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Love is All you Need


Love is All you Need

I wanted to post about a film I watched last night.


I had never come across a film where the main character had breast cancer and this one was funny and uplifting without being too sentimental. Pierce Brosnan plays the male love interest. It is partly set in Italy so lush settings and sunshine are a wonderful contrast to the grey that is my current view.


Essentially it is the story of Ida, who finishes her chemotherapy treatment and then comes home to find her husband up to no-good (this is all on the cover, so not a spoiler and don't let this put you off) just before they go to their daughter's wedding in Italy.


Though the film starts off in Danish, ( I usually can't read subtitles!)  once the plot gets going , the dialogue is in English.


There were a few things I didn't like about it but on the whole I just thought it was really great to see a 'mainstream' film tackle this issue. I am sure Pierce Brosnan's first wife (and daughter) died of ovarian cancer so I  it can't have been an easy thing for him to have been in.


Be interested to know what others thinks.


Rattles x