.

for my numerous liver mets I have had 6 x fec chemotherapy and now on letrozole as my cancer is oestrogen positive.

i hope your scan goes ok and the results are good for you 

take care didi 

Re: Liver scan

Hi Kimucoughdrop, I had a MRI early last year and was worried about it as I don't like small spaces but my letter said that i could take a CD to be played during the scan.  I took along a favourite CD and during the scan,  which is quite noisy, I kept my eyes shut and sang along with the CD.

I was recently diagnosed with SBC myself after 12 years since my initial diagnosis, with it confirmed in the lymph nodes in my neck and chest, I get the results of other tests and scans on Wednesday.  It's scary when it returns but when you read the posts from other ladies who have lived with SBC for years it is reassuring. I hope everything goes ok with your scan and the results aren't as bad as you fear, but if they are there are lots of people hear who are on the same journey who can help and advise.


Hugs Sandra

Re: Liver scan

Hello Kim and welcome to out family of help and kindness.
I don't have any experience of mri scans yet but I'm sure other ladies here will be able to reassure you and also advice with the liver Mets .
Anyway there are lots of interesting threads here that might help you through your anxiety in the meantime ....
Carolyn xxx

Liver scan

Hi I was diagnosed last year with grade 3 IDC while having radiotherapy I had a CT scan which showed some lung nodules and I have just had a follow up CT scan for these. The lung nodules haven't changed and look fine but they have found a hypodense area on my liver so I need to have an MRI. I am absolutely terrified I am claustrophobic and I have heard I will need an injection before going into the scanner which really scars me, I was ok with the CT and the injection that makes you feel like you have wet yourself. It's the closed in tunnel and the fear of a reaction to the injection that is filling me with fear. If they find it is a BC Met what do they do for livers?