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Lympho sleeve sorted

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Re: Lympho sleeve sorted

Hi Maureen

So glad your sleeve is sorted now! You must be feeling a lot more comfortable!

Best wishes



Lympho sleeve sorted

Hello, Ladies

Some of you may remember I was having problems with my sleeve rolling down. I went back to the lympho nurse and she remeasured my arm and supplied me with a couple of Jobst sleeves and some sleeve glue. It was very hit and miss - some days okay, some days they rolled down immediately. Plus they were too long and I ended up cutting them at the wrist.

She phoned last week to see how I was getting on and was horrified that I'd cut them, and concerned that I was still having trouble. I've now received another one which has the silicone strip at the top. Someone in the other thread (can't find it now), suggested this. It's brilliant. It doesn't roll down at all and is very comfortable. And it's the shorter length as well.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx