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Mammogram and Ultrasound differences?

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Re: Mammogram and Ultrasound differences?

I've replied on your other thread (In, Waiting for test results)

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Mammogram and Ultrasound differences?

Hi all,

My routine mammogram showed up an abnormal mass on one of my breasts. I cannot feel or see anything different. I was sent to the hospital for a 2nd mammogram which showed the same.

They then did a ultrasound but couldn't find the area of concern. They told me this was a positive thing to happen as it meant that it was unlikely to be anything bad.

However to be sure, they done a biopsy which I now have to wait 2 weeks for the results.

I am really confused to what this all means. How can something show up on a mammogram and then not an ultrasound and how does this go in my favour?

Hope someone can shed sound light on this as just been left feeling feeling more confused and anxious than before I went.