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Lung Mets - coughed up blood


Re: Lung Mets - coughed up blood

I agree do phone the onc get it checked. Also if you are taking aspirin or nurofen, these can give you streaks of blood in your flem as they are also blood thinners and the small blood vessels can bleed a little when you cough. Needs checking outxx


best of luck with it...let us know how things goxx


Re: Lung Mets - coughed up blood

Hi Spudgirl,


According to the Cancer Research website, this could be a symptom of your mets or due to something totally separate like a chest infection - http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/type/secondary-cancers/secondary-lung-cancer/


Either way, if it were me I would want it to be checked out - there's not much point starting chemo if your body's not up to it.


Good luck,



Lung Mets - coughed up blood

I've been on a chemo break for about 6 weeks as the last one wasn't working on my lung mets and due to complications with a mystery infection and neutropenia  I kept ending up in hospital, so the Onc was giving me a bit of a break. 


I've had fluid on my lungs since about July and it's showing no sign of going, but it's not bad enough to need to drain it, 


i start a different chemo next Tuesday, however just now I coughed up some clear  phlegm (sorry, gross I know)  and it had streaks of fresh blood in it.  It's the first time I've even coughed!  I just get aches and pains normally. 


Is the blood  normal for lung mets? Should I phone the Onc unit? Or should I just wait for chemo next Tues?  If it's a normal thing I don't want to end up in hospital unnecessarily now because I enquire about it.