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Mammogram and Breast Clinic Referral Questions


Re: Mammogram and Breast Clinic Referral Questions

I did take my other half with me, and I'm glad I did.  Having a friendly face I think made all the difference.


Clinic on Wednesday.......................

Re: Mammogram and Breast Clinic Referral Questions

Probably worth ringing the breast unit to find out if you will be given any results at the first visit and, if so, I would strongly advise that someone goes with you.


The set-up at my local hospital is a 'one-stop shop' so I had mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy all in one visit.  My case was straightforward and unambiguous and the consultant radiologist was so sure it was cancer that he told me as he was doing the ultrasound - I am forever grateful for his straightforward approach (in fact I even thanked him at the time!).  I then went upstairs to meet the consultant breast surgeon and BCN team.  The diagnosis was then 'rubber-stamped' a couple of days later at a further appointment with the surgeon by which time the biopsy result was in.


We didn't actually suspect anything sinister in advance so it was all a big shock.  My husband and I were very very relieved that we had made arrangments for him to come along with me.  He couldn't come into the mammography room but was with me for everything else.  Unfortunately it was a bad news day but at least I had his support and he was there to hear all the details.


Hopefully it will not be bad news for you.  Wishing you all the best. 



Re: Mammogram and Breast Clinic Referral Questions

Hi Gingette


My opinion would be to take your partner to the clinic but not bother with the mammogram. Usually you will have an ultrasound at the same time and possibly a biopsy if they see something that needs further examination, but it is more uncomforatble than painful. Yes, it will probably mean some hanging around but take a good book with you. Do you whether you will get the resuts of the mammogram at the clinic?


Ask anything here, the ladies are all very helpful.



Mammogram and Breast Clinic Referral Questions

Hi All,


I have (finally) been given a date for my mammogram (next Monday) and then I have my clinic appointment next Wednesday.


I've been advised to take someone with me to my clinic appointment as there can be lots of hanging around.  My question is should I take someone with me to my mammogram as well.  My other half is working that day too but but I'm sure I can get them to take the time off.  My question is should I?  Also as I'm having my mammogram seperately from my clinic appointment what should I expect to happen that day.  I've had zero information.


Thanks in advance.  I'm sure I'll be back on with lots of random questions.