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Lumpectomy last monday


Re: Lumpectomy last monday

I had my lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy on the 11th. Unfortunately my lymph nodes had cancer in them so I need a complete node clearance but this can't happen for at least 5 months because I need chemotherapy first. After all this I will need radiotherapy as well.
This wasn't the road I wanted to find myself on. The one thing I find really hard is that I feel fine. I look fine. I'm not ill but I have this thing inside me that could
cause me to feel terrible, with the treatment that I need to cure it.
I've spent my days relaxing and trying not to think too much about it. I read as much as I can to prepare myself for what is to come. It is a scary time so I know exactly how you are feeling.
Good luck to you xx

Re: Lumpectomy last monday

 Hi, I had lumpectomy Friday 20th and two lymph nodes removed, thankfully both clear. 

Of course it's normal to worry about what is going to happen, side effects etc, what the future will hold. 

I have MS and in a way I think it makes me a bit luckier as I have been living with chronic illness for more than 10 years and have taught myself ways to cope. The best advice I can give is to take it one day at a time. Try not to think about what might happen, because chances are you are thinking of worst case scenario that will never happen. 

I use 'mindfulness' when I get scary thoughts. Loads of info online about it, but very basically it's about concentrating your mind on your breathing. So when scary thoughts come into your mind bring your focus onto your breathing. It sometime helps to count the breaths, 1 to 10 and then back to 1. Or think 'in, out, in, out' with your breath. Your mind will start thinking of something else (it always does) but when you are aware of it, gently bring your focus back to your breathing. 

I hope this helps. It's all very scary but one thing I know for sure, these things make us stronger. I would never have handled my own BC so well if I hadn't MS. Something to be thankful for!

All the best, Pat xx 

Re: Lumpectomy last monday

Hi Jonesanniep, I had my lumpectomy and three lymph nodes out on 18 May, I am a little in front of you.  I have my follow up app on 16June.  It is a worrying time having to wait for appointments but uou have to be strong.  I have just had my dressing off today - the main part is under the arm - it swollen and feels spongy!! Has anyone else found this when dressings off? 


You will get there


Lumpectomy last monday

I found a lump in my right breast and after mamagram and ultrasound was told I needed lumpectomy and full lymph node removal. I had the op last Monday and am now waiting for follow up appointment to plan the next line of attack. Feeling a bit low at the moment worried about the chemotherapy and side efects.