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Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Night everyone..catch up tomorrow...Hugs to you Poppy jeez what a time you have had ..love the piccy Amylou...and the drop kick...lol
That tranquliser worked wonders today...off me rocker..tonight..
Just before i go ..never mind chemo brain...my friend today has the gas man in to service her boiler ..which is upstairs....he has been gone up there for ages...and ages...until she goes up to see if he has finished....he's standing there scratching his head...telling her he thinks it should be ok..but its still not coming..on!!!!
Then ..the penny drops...she hasn't bought any gas to put in it...dotty she is!
Bless her her son had an accident 5 years ago he was a mountineer..and now he is paralysed and has to even have his mouth silvia sucked out for him..he will allways be in hospital...i really dont know how she copes..

Nice thought before i go...Beryl i enjoyed your wig outing.(i think a lot of you would make great writers)....i shall be wearing mine to come home in tomorrow..
Dulcie xxxx

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Evening ladies. What a washout of a day! I worked for a few hours today and felt my brain returning to me, which was great!

Jamesy, welcome back, hope the SE’s tail off soon!

Peanut, hope the hair appointment went ok.

Rae, hope you are gradually feeling better form your portacath.

Beryl, hope you are pleased with your hats. I really love mine! Your Frankie story made me laugh! I am also going to Addenbrookes for my rads, but I think you will be finished ny the time I start!

Dulcie, still thinking of you and sending you virtual hugs. Hope things have settled down for you today. Xxx Love the new piccie!

Gabby, glad you are feeling better

Socks, have a lovely weekend!

Bettie, I am sure you will feel better once the hair is gone. Well done on the retail therapy, I intend to do the same in Cambridge on Sunday!

Marie67 (Jane), hope you stay dry tomorrow and enjoy the walk!

Amylou, good to hear from you again! I so admire you with little ones to care for on top of everything else! You deserve a medal! Xxx

Poppy! Are you on a mission to have the most things wrong with you while having chemo?! Bless you, you are really going through it! Big hug! Xx

Caren, I hope you are feeling a bit brighter today? Xx

Have a good night everyone, hope the SE’s are minimal and you all get some sleep.
Joan xxx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Crumbs Poppy.....poor you! Hope you're feeling better & welcome back!

Twinky x

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi everyone

havent read posts was admitted was in all week as shingles got out of hand and neutropenic. hope i can recover for fec on wed

hows everyone else

love pops

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on


you really made me smile about the wig and your dog. i've put mine where the dog can't get to it although I don't think she would bother now she's getting older.

Gabbylamb, you've made me feel so much better about losing my hair. We're still the same people and we worry so much about other people and how they react. Most people don't give a second glance. My brother, who sadly died at 44 had acondroplasia (dwarfism) and people stared at him all the time so I feel ashamed when I worry about what people think.

Off to bed now.Sleep tight everyone

Bettie xx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Evening ladies,

Its been a while so I've done my best to catch up while the little man has been strapped in his buggy infant of shrek!
KQ- pleased you've had minimal side effects long may it continue
CareN - hope you managed to get some more sleep
Gabby- pleased your feeling better than earlier
CM- good luck for Monday
Carolyn - hi, never spoke before lol
Marie67- good luck with number 3 Monday and keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather for you tomorrow
Patchit - pleased your feeling better
Peanut- hope everything went as well as it could at the hair dressers and you get a better night sleep
Bettie - retail therapy is always good. happy that everything went well with onc for you
Anna- hello to you
Wintersocks- hope you have a lovely weekend
Debbie- i know what you mean about the muggy head. fingers crossed it will get better soon
Rae - sorry to hear your in pain with the portacath and hope its a bit easier for you than earlier
Beryl- love to hear you little stories, they always make me smile. i never had the chance to wear my wig. the dog attacked it while i went to hospital. came home to find bits of it all over the living room so Im not going to bother now lol.
Dulcie- so sorry to hear your going through the mill. i might be tired at the moment but i could always manage a flying shiny head butt. Im only 5ft3 so perfect nose hight for most people if you would like me to pay your daughter-in-lout a visit. big hugs to both you and your o h.

