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March 2017 Starters

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Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Hellesbelles


Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time on Tamofoxen - have you spoken to your doctors about it?  I am on Letrozole which is a pain, but manageable at the moment - hoping that some of the side effects will calm down after a few months - been taking it since the end of August.  I went to a Moving Forward session at the hospital with a couple of nurses and they said to get in touch if we didn't cope with some of the side effects - they have different things they can give you, or might ask for you to be changed to another drug.


Sorry to hear about your sister Aussie - it's tough watching someone else  - I watched my brother go through cancer treatment, and lots of drugs - it's difficult - it's good that you spent time with her - that's what counts.


I'm back at work doing my normal hours (22) which is good - being back in my normal routine, with people I know and get on well with - they've been very supportive.  It is still difficult though when people ask if I'm feeling better - I am of course, but don't know if I will ever feel completely better - it changes your life and how you feel about things - plus of course the aches and pains that I know have as part of the letrozole, my nails are still not good, and my hair is growing back, but I'm still wearing hats and scarves.  Maybe in 6 months things will be more normal - but who knows - still get constantly reminded which is very frustrating when a lot of the time I feel fine.

Anyway - that's my rant over.  Hope everyone else is doing ok.  I had a cocktail a couple of weeks ago - fabulous!, and also had some wine and proscecco since then - and planning more when I head of to Lanzarote for a week soon.

Moonstruck x

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Ruth, Elisa and other ladies out there. Aussie I'm so sorry to hear about your sister, I cannot imagine what pain your family is in.
It's good to hear you are all finishing your treatment and looking forward to getting back to work. I felt very tired after the radio which finished in July and have needed a couple of months to get over it.
I'm going back to work next week for a few hours just slowly getting back to my usual 3 days.
I am struggling with the tamoxifen though, I'm not sleeping maybe 3 hours only a night. I'm having 2 or 3 major night sweats which are horrendous. I had regular periods up until the chemo and no menopause symptoms but I'm now straight into it. I feel anxious, emotional, tearful and just not like me anymore. Has anyone else been prescribed tamoxifen? I feel like I'm in a worse place now the treatment is all over. Sorry for the doom and gloom post xx

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Everyone


Good to hear how you are going ,and some good news stories, After I finished chemo in July had my surgery or first part and now i am half way through radiotherapy which is okay so far , I am a bit pink and my tissue expander is getting quite firm but I half to have that out anyway at some stage.  

I  went to the UK just now too to see my sister who also has BC however sadly hers was stage 4 at diagnosis and is now in her brain just 18months later so it is so awful.  It is being treated by whole brain radiotherapy , we had a cruise booked for us all to go but she was advised not too which was a real shame however I went and it was a nice break 

I will pop over to the rads thread too 

take care everyone

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Elisa


Good to hear you have finished radiotherapy too. I think you are right to make sure you have given yourself time to get over the ordeal before returning to work. I don't feel too bad because I only ended up having two lots of chemo and that was back in April so my body has had more time to recover in between the various stages of treatment which has helped. My hair has started to come back and is a silver/grey pixie crop at the moment- not what I am used to but actually doesn't look too bad! It has come back very soft. My eyebrows are still patchy so I am getting used to using wunderbrow on those. I didn't lose my eyelashes thankfully.

I like the sound of a break in the New Year. I hope you enjoy Venice. 

Take care and all the best to you and all the other March starters out there.

Ruth x

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Helen, Ruth & any other March ladies out there,


Lovely to hear your news, so nice to hear of positive things like weddings and holidays....Helen - Barbados how lovely! Ruth I'm so glad to hear you were well enough to enjoy your daughters wedding.


I finished radiotherapy last week. Due to my sensitive skin issues I had 30 RT treatments over 6 weeks. RT went well until this week when the skin has broken done a bit under the breast. So recovering from the treatment at the moment and feeling a bit tired but very happy that treatment is over. I'll probably get back to work after Christmas as I feel I need the rest. Treatment is over but you're left a bit knackered. I've still got achy legs, especially at night. I'm having Herceptin (3 weekly til next May) for a full year so my treatment is sort of ongoing but side effects seem to be minimal.


Hows everyone's hair situation? Hellesbelles I recall you cold capped so kept most of your hair? Mine is 'action man' style but even coverage and quite thick. Growing slowly - can't see a first hair cut/trim being needed for a while. And I have eyelashes growing, what a joy to see them. Never thought I would say that happiness is......eyelashes! Brows are patchy but definitely back too. It's such a relief to see yourself emerging again.


