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Long term use of Iscador

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Re: Long term use of Iscador

Hi TheaJ

Welcome to the forums, whilst awaiting a response from your fellow forum users you can access more threads about Iscador by typing it into the 'search' facility at the top of this page, then click on 'comments' and the most recent discussions will be available for you to read.

You may also find that you recieve more replies to this type of query in the 'Complementary therapies' room where this is a more common topic.

Hope you find this useful.

Best wishes
Breast Cancer Care

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Long term use of Iscador

Would be grateful if someone can asnwer the following questions:
1. How many years Iscador therapy optimal for treatment of breast cancer? Am entering 5th year & was originally told that treatment is considered complete after 5 years & now being told that it continues indefinitely.
2. Having observed 1-week breaks during 1st year, 2-week breaks in 2nd, etc.I am now given conflicting info that breaks can be 5 - 10 weeks.
Iscador very expensive in South Africa & not covered by medical aid, so these questions are important & relevant to me.
Many thanks!