As for me been running round like a loon after Sam. He only just manages to walk by himself but still determined that he is capable of climbing all manner of things so I've got eyes up my bum at the moment. Keesa is a lot happier now her little brothers home and everything for the moment has gone back to normal. sorry if I've missed anyone.

Love and hugs to all x x x

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Evening Ladies,
Dulcie- I really cannot believe those people, I think I would be tempted to call the police if they did that again. Glad you are staying with us, love all your posts you always make me smile. Glda the heart doc came to you and you have yourself sorted for the weekend regards your meals. Hope you find a wig.
Bettie- my scalp became very sore as my hair was falling out +++ but once it was clippered to a n.o1 it was instant relief.
Wintersocks - have a lovely weekend.
Beryl- impressed Frankie had an outing for an hour, and surveved the sea breezes!!! I still have not worn mine.
Raechi- hope the pain from the portacath settles, so you can have a comfy weekend.
Jamesy- nice to hear from you and that you are doing ok.
Mollie- glad you are doing ok after chemo, hope SE's remain kind.
Hope KT23 is doing ok getting arm sorted.
Well am hoping for ok weather tomorrow as am doing a Macmilan sponsored walk along part of th Bure Valley railway in Norfolk, with some work colleagues, we get the train from Aylsham to Coltishall then walk back to Aylsham about 6 miles, then we get a cuppa and cake at the end!!! Have got full set of waterproofs and pink wellies at the ready!!
Love to All

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

yes Bettie my scalp was very very sore before I had it all shaved to a number 4 and the soreness went within hours 🙂 The comfort I felt getting rid of hair outweighed the trauma of losing it, and Im now so comfortable with my little bald head I can go commando! Anyone who knew how much I loved my hair would never believe I would say this and I am amazed at myself too. 🙂 It will get better very soon for you too

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi all, hope you've all had a good day and those who've had chemo hope it went ok

Dulcie, hope you're ok. Make sure you take time to spoil yourself as you deserve it.

Have a very sore scalp today, hair is shedding big time, I look like a scarecrow and have felt really down all day. Has anyone else had a sore scalp and if so how it can be treated. My sister is going to shave the lot off Sunday. I'm sure I will feel better once its been done as I hate this phase.

Been to see onc today which went well. Then hubby treated me for lunch then shopping. My card has taken a battering but I don't care. Anything to make us feel better is good!

Hope you all have a good evening and big hugs to all

Bettie xx

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hello all,

Just a quick one as my partner is on his way (have not seen him for 2 weeks). And I am bald now! Whoops should be interesting!

I have the sore throat back again, I have taken temp and is ok - 7 days post chemo now, so will just take paracetomal.

The arm is still sore, but am following other people on here coping with that.

Can I be honest and say I have felt very scared today? - JUST SOMETIMES THAT FEELING comes on, and it is hard to escape from.

I will post more following the weekend, and wish all a pleasent (if rainy) one.

All of you in my thoughts.

"WS xx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Oh My Goodness Dulcie, what on earth makes people behave so appaulingly? And what does her husband think he is doing?????? I cant imagine what stress this has put you through, but I believe that what goes around comes around and people who treat others so badly will get bitten badly on the bum themselves one day. You are amazing how well you have coped with this and can still smile, you are a tonic to us all.

I really hope kt23 is ok today with her sore arm, I am so sorry if I alarmed her or anyone yesterday, I certainly didnt mean to, I suppose I was just trying to say how careful we have to be with all this now, even if we neglected things before BC (which I did!)

I am feeling loads better today and back to my smily self! District nurse is teaching me to inject myself so I dont need to trouble her, and having the PICC line in my neck will be a positive im sure 🙂

I love the "Frankie's first outing" story Beryl, made me laff lots. Im getting so used to my little bald head and wearing my scarves Im not sure I will bother with a wig now..... we will see.