Just booking a trip to Venice for the new year.


Love & best wishes to all.


Elisa xx












Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi. Sounds like you have had something good to look forward to and enjoy after all the treatments. You must have been so ready for a good holiday so hope Barbados did the trick! Congratulations on your 50th. I am sure you hadn't imagined being in the midst of a cancer diagnosis for that but glad you could celebrate. My daughter's wedding was a lovely day and I felt well enough to enjoy it to the full. It was really nice to have a happy occasion to celebrate between my op and the radiotherapy starting. I finished my treatment on Tuesday so am going to rest up and take it easy for a bit before I return to work in a few weeks. My cancer was triple negative so I can't take any hormone tablets - I just have to trust that the treatment has done the trick! All the best for a healthy and happy future. Ruth x

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Ruth how did your daughters wedding go ? I'm doing well thanks, my radiotherapy finishes in July and I've now been taking tamoxifen for a couple of months. I hate the menopausal symptoms! We had a lovely holiday in Barbados and I celebrated my 50th last week, so lots been going on. How are you doing?

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Helllesbelles. I moved to the September radiotherapy thread but this popped up as a notification- how are you doing? Ruth

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi ladies - anyone still here ?! X

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hello thank you for the advice. I've bought 2 front fastening bras from M&S. The lady who fitted me was lovely and so helpful. A camisole is a good idea. Will invest in one of those too.

I also treated myself to a gorgeous red dress from Phase Eight in the John Lewis sale. I will wear it to my 40th birthday party later this month and my mini cruise next month!

Cartwheels I'm so glad you enjoyed a cuppa this morning. Hope you have a teapot so you can sit and relax to enjoy many more.

Lots of love

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hello all! Suuny here in London, hope it is with you too. I am so relieved chemo is over. Must admit, a week after my last chemo I was very tearful and low. I think the reality of what I'd been through in the last five months hit me. 


Leyla, that sounds awful about your thumb nail. I hope it is not too painful and recovers soon. Must be really awkward to manage with. I'd agree withRuthElisabeth's advice about your lumpectomy. Mine was back in January, before chemo, and I had no trouble at all with either of the surgery sites (boob and armpit) although my boob did swell up afterwards - I must have gone up a couple of cup sizes on one side and could hardly put my arm against my side! But the fluid soon dispersed, and I do the lymphodema exercises to get my lymph system working well.  


I wear a M&S camisole with a hidden shelf to bed every night still, just stops anything pulling on my boob and scars. 


RuthElizabeth I'm so pleased to hear about your daugther's wedding, how special for you and your family. 


Really good to hear that lots of us are progressing through radiotherapy too. Mine starts on Monday (your last day I think, Moonstruck) I have 23 days, so will finish on 6th September. Honestly not worried about RT at all. The team at the hospital were super when I went for my scan and tattoos (my first ever!). A good friend who went through breast cancer three years ago has given me some organic aloe vera gel, which she has advised I keep in the fridge so it is super cooling on hot skin. 


Anyone else taking tamoxifen? I started on Monday, so far so good, just hot flushes, which I was getting with chemo anyway. 


Next step is waiting for my head hair, eyebrows and eyelashes to grow back. My eyes water like crazy too. I'm happy if all the other body hairs don't bother to come back! Apparently facial hair is a side effect of tamoxifen - now that is ironic after the trauma of losing hair through chemo 😉


And best news of all, this morning I had a cup of tea for the first time in months! My last docetaxol was 11th July and it seems my tatse buds are nearly recovered. Simple pleasures mean so much.



Re: March 2017 Starters

Hello everyone. RuthElizabeth I'm so happy you got to enjoy your daughter's wedding! I use wunderbrow too, I think it's great.

Thank you so much for your advice re what to wear. I'm going bra shopping tomorrow. Although I'm finding dressing difficult at the moment. Some of my fingernails have lifted and I got an infection under my left thumbnail. Antibiotics wasn't helping and it started weeping on Wednesday so yesterday I had minor surgery and had the whole thumbnail removed! I now have a bandage on my thumb and I continuously give everyone a thumbs up! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.

I wish everyone the very best for the coming weeks.

Lots of love

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi everyone!


Hope you're all doing well. I'm halfway through radiotherapy now, I was just starting to feel more like mysellf again and now I have a sore pink chest. Oh well! I think generally, now it's over, I was lucky with the taxol. I kept my hair and nails, although my eyelashes look wierd still my brows are back. Neuropathy more or less gone. I've started working out once a week with a trainer and am going on holiday after my final radiotherapy session, trying to keep looking forwards to good things rather than brooding. 


Anyone on any of the radiotherapy boards on here? 

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hello all. It is good to catch up with you all on here. It feels like we are old friends even though we haven't met!  It's good to hear that most of you are well on the way to the end of treatment - what an adventure this year has been! We all need to pamper ourselves when all this is over - a relaxing holiday and meals that we can actually taste when our taste buds return. Give ourselves time to rest and recuperate because we have been through a lot! I was pleased that I felt well enough to enjoy my daughter's wedding  at the weekend - together with painted on wunderbrow eyebrows and wig! My surgeon and oncologist were both very pleased with the results of my treatment and I am in the process of being referred on for radiotherapy- possibly starting at the end of August for 3 weeks. 


Leyla - hope your op goes well on the 10th. I had a lumpectomy and it wasn't too sore afterwards. The bit that was worse was the sentinel node biopsy as the wound under my arm meant I couldn't move my arm much. I would suggest taking in pjs and tops with buttons down the front - nothing that needs to go over your head! Don't try stretching it too much or lifting anything heavy for a while. Also my surgeon gave me a frontfastening sports bra to wear post surgery which really helped and I even slept in it. It kept the wound still so that it didn't pull on the scar. 


Well, all the best to everyone- wishing everyone good results and good outcomes and a healthy future xx

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Everyone - hope you're all doing ok. I've got 4 days of radiotherapy left and then I'm finished - can't wait. I've not been too tired but I was told that the tiredness is worse at the end and the treatment is still working for 2 weeks after you stop - so the tiredness will continue for a while. Hope your tiredness eases off soon Hellesbelles - it must be difficult when you have young children.
Aussiegonewrong - good luck with the surgery. My hair is starting to grow, but no sign of eye lashes yet - so still dry eyes, and then streaming when I'm outside.
My husband says he can tell I am feeling better as I look relaxed and have given him a telling off now and then - back to my normal self.
Good luck to everyone who is still going through treatment- At times it seems never ending - but we'll all get there! Xx


Hi everyone

I finished my chemo 3 July such a relief then had surgery on 21 July masectomy with tissue expander in as have radio next, Although Chemo is not fun it did its job as my tumour was 95% gone so surgeon was very happy and I am getting used to the tissue expander which does feel like a brick on my chest but gradually settling down and then I can think about next bit 


I have a little bit of hair too but no eyebrows or lashes so eyes water non stop but on the whole I feel so much better than a month ago mostly I think its the relief of the surgery and chemo bit over with


Now I am pleased I did the chemo first as it gave me time to look at surgery options 

anyway I hope everyone is okay and feeling okay its such a surreal time and many days I cant still beleive it but I am going out more often for walks and feeling more normal so I take great comfort from that

All the best to all with whatever stage you are up to






Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi ladies hope you are all doing ok, I expect most of you are finishing your chemo? Perhaps that's why it's gone quiet here.
It is now 4 weeks since radio finished and in that time I've lost my eyelashes and the tingling/numbness in my hands has got worse, very annoying as I was expecting everything to start improving. The tiredness is also getting to me, I want to sleep by the afternoon but not always practical with kids. We are hoping to get some sun and book a holiday very soon, fed up with the rain now. Just a quick hello and hope you are all ok xx

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hello ladies, great to hear your updates. Well done to those who have completed chemo, and all not long now for the others. I had my final treatment (FEC) on 30th June so have 4 more days until end of cycle and end of chemo! I had the usual tiredness and nausea but have been feeling strong for about a week now. I went to ladies day and Newmarket races on Thursday  it was lovely yo leave the house for somewhere other than the hospital! I was still on antibiotics and antifungal so didn't drink but had the best time with 25 other mums from my village. Today I went to Cambridge to watch my sister and 6 of my lovely friends complete Race for Life. They did it as Team Leyla. I was so touched that they wanted to do it. They were all so awesome and they raised nearly £1800!!!!!!!


I saw my surgeon last week and have my lumpectomy booked for 10th August. My final MRI I had just before my last chemo showed the lump had shrunk some more and was less dense. So pleased! Any pre or post surgery advice would be most appreciated. 


