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Lymphoedema and Rotar Cuff Repair


Re: Lymphoedema and Rotar Cuff Repair

Hi Clares
Id advise you to speak to either your BC nurse, or even better,a physiotherapist who would have a better understanding of the situation. I found them to be very helpful after my MX See if you can get a chat with them and explain your fears, which are absolutely understandable. We dont need any more problems, do we !!
Take care and good luck

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Lymphoedema and Rotar Cuff Repair

Is there anyone who can advise/put my mind at ease ? I am having an operation to repair Rotar Cuff in a few days,,the operation will be keyhole, I am concerned that I may have swelling in arm. I have mild lymphoedema in forearm and do not wear a sleeve as I rest and elevate my arm if the bubbling appears. The orthopaedic surgeon just said the neck lymph nodes will drain any excess fluid. After the op I will be in a sling/brace for 24/7 for 6 weeks. The repair is on my dominant side.
I am very aprehensive and would welcome any advice.