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M3 mammogram result


Re: M3 mammogram result

Thanks Janet

I rang the helpline on Friday which really
Helped. Just the waiting game now.

Many thanks.

Re: M3 mammogram result

Dear dobiek9


While you are waiting for fellow members to come along with some support, you might also find it helpful to call our Helpline.  They'll be able to offer you lots of practical information and emotional support.The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000


Very best wishes



BCC Moderator

M3 mammogram result

Hi everyone

Just wanted some advice really had mammogram couple of weeks ago as had pain in right breast assumed it was scar tissue from fibro. Removed 7 years ago.

Been referred for ultrasound now. Spoke to nurse yesterday who said 12mm irregularity found in left breast. Classed as M3.

Got to wait til 7th July for u/s scan.

Is irregularity another word for lump?

My mum had breast cancer in her early 50's. Is fine now had mastectomy but no chemo. It was around 20 years ago.

Should I be concerned? Thinking maybe another fibro?? Do they should up on mammogram?

It is first mammogram I have had. Could it be normal for me as they have nothing to compare to?

Is 12mm big or small for a lump??

Sorry about all the questions I am probably worrying about nothing. But though I would ask on here.

Thanks in advance for any replies