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Lymph node clearance


Re: Lymph node clearance

I'm glad the op wasn't too bad, you sound really positive. I've got my full clearance on the 19th and I'm hoping it isn't as bad as the WLE and SNB I had on 10th Oct, that was a nightmare!

Helen x


Lymph node clearance

Well I had my op on Wednesday morning.....it wasn't half as bad as I expected...I know everyone has different experiences....but I just expected to be in much more pain....I was only kept in overnight then had the drain removed....I've got full mobility back already and I'm making sure I'm doing my exercises....without overdoing things....I was so terrified of having this surgery so it's been a relief to find it wasn't too bad for me....I get the results a week on Tuesday .....hopefully they'll be good.....but if not I'm feeling positive enough now to realise it's not the end of the world if any nodes were cancerous.....ty everyone for the advice before I went for the op...I'm now feeling hopeful that I'll be going my holiday in 4 weeks...then starting my radiotherapy when we get home xx