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Losing hair - cold cap - experiences please!


Re: Losing hair - cold cap - experiences please!

When I started chemo the nurse said that hair would start coming out on day 18. It actually started on day 19. I had AC chemo first and then nab- paclitaxol (also called Abraxane). My hair kept shedding the whole way through and I lost about 70% of it by the end. I had fine hair, and I've heard it works better on thick hair. I needed to wear a wig or hat to go out from the beginning, as even at the start my hair looked awful from minimal washing and lack of hair product use!

Now I'm waiting to see if wearing the cold cap has protected my scalp enough to help faster hair re-growth now I'm finished.

Re: Losing hair - cold cap - experiences please!

Crikey Jan that's a lot of chemo you've had.  I thought my plan was harsh but 21 weeks of Paclitaxel sounds daunting.  Thank you for your reply.  I'm hoping then that this first shedding may slow down and this is just a temporary phase.  I've had a pants couple of days as this has really knocked me back and the thought of my 2nd EC tomorrow is, for some reason, frightening me.  I'm going to have to look for my big girl pants and put them on now! xxx

Re: Losing hair - cold cap - experiences please!

Hello  Michele


I had 6 cycles of EC last year and I used the cold cap, I lost the most hair after my first cycle then I must have lost a fair bit over the following months as I felt the need to wear a hat although I didn't notice it coming out.


I have just finished 21 weekly Paclitaxel cycles,it has stopped working for me now.  The cold cap works brilliantly with this chemo, I was told this before I started and have kept most of my hair although it's in terrible condition.


I can't say I had a sore head or any headaches but I hated wearing that cold cap and it makes the treatment time much longer, having said that would I do it again, probably.


Good luck tomorrow,one lady use to take a hot water bottle with her I just wore my thermal vest.


Take care.



Losing hair - cold cap - experiences please!

Hello ladies


I had my first cycle of EC 20 days ago (cycle 2 tomorrow and then another 2 cycles after that and then Paclitaxil/Carboplatin weekly for 12 weeks) and decided very early on that I would try cold capping. 


From day 1 to day 18 of cycle 1, I shed very little hair - almost nothing.  In fact, it looked less than normal but on day 19 I had a full tangle teezer of hair.  😞  I can't tell you how it's affected me.  I've been in floods of tears.  I KNOW that this may only be a temporary shedding but all through this horrible journey the only thing I've wanted is to keep my hair!


So my questions are:


For those who lost hair, did the shedding come and go during the cycles or once it had started did it not stop until you had completed all cycles?


Did you have a sore head at all (not at the time of cold capping but during the weeks following chemo)?  I've had a very sensitive scalp and sore feeling and I'm not sure what that means.


I'm definitely not giving up and tomorrow I'll be dressed for the North Pole again but I'd welcome your experience ladies.