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Losing Finger Nails


Re: Losing Finger Nails

HI I am 14 months post FEC-T and all but two of my fingernails have grown back.  They're pretty weak but the two that are still affected are really horrid. Long haul but I hope you are recovered now xx

Re: Losing Finger Nails

Hi there, yes losing my finger nails too! Finished chemo end of November 13. Also losing toe nails, both seem to grow then come off again. Finger nails growing back very weak, just hope they get stronger as time marches on. Use to have lovely long strong nails !! Think it was Taxotere as had a bad reaction to it and had to come off it. Also had skin peel on bottom of my feet like a snake!! That's stopped now (thank goodness) just keep smiling guys xx

Re: Losing Finger Nails

Hi Kay and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support here please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through any queries or concerns on 0808 800 6000, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2

Here's a link to further support ideas from BCC which you may find helpful:


Best wishes
Lucy BCC

Re: Losing Finger Nails

Thanks skinnyminx I am on taxotere and I will ask next week x

Re: Losing Finger Nails

Happened to me too.  Fingernails were very fragile and kept peeling off for several weeks after chemo finished.  Soon recovered though.  I plastered my hands, fingers and fingernails in aqueous cream to keep everything well moisturised during the recovery phase.


My toenails are a different matter... mine are still manky 4+years on.  I have read on here that some people put a bag of frozen peas over their toes when having taxotere chemo (like a cold cap for the toes) to stop toenails from suffering.  I've no idea if it's medically OK to do this but might be worth asking your oncocologist/chemo team and see what they say.

Re: Losing Finger Nails

Thank you Maryland 🙂

Re: Losing Finger Nails

Hi.....finished chemo FEC-T in July 2012 and nails started to fall off until about end of August. Apparently what happens is that every 'T' chemo stops nail growth, so for some, nails will be 'lost' up to 3 times. Best tips I can offer is to keep nails very short, don't use nail varnish as that could mask infection and regularly moisturise. I used a combination of good quality hand cream, almond oil and slathered aqueous cream on at night wearing cotton 'spa' type gloves to keep the moisture in. By December I had long, strong nails again. If your toe nails come off, they will take longer! My last one is just regrowing some 18 months later......all the best for your final treatment.....take care x

Losing Finger Nails


Anyone lost their finger nails ?

Im having my last round of chemotherapy next week and my finger nails have just started lifting off of their nail beds.

Any advice out there to help avoid losing my nails completely ?


How too look after them and promote growth if they do fall out ?