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Look Good......Feel Better


Re: Look Good......Feel Better

I too agree that the LG-FB sessions are wonderful. I was too ill to attend during active treatment and so had a session booked for about one month after my final Rad. Then I decided that I didn't need to go as I had some hair, eyelashes and eyebrows so cancelled my place as I was sure someone else could benefit from it more. My BCN called me and convinced me that I should go and that it was not about what stage you were at in your treatment. I had a wonderful afternoon - there were 9 of us and 3 LG-FB volunteers.We laughed, shared tips and got glammed up. I try to use the skin care routine every day even if I am not wearing makeup. The products I received are wonderful - many of them I would not have been able to afford myself. Strongly recommend these sessions.
A massive thank you to LG-FB and their volunteers,


Re: Look Good......Feel Better

Another who recommends it. I was too ill during my primary stages to go, with septicemia and other delights, and then forgot about it. It was only when the hormone treatments failed me and I had to go onto chemo for my bone mets that the chemo nurse gave me the leaflet and said 'that would be good for you!' that I bothered booking. So glad I did - I'm 54, have never been great on make up but came out really dolled up but not only that, with the confidence to have a bash myself. It had been so relaxed and friendly - I was lucky - only 6 people turned up to the session (snow struck) and we had a No 7 and a clinique consultant and they were both so good and patient.
No way am I wearing slap every day, but I am following a better cleansing / moisturisuing routine, particularly round my eyes which just used to get treated like everywhere else but I now have a freeby pot of Lancome eye stuff which you use such a small amount of it will last for ages, and I'm also concealing my black circles quite easily which I've never been able to do - go for it anyone swithering!!



Re: Look Good......Feel Better

Hi H

I can vouch for what you say. LGFB is fantastic fun - recommend it to lots of ladies.
the goody bag is great - it contains full size samples of cosmetics matched to your skin tone - all big posh brands.



Re: Look Good......Feel Better

Hi HelHel

Just bumping this up to latest posts as it's a service used by lots of our users so thanks for the information

Best wishes



Look Good......Feel Better

Hi all
I went to my Look Good....Feel Better session today.
What a lovely lot of ladies who ran the session. I'm guessing they all volunteer their time? And the other lovely ladies, were us, getting the pampering with lots of gorgeous cosmetics from BIG brands.
Nice to have a break from all the rubbish going on and to come away with the fantastic goody bag.
If you have been to one of these - you will know what I'm talking about. If you havent, check out the web site
and find the nearest one to you.