Take care ladies, we are all awesome 😃👊🏻💪🏻 Lxx 

Re: March 2017 Starters

Sorry to be slow but what is meant by 'data'? I have 1 more FEC then 3 Dox to come. Wondering if it'll be better, worse or similar.
Lovely to hear ppl seeing light at the end of this tunnel x

Re: March 2017 Starters

Thanks Cartwheels. Well done on completing your Docetaxol. I look forward to that day! Xx

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Cartwheel


Well done on finishing your last chemo. I had my last Dox on Monday so unfortunately are going through the horrible data at the moment, I keep telling myself I haven't got to endure this again!! I think this last one has been harder on the bones, just like cartwheel said the pain could be new cells.  It's my shins and ankles that aches.  My taste buds seem to be worse this time around.  I have been sat here today thinking that we are normally on holiday now every year!! Well just think ladies thus time next year we will be having our fantastic holidays and getting on with our life's again. I just can wait to get back to normal, start the diet!!?i am 50 on Wednesday, so I feel I have double celebration due to getting through to the end of chemo and 50!!!I have asked my family fir a treadmill so I can get rid of my chemo belly and thighs!! I would love to be normal again now. Not long!! Keep up the good work ladies and stay strong xxx

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Cartwheel


Well done on finishing your last chemo. I had my last Dox on Monday so unfortunately are going through the horrible data at the moment, I keep telling myself I haven't got to endure this again!! I think this last one has been harder on the bones, just like cartwheel said the pain could be new cells.  It's my shins and ankles that aches.  My taste buds seem to be worse this time around.  I have been sat here today thinking that we are normally on holiday now every year!! Well just think ladies thus time next year we will be having our fantastic holidays and getting on with our life's again. I just can wait to get back to normal, start the diet!!?i am 50 on Wednesday, I have asked my family fir a treadmill so I can get rid of my chemo belly and thighs!! I would love to be normal again now. Not long!! Keep up the good work ladies and stay strong xxx

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Mai,

I've just had my last docetaxol. I found it much more tolerable than FEC. 

Water retention hasn't been an issue for me. The main side effects are pain, so I alternate ibuprofen and paracetomel to manage the pain, my mouth feeling slimy, and fatigue. 

I have a couple of baths a day, epsom salts are great for easing the leg pain and tense shoulders which I also get. 



Re: March 2017 Starters

Thanks Mojan, I'll look up the cream you mention. I've just got a bit of new drug anxiety but looking forward to getting another treatment out of the way.

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi, not sure about golden eye drops.....
Need to drink loads of fluid. See how your fingers go.... may need some Udderly Smooth cream( order on Amazon.)
Can blast the white cells- ask about some filgrastim, ?

Otherwise just take each step as it comes Xx

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi ladies and well done to all of you as you near the chemo finish line. 💪🏼 🏅


Im from the May starters thread and have reached half way after 4 X FEC! I start my Docetaxol next Thursday (all being well, since I was hospitalised for 4 days last week wth neutropenia - until then I'd been doing really well). Do you have any tips? I have all of the constipation & sore mouth treatments on the planet and I'm told Loratadine is good for bone pain. I try and eat mushrooms and cantaloupe melon daily to reduce side effects and boost immune system. I notice you've had sore eyes so I've bought some goldeneye drops in anticipation. Does anyone have difficulty with fluid retention on Docetaxol? Xx

Re: March 2017 Starters

I know the taste buds thing is one of the worst side effects and i did not expect that , 

even drinking water is hard going , for me I cant eat chocolate at th moment it tastes so slimy so its mostly toast and jacket potatoes lots of carbs but as I am not doing a great deal they are not the best thing to eat but I couldnt face a salad at the moment !

Re: March 2017 Starters

Meash67mosh, the pain in my pelvis is at the front and down the front of my upper thighs (apparently it's the bone marrow in the pelvic bone making new blood cells). I feel like I want to stretch out my hips when the pain comes. 


Moonstruck, good luck with radiotherapy today. Agree with you about tatse buds - I haven't enjoyed a cup of tea in months!


x x

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Everyone

Good to read all of your updates. My first radiotherapy session is this afternoon - they put some markers on me with a red dye that I can't see. Hoping I won't get too tired - I'm fed up being tired - but however it goes it can't be as bad as chemotherapy!

Eliza sorry to hear that your chemo was delayed. Hope it went OK yesterday.  Aussiegonewrong good luck with mastectomy and that it's not too long till you get a holiday.

