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Lucky Lil


Re: Lucky Lil

RIP our lovely funny crazy Lil, you will always be remembered with love and will have a special place in all our hearts forever, sleep tight lovely lady xxx

Re: Lucky Lil

I very rarely come here these days too but I wanted to pay my respects to our September buddy Lucky Lil. Lil, you were such a big part of our chemo journey and will always have a special place in our hearts xxx

Re: Lucky Lil

RevCat, thank you so much for letting us know about the passing of LuckyLil.  On behalf of the moderation team here at BCC please pass on our sincere condolences to LuckyLil's family.


Kind regards,

Jo, Moderator

Lucky Lil

It's rare I drop by here these days, and it is with a heavy heart that I do so today.


News has just reached the September Girls (Starting Chemo in Sep 2011 plus me from 2010 as 'big sis') that our much loved Lil reached the end of her journey with breast cancer today.


Lil was living in Mozambique when diagnosed, had to travel to South Africa for treatment, and lived in conditions that would have made our hair curl, had we had hair to curl.  She kept us laughing through the darkest times with her 'silly of the day' and had adventures involving hippos and crocodiles, to say nothing of her husband, Mr Lil, swimming across a swollen river to rescue their dogs during a flood.


Around a year ago, following a secondary diagnosis, Lil and Mr Lil moved to the states where they hoped to enjoy many years running a coffee shop together.  This wasn't to be and after a courageous journey, Lil is now free from pain and suffering.


We are so much richer for knowing her and she will always be in our hearts.


Lil used to call us the 'Sexy Septembers' but she was definitely the sexiest of us all.


Rest peacefully Lil, journey ended, pain over, loved forever xx