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Lump removal


Re: Lump removal

hi celene,
Sorry to hear about your brother.
It could be that as its small & near the surface & can be removed under local, then its no more hassle than doing a biopsy. Presumably, the lump will then be sent off for analysis as is usual.

Lump removal

Hi All.


I've been lurking around the boards for the past week and getting lots of great advice.


Yesterday I had a mammogram and ultrasound at the clinic as I have a lump on my areola. The consultant has decided to remove it in Jan under a local as they're not sure what it is. Is it normal to have the lump removed rather than do a needle biopsy first? And has anyone else had a lump on the surface of their breast?


I'm not worrying too much about it all as I'm focusing on my brother who's having chemo at the moment for stage 3 testicular cancer.


Thanks in advance.


Celene xx