I agree with folk who say they are feeling fat and ugly - I've put on weight too - lack of exercise and comfort eating. My eyes are still dry in the morning and then streaming during the day - very annoying! However I do feel more normal with a clearer head most of the time - looking forward to being able to taste food properly again - the simple things in life.

We've all been through so much and I agree that radiotherapy should be straightforward after chemo - getting near to the finish line and having a normal boring life again!

Take care everyone - looking forward as always to a relaxing holiday somewhere!

Moonstruck xx





Re: March 2017 Starters

Wow how amazing are we👍🤗. Lovely to catch up on everyone's news and journeys. Very thankful to have had my last chemo on Friday now just focussing on getting through the next two weeks without ending up in hospital, like previous two. This Docetaxol is a hard one for sure. Start radiotherapy on 20th for four weeks. Trying to sort my life out , selling house etc. so lots of distractions. I hope that the next stage of everyone's journey goes as well as possible and sending all us wonderfully strong women hugs and love xx🤗🤗

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi ladies.


Nice to hear you are all coming to an end.


I hope your chemo has gone as well as expected for your last, just think yes 5 days of feeling sh@t but you don't have to go back for more!!! Well done you are a survivor, up to cancer ladies👍👍🍾🍾🎈🎉🎈🎊.


I have very dry eyes in a morning where they have ran during the night too, my legs start to ache about now so have just had a nice bath, feeling very hot!! Think I am also having hot flushes starting. I have radiotherapy measure up next Monday, think it will start about 1st August for 4 weeks, everyone keeps telling me very tiring due to going every day but a walk in the park compared with chemo. Has any put much weight on, I seem to have put a stone on!!! Cartwheels is your pain in the pelvis at the front or back?  


Moonstruck how how are you finding radiotherapy is it tiring, do you have tattoos on?


keep going ladies and share all our near end stories as they are very helpful as usual. Love to all you brave, caurasious ladies xx

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Everyone,


So near to the finish line now!


Aussiegonewrong, hope you feel better soon. My eyes water too, I often have to wear sunglasses even on non-sunny days because of any grit in the air. At least the sunnies also cover up my very sparse eye lashes. Good luck with your surgery next week.

Meash67mosh, hope your last docetaxol went ok. Your pattern of rough days is exactly the same as mine. Have my last round tomorrow so Thursday evening to Tuesday will be a write off. But at least it's the last time!

Eliza, you're right it's my last chemo tomorrow - we can think of each other! My eyelashes are sparse but I still have a few. But I don't bother with mascara as my eyes water so much I end up looking like Alice Cooper. My once thick eyebrows are now sparse, but I have enough to be able to draw them in (I love Wunderbrow). Despite cold cap, my hair has continued to fall out on docetaxol. I now have a bald patch on the top of my head so I look like Friar Tuck! I feel really self conscious in my wig, so I have mastered the art of tying headscarves. I really don't want to burn my lily white scalp in the blazing sunshine.

Moonstruck, hope radiotherapy is going well.


I think I'm having hot flushes, but it's hard to tell with this heatwave we've been having. The filgastrim injections make me quite feverish for a couple of days. I've woken up at night with sweat dripping off my face and chin. Yuck! I'm so glad this will be the last lot of the injections and the accompanying pelvis pain. 


I see my doctor about radiotherpay on Wednesday, but that should start in 4 weeks from now. My oncologist wants to start me on tamoxifen at the same time. A whole new set of side effects to navigate! But at least no more chemo - hallelujah. 


Well done all, we're amazing. Thanks for continuing to share your stories. 





Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi  Everyone


I too can relate I handled the Fec alot easier than the the Docetaxal , I had my last one a week ago such a good feeling walking out of the chemo unit but now a week later feel awful , mouth slimey face puce and watery eyes and no energy , I know it will end but I wish it would hurry up , I have in the past managed to go to work but I look so awful and its all too hard to try and fix as watery eyes mean no make up stays on so I am taking time off and I agree its hard not to feel sorry for yourself sometimes even though hopefully the worse bit is over.  When I go out for a walk I have to stop to catch my breath too

I have my surgery 21st masectomy with expander and then radio and then will do the remaining bit of the reconstruction after that 

Good luck to all with last chemo and radio , I too would love a holiday i havent had any alcohol since diagnosis couldnt face it and probably at the moment would taste awful but a nice glass of champers in the sunshine would be magic 


Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Eliza


I can relate to all your symptoms and SE. I have been very, very tired this last week too, I'm so knackered and my legs ache so bloody much. I have my last chemo tomorrow of doc can't bloody wait to get it out of the way.  I no I will feel fine Tuesday but crap on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, sat, sun. But I no in my heart now that thus is the last time I am going to feel crap. Eliza I feel for you as we all no what you are going through. I feel ugly, fat and just don't want to go far, I can't anyway as I'm knackered out of breath and legs ache.  We are all fantastic strong ladies, we can overcome anything now we have gone through chemo!!!! 


i will try to post on here this week Eliza if I feel up to it, please stay in touch let me know how you are feeling. Keep telling yourselves ladies nearly there!! I also have radio appointment next week 17th for measurements. 


