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Lumpectomy recovery is this normal ??

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Re: Lumpectomy recovery is this normal ??

Hello I had a lumpectomy in december, it sounds like your reaction is worse than I had but mine was very similar. I had to take all my dressings off 3 days after surgery because i was allergic to them, so may be i healed quicker for getting the air to the wound.

First it was the scar for the lymph nodes that was the worst but that stoped hurting almost as soon as the stitches came out. then the other one in the breast got more painful and heavy and then seemed to get lumpier but that has all gone now and everything has healed well. i have seen the team several times and they told me it was just the overall swelling from the surgery going and the scar forming.

hope this helps Mix

Re: Lumpectomy recovery is this normal ??

Hi I had a lumpectomy and auxillary clearance last Feb. Yes things were sore for a while and I also had swelling,but under my arm. I also had cording. It took me quite a few months for the swelling to go down. I was given a front fastening bra which I wore all day and night as it was so comfortable. I remember propping my arm up with a pillow so that I lay on my back,so's not to toss and turn. I sort of didn't believe my surgeon at the time when he said it would get better on it's own,because it took so long. But here I am now,no swelling just a couple of small lumps under my scar and it looks fine. I'm afraid it just seems to take ages but it will get better in time. I hope this helps!

Re: Lumpectomy recovery is this normal ??

Thanks Magical Moon,


No im not wearing a bra, but will be tonight !!! Been on the phone to bcc and the advisor thinks the lump is most likely a haematoma and will clear on its own.


Thanks for responding


Louise xxx

Re: Lumpectomy recovery is this normal ??

Hi Loulou,

I had a lumpectomy/SNB and was tender and a bit swollen for a few weeks when the dressings came off. Fortunately, no bruising or bleeding. Everybody is different during healing.
You say that there was blood on your covers. Are you wearing a supportive bra at night too?
My breast surgeon told me to buy a sports bra for after surgery and to wear it for at least four weeks when sleeping. The reason being the breast tissue is still healing inside your boob after surgery and needs support during the night. My sports bra became my best buddy.
I would recommend you ring your Breast Cancer Nurse just to put your mind at rest.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Peace and Positivity,
M x

Lumpectomy recovery is this normal ??



I had a lumpectomy on the 23 January and everything has been fine until the last couple of days.  Initially my pain was more under the arm but this has nearly gone. It is stiff on a morning but once moving it is ok. What is worse now is my boob, I had my dressings off last night and it feels like a have a huge lump under my scar. Also its bruised a lot above my scar which is getting worse by the day, 2 weeks after surgery?? When I woke this morning also have some blood on my covers, is this just because its the first night with no dressing?? Also I seem to have aches on my side and back behind my boob, just a bit worried as I thought this would be more intense after surgery not two weeks later. Sorry to ramble but any lumpectomy ladies to advise xxxxxx