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Lump in breast and very anxious.


Re: Lump in breast and very anxious.

Sorry to hear you are going through this too. The wait really is horrible, I was hoping to go back to my gp today but my car had already been booked in for an MOT so I couldnt get there. As much as I really dont feel like carrying on with "normal" life, I know I have to.


I keep trying to tell myself It's only a couple more days now and at least I'll have been referred. I just hope the wait for breast clinic isn't too long. The gp last week said she would send an urgent referral but she was a locum so who knows what another one will do!!


I Just feel so lonely, I cant tell my Mum, she is all engrosed in my little sisters graduation in a few weeks. If I did tell her she'd just be worred about how much help I'll need if it is bad news which would make me feel guilty. I have told a friend who has had bc sometime ago but she lives over 200 miles away and we both have busy lives so it's mostly just texting. I dont even have anyone to look after my little boy for me to go to the clinic or anyone to come with me!!!


Even medium term decisions are so hard!! Should I enter my daughter into a dance competition in October? Will I be well enough to take her etc.


I hope your appointment goes well. I will be thinking of you.





Re: Lump in breast and very anxious.

I can't really offer any advice, but I understand where your head is at right now. I have my appointment 25th, less than 2 weeks from referral and I know the waiting is horrible, especially after taking advice from Dr Google! I initially went to the doctors with a very itchy boob and nipple changing appearance (yes, just one). Since the first visit to the doctors, I now have a small indent on bottom of areola, and I think I have found a small lump deep in the breast. My doctor initially gave me eczema cream to use for 2 weeks to rule that out, but I went back after about 10 days as I knew there was no improvement - you could do the same?

I know trying to remain positive is hard, but a good friend of mine (who not only works with BC but HAS BC!) has been very straight with me and said there is every chance is it an infection of something else benign. However, if it is BC then it's not all bad like it used to be, the treatments options are very good and the chances of not seeing your kids grow up (breifly crossed my mind too, but try not to dwell on that too much) is extremely slim!


Re: Lump in breast and very anxious.

Hi RJ-


Firstly welcome to the BCC forums, I'm sure some of the users will be a long shortly to offer your their experience and support. 


In the meantime can I suggest you contact the BCC helpline on 0808 800 6000.  Sometimes it can be helpful just to talk through your thoughts and feelings and here you can speak with a member of staff who will offer you a listening ear as well as emotional support and practical information. Lines are open weekdays 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm.


Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator


Lump in breast and very anxious.

Around 2 weeks ago now I felt a slight tenderness in my breast I rubbed it and noticed a long thin lump. Almost like an enlarged blood vessel. It semed to go down after a few hours and I didnt think anymore of it.


I have continued to have a very mild tenderness in the breast but nothing that concerned me. On Sunday I noticed that the long thin lump had reapeared but is much larger and more defined, it starts right at the edge of the breast almost in my armpit and goes down and accross the breast to my areola. Along the length of the lump there also seems a few areas of small round lumps. If I hold the breast or my arm in certain ways the skin puckers all the way along the lump forming a long thin dent. There is also a small area of redness on the skin above one part of the lump.


On Monday I went to see my gp, She said she Shared me concern regarding the lump and felt it was suspicious but because of the redness she insisted I take a week of antibiotics just incase it is an infection and then go back and be referred to breast clinic if there is no change. I Told her I'd had mastitis previously and this felt nothing like it, I am not in a lot of pain only very mild tenderness, the breast is not hot, I am not ill and have no fever. I have dutifully been taking the antibiotics despite feeling unwell with side effects, it is now 3 full days of tratment with no change to my symptoms.


I am very anxious, I am a single Mum of 2 young chidren with very little support and I do not know what to do. Although the delay is just a week the lump is already so large I am worried senseless that is has or will spread further before I get seen at breast clinic.


I know it is also very premature but I'm also finding hard to stop myself worrying how I would possibly cope with the demands of looking after my children and the treatment. Of course it has also crossed my mind more than a few times that I may not see my children grow up.


I would be very greatful if anybody could share som wods of wisdom


thanks in advance