Love to you all, we are nearly there 👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀xx


Re: March 2017 Starters

Hello all,


Eliza here. Great to hear your updates, I've not posted for a bit as I've found Docetaxol a bit more challenging after a relatively easy ride on EC.

Congratulations to those who have had their final treatment or are heading that way. The shared experiences on here have been a great comfort to me personally. I've had a 5 day delay due to a persistent dry cough, Consultant wanted to check lungs and heart which were fine thank goodness. So my final chemotherapy is this Tuesday 11/07. I am relieved to be having it but also not looking forward to it, I'm sure you all know what I mean. Radiotherapy is booked, the first set up scan is August 1st then treatment starts a week later. I'm having a lower dose over a longer period (6 weeks- yikes) but this is because I have had so many skin reactions during chemotherapy they think it'll be kinder. Had a lovely bout of acne during No 5 and major stomach rash they thought was shingles....

I have tried so hard to remain positive and 'up' during this process - I have to admit I'm now struggling - I feel knackered, ugly and rather anti social. Listen to me! I need to give myself a good kick up the backside....! Ironically the great weather does not help, sunlight feels wrong. My eyes water, my face goes puce.... longing for a holiday where I'm back to normal and can stick my flip flopped feet in a sparky pool......

Just out of interest, how are you all getting on with the eyelash/brow situation? I started off as with mega werewolf brows so mine are just hanging on in there, weirdly the left is so much thinner than the right. Lovely. Same with eyelashes left almost zero, right a fair few. Got a bit of head hair growth, can't see much but feels a bit action man velvety.

HellesBelles congrats on getting through radiotherapy. You've done so well. Wish I could've met up in Bath but definitely in a few months if you're up for it. RuthElizabeth hope you're recovered from both ops and your radiotherapy can start soon. Meash and Cartwheels are you joining me in your final chemo this week?

Hope all you ladies are ok and getting through it or if you've finished hope you're enjoying increased wellbeing as you recover from treatment.

Love to all,


Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Hellesbelles - congratulations on reaching the end of your treatment- it must feel so good! Glad your hair has come back and you can start dying it. My hair has started to come back now - very soft at the moment. I had my second op this week and will hopefully be starting radiotherapy in a few weeks time if my biopsy comes back clear. I have heard from others too that it is tiring - I will have an hour journey to get there but I am hoping my husband will be able to take me so I don't have to do all the driving. I finally got to a Look Good Feel Better session this week which was a great pick-me-up just before my op. Got lots of tips ready for the wedding in a few weeks. I couldn't believe the products in the goody bag too - so much better than the usual brands I use! Best wishes and hugs to all of you lovely ladies who have been sharing this journey xx

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi ladies I finished my radiotherapy on Thursday - yay ! 15 sessions in total, I have slight redness of the skin but not too bad and I feel very tired, if I sit down anywhere I could nod off. I found driving 40 mins each way and normal life hard to cope with but it's over now!! I had my hair dyed on Wednesday which was 7 weeks after last chemo. My usual grey roots were an inch long plus my new hair was dark, I haven't seen dark roots for 20 odd years 😁
Question for those ladies prescribed tamoxifen, when do you start taking it ? I was told after radio but not when exactly, day later week later? I'm sort of putting it off because I'm fed up of crappy side effects, just want to feel normal again xx

Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi Everyone

Hope that you are all doing well.  I'm now on day 8 after my last chemo and getting frustrated that I still feel tired and dizzy so every time I do something I have to sit down after 30 minutes.  I went out yesterday for a walk around the block as I was getting stir crazy and was exhausted when I got home - just being impatient I suppose to put the chemo all behind me.

