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Lung Cancer??


Re: Lung Cancer??

Hi Sukes
Your posting rang lots of bells for me. My 77 year old mum was more or less told she had lung cancer and I was preparing myself for the worst. It turned out she had NH lymphoma which is probably the lesser of the 2 evils.
I also received my 2nd diagnosis on my birthday 6/12/2006. Birthdays have never been quite the same since!!!!
Thinking of you and your family and hope the news is positive.
cally x

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Re: Lung Cancer??

hi ladies,

i have just come back from the hospital and dad seems quite stable. he has colour in his face and seemed quite upbeat. My siblings were there and i have told all my SIL's that i cant lead this as its opening too many memories. i was dx 21st dec 07 so the dates make it even worse. Ontop of that i found out on my birthday ....... a day i will never forget

hes having a broncospy on friday so hopefully will hear its TB and not cancer but i will keep you posted.
thanks for your support


Re: Lung Cancer??


Cancer isn't a single disease but a whole collection of diseases - even breast cancer isn't just one but at least 16 different types! - so you first of all must not feel guilty for not having any answers, if it turns out to be cancer (fingers crossed it's not).

You should remind your family that cancer isn't a single disease, that treatments vary greatly depending on what type it is, and that you DON'T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. If possible, you should also remind them that because of your own experiences, far from being stronger this could make you all the more vulnerable, so they should be sensitive to you when discussing your dad.

I sincerely hope it's not serious with your dad (though TB is no laughing matter) and that you are able to establish good communication with your family, and your family with your dad's treatment team.

Best of luck



Re: Lung Cancer??

Just to say my SiL was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 1/2 years ago at the age of 63. They were unable to get rid of her tumour, but they have shrunk it to a very small size and it's being managed. She is doing very well. Unfortunately she was a very heavy smoker for most of her life.

If it is confirmed as lung cancer (and let's hope it's something else) I would recommend going to the Cancer Research UK website as it has lots of good info there. It's all plainly written in a manner that's not alarming.

Hope your dad turns out to be OK.

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Re: Lung Cancer??

Oh Sukes wish I could help! Just wanted to say you are right to tell your siblings that you are not an expert in this or the strong one because of your BC experience. They need to be there for your dad too.

You may however be able to point out to them how to help him based on your own experiences and what you know about your family e.g. are they visiting/contacting him often enough or even too often? What can they do for him at home? etc

I think I've been a rubbish support for my friends & family that have been really ill - but now I know how to behave next time!

Good luck & big hugs


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Lung Cancer??

Hi All
I dont know where to post but the past few days have been awful. My dad whos 72 has been suffering from the shivers and sweats for the past 3 months on an every other day basis however it has been going on for the past 8 months or so.
Anyhow cut a long story short got him admited via an argument with his doc to hostipal and they have conducted a number of tests. CT scan shows a 4cm mass on top left lung and they are saying its cancer?? we are still hoping its TB as he hasnt lost any weight or coughed up blood. they are doing a biopsy next Friday and i am finding it really hard as i was dx in dec 07 with BC ages 34 and this has bought it all back. Ive also told my siblings i cant take the lead on this just because i've had BC. Im so worried for my dad as hes so special to all of us but when i look at him he can see into my eys and visa versa. hes told me not to visit as hes still trying to protect me and knows how hard it is.

I keep telling him there is hope but i dont know as i know the pognosis of lung cancer isnt as good a bc. Ontop of all of this he has NEVER smoked in his life.
Its so unfair