Good to know that some folk have started radiotherapy - mine starts in 2 weeks.  I was told that the main side effect was tiredness and that it is cumulative as Hellesbelles has said - I am hoping that it won't be too bad as I would really like to get away for a few days at some point - need a change of scene and be somewhere where I feel like I am on holiday - even if it is only an hour away from home. I was also told that the targeted area will get red and sore, possible with a rash - has anyone had that yet?  The Doctor I spoke to also said that it can take a few weeks to recover after the end of the treatment - but everyone is different as they always say.

My hair has started to grow back too - bits are white and others are darker, but I suspect it will mainly be grey - no point expecting miracles! - how long does hair have to be before you can have it dyed?

Meash67mosh - I have been having aches in my arm where I had surgery too - and numbness too like you.

I feel that the worst is over, but radiotherapy is still a bit of an unknown - but if we can cope with chemo then we can cope with anything.

Hope you have sunshine where you are and that it's warmer than it is here is Scotland - only 13 degrees at the moment xx


Re: March 2017 Starters

Hi ladies


I haven't been on for a while either, not had a good first week of chemo but feel better now.  It is so nice to hear that all of us are coming to an end of our chemo and we have come through it.  It has been hard in some way or another for all of us but I think by being positive and exchanging notes, thoughts, remedies we have stayed positive and focused.  I have my last chemo on 10th July, I have been told I will have 4 weeks radiotherapy, I am just wondering when it will start now.  I have had one good thing happen! My hair has started to grow, it is 3 colours by the looks of it!!!! I am normally dark brown so it might be grey, brown, white or blonde. But it's mine and that's all that matters.  Does anyone else have aches where there surgery was at all from time to time.  I had lymph nodes clearance to and that area is still numb.


good luck ladies with remaining chemo or radiotherapy we are nearly there. 👍👍xxx

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Hi ladies, so nice to see some of you nearing the end of chemo. It will be 6 weeks tomorrow since last session for me, it will also be my 9th radiotherapy of 15 tomorrow. I can taste wine, marmite tea again, I'll never take my tastebuds for granted again! The last few days I have felt stubble on my legs again, not so pleased about that but it means my hair is starting to grow. It's quite hard for me to see as I only lost about 20 % on top through my parting and fringe but I think it is just starting to thicken up. The radiotherapy is nothing to worry about just a pain having to go mon-fri, and sort childcare, my hospital is a 40 minute drive away so not ideal. I've had one session cancelled and added onto the end, as the machine was out of action, bear this in mind as it does happen quite a bit. The only SE so far is tiredness although I think it's cumulative, diagnosis, op, chemo, life. It's now been 6 months since my diagnosis and I feel exhausted from everything that has happened. I still sometimes think this is all a bad dream and not my real life. I too like some of you ladies have anxieties about the future, and feel a bit scared that treatment is coming to an end, not sure if that makes sense to any of you.
Anyway I'm glad you are all getting there, onwards and upwards lovely ladies xx

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Hi everyone


Just wanted to thank you all for your support and advice on here. I'm now at nearly 3 weeks PFC and am amazed at how much better i feel. I did 12 weeks taxol. I had shooting pains and mild neuropathy all the way through but they have almost gone. I did walk every day. My hair did not fall out (I cold capped and used Daniel Field products) and my nails are also fine (i used Hydrogel gloves and slippers). I lost some eyebrows and eyelashes. Taxol is of course less severe than a lot of other treatments. 


My main worry has been pain and swelling on my side and arm where the surgery on my armpit took place. I found a lymphoedema physiotherapist who massages my side and shoulder and the pain seems to have almost gone. I still don't know if it is or isn't LE but I am very pleased that the pain is lessening. 


I hope this will encourage you if you're near the end of treatment. It's amazing how a cloud lifts once you've finished chemo. I still get tired quite easily but feel so much better than I did during it. 



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Hi everyone


It has been quiet online , some other threads very active I noticed however we are getting there, I too have final chemo on Monday cant wait

I am not too bad on the Docetaxal mostly taste buds gone and fatigue but last couple of days my eyes very watery so that is annoying , saw my surgeon last week and I think i am going to have masectomy with expander initally as I have to do radiotherapy and then I may do a diep flap in a few months not sure yet if too have both done but as you can only use your stomach once have to think about that a bit more as big operation so will see the plastic  surgeon too so before I decide,  Sometimes its so overwhelming can only think about whats happening this week , my hair is also coming back so I will use the cold cap one last time but last week my eyelasehes and brows more or less went , I have been practising drawing them on but not great at that so hope they grow back quickly

Hope everyone doing okay its such a relief to think no more chemo !

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Hi Cartwheels
Glad to hear you're doing ok - it feels strange to think that chemo is over. I'm on day 6 and my side effects this time have been not too bad - maybe my body is learning how to cope.
Looking forward to being able to do normal things and not being dictated by this 3 week cycle. It has been great to be able to chat online with everyone and share things with others going through it too.
We are indeed amazing😊xx

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😂 Cartwheels I did wonder what bleep meant! Lxx

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Don't know why that says **bleep**???


I typed that "I've felt more of an observer than a participant"......

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Hi everyone,


It's much quieter here, sounds like many of are coming to the end of our chemo - hooray! Really lovely to hear about some of your plans, it's so good to have events to look forward to. Once I get through chemo I hope to plan a short break to the seaside. I've felt a strong need to stay near my hopsital through chemo. 


I had 5th round on Tuedsay (FEC-T), and my last will be 11th July - that day can not come soon enough. I have been so lucky on docetaxol, found the side effects much easier than FEC. The fatigue is cumulative, and my taste buds have desserted me for weeks now, but overall I feel like I've been so lucky. My main ambitions now are for my hair to grow back and to be able to enjoy tea again.


Still waiting to hear when my radiotherapy starts, but by end July I think. 


Good luck to all with the next stage in treatment, be it surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy or all of them! It's been great to have this forum, even if on many days I've felt more of a **bleep** than participant. Great to know us ladies were all out there getting through this togther.


We're not alone and we're amazing.


x x 


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Hi lovely to hear you are doing well. Moonstruck congratulations on finishing chemo, hope you don't suffer too much with the side effects. RuthElisabeth what a shame they didn't complete your surgery properly. I hope that is sorted soon.

I went to my lgfb workshop a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Met a lovely bunch of ladies, some had finished treatment, some still going through it. The beauticians were fantastic, so kind and gave great advice on make up. What a goodie bag! Lancôme, Dolce & Gabbana, Clinique as well as Boots products. Was so lovely to go to the hospital for something other than treatment or scan etc.

I have my final treatment next Friday, really looking forward to finishing this. I will have my PICC line taken out straight after too. I'm going to Newmarket ladies day on 13th July so have been busying myself sorting my outfit!

Love to all

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Hi Ruthelisabeth

That's pain about them having to do more surgery - but hopefully under local anaesthetic it will be quick and straightforward - basis error though.  Good news that the cells so far have come back non cancerous.

Good that you have the wedding to look forward to and get excited about - that'll keep you distracted.

Moonstruck xx

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Hi Moonstruck - Good to hear from you and great news that you have got to the end of your chemo! Hope the side effects wear off quickly for you. It is quite a while since I had my last chemo and my hair has started to grow back - it is just a short fuzz at the moment. I am just recovering from my surgery and went for my check up on Tuesday and he was happy with now it was all healing up. Problem is that they somehow missed the little coil marker that was put in the lump and an ultrasound shows it is still there. This means I will have to go back for more surgery to remove it! They will put in a wire to mark where it is under local anaesthetic and then go back in to retrieve it! The biopsy they have done doesn't show any signs of cancerous cells remaining but until they check the coil marker  I don't feel that I am quite cancer free. I am hoping they will do the radiotherapy after my daughter's wedding so that will be end of August. Each step is a step nearer the end. Best wishes everyone - keep going 😀

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Hi Everyone

I hope that you are all doing okay - it has been very quiet online recently.  I was quite down the last time I posted - a low point for me, but I'm okay now - I feel able to look forward now - although it is still frustrating at times - and I am sure you are all the same.

I had my last chemo yesterday and it went quickly for a change - and I was all prepared for the usual delays..

Feels good to not do that again - although still got to get through the side effects though so not done yet.

I start my radiotherapy in 3 weeks which seems quick but the oncologist says that it's fine - so 19 sessions over 4 weeks.  Has anyone started that yet - they say it can made you tired and it is cumulative - but everyone is different as ever.

Has anyone's hair started growing back?  Mine's is like a white fluff, and my eyebrows have started to come back too - although very light - but it's a start.  Went to LGFB last week which was very good -the makeup folk were all lovely and very helpful and got lots of freebies - although I don't wear much makeup it was good to get tips on technique.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine (covered up of course) - it's a bit cooler now in Scotland, but supposed to be 18 degrees today - that's hot enough for me.

Take care - Moonxtruck xx