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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

The piccy is me the 'dot' and my brother in Cornwall...xx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi again you wonderful friends xx
I have been told by my GP to take my tranquisers..Lorazapan..to calm me down...her husband hammered on my door at 7.15am today then at 2.45pm..i didnt answer of course! I have told my other half ..that they must not ever come near me again...their bad for my health lol
I also arranged for the heart monitor team to come out to me today ..instead of me having to travel...so thats good...doc says as long as i have some ready meals on for the weekend..i should be ok..Just finished last steroid...so hopefully i might get more sleep tonight...
I only ever rang the Samaritans once in my life when my dad was dying...but i think if i need to speak in the middle of the night ..i might do it now and again...
I can just picture you all in a gang with me.. telling his daughter a thing or two...(big smiles)
I am quite a good judge of character...and she has proved me right ..now..i shall go look for that sense of humour>>>>>>>>>>>
I'm sorry i havent done individuals..i'm so wacked out...
Dulcie xxxx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Afternoon Ladies

Well, I've only gone and done it ..................... Given 'Frankie' an outing. Took her, and myself of course, down to the seafront and she stayed firmly on my head. Had visions of her flying across the wash towards Lincoln and Skegness (He He)! We managed a hour together, she must have been so please to come out from underneath the hankie. Do you think I could get done for negligence? Oh, and it started to rain and we made it back to the car before she got too wet. She's fast asleep again and recovering nicely.

Will be back again later and no I haven't lost the plot, not yet anyway!

Beryl XX

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on


That is just disgusting! In your shoes I would be very upset as you were but I would also be absolutely furious! How DARE she talk to you like that!

You go right ahead and complain on here, we ALL agree with you, and probably feel even more angry than you do. And well done for using the Samaritans. I’ve called them at times as part of my “support network” (very useful when you need to talk to someone but don’t want to wake friends in the middle of the night) and they’ve been very good.

Have you mentioned the call to your OH? I think, once you’ve calmed down of course, it might be worth doing. I would hope that he would have a serious word with her and give her the telling off that she roundly deserves! And if he doesn’t, just tell us where he lives and WE’LL go and sort her out. How DARE she!!!

And if she calls again, you let it all out and be as angry as you like with her. She has lost the right to the general politeness that I’m sure you would normally use with her – let her have it with both barrels, and feel free to tell her why! Cheeky mare!

(And ... b r e a t h e .....)

Raechi, paracetamol should help with the portacath discomfort, but keep an eye on it to make sure there is no sign of infection in the wound. Look out for it getting particularly hot (a bit warm is normal) and for your temp to go up.

Still spitting nails about Dulcie's OH's witch of a daughter...

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Raechi - Thant sounds great! When we have some idea of schedules I'll let you know. Looking forward to receiving my hats, I do so hope they suit me. Nice to know you are pleased with yours. I should think it suits you well you are very pretty and a fair skinned and considerably younger than me. My natural colour is auburn and fair to medium complexion. I think my skin is good for my age and have my mother to thank for that. She had amazing skin even into her 70's, bless her, wish she was still with us because she was so strong!

Put my washing out but don't know for how long. Had a little potter around the garden. Cleaned the bird bath out and pulled off some dead daff heads. Was tempted to do more but thought better of it because if the weather holds would like to go for a walk with hubby this afternoon. Here's hoping!

By again for now.

Beryl XX

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

If you are in the area you are more than welcome to pop in for a cuppa. By the way I have the 'Gemma' from suburban turban and I love it.
So easy to pull on and no need to tie.

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Morning again

I've hardly been off this computer this morning and only managed to get cleaned up, dressed and put one load of washing in the machine. Mind you that is an improvement, putting washing in the machine (Ha).

I have been on the Suburbanturban site and ordered a couple of hats. Been looking at the Gemma and Bea Beautiful for a while and decided to just do it. Now where have I heard that slogan before? The hats are more expensive than some sites but hoping they are going to be comfortable and worth it. Didn't have to pay anything for my wig so that was a bonus. At the moment poor 'Frankie' is still sitting there covered up, bless her. My kid sister (was 15 when she was born)called me last night after returning from Spain and family holiday. She is such a treasure, so loving and caring and told me she found a lovely scarf that was actually made in Spain and she is sending it to me. We talk a lot and she often phones me on the way home from work, she has a very responsible job and works long hours, so it is nice that she is thinking of me after working so hard all day. Dulcie your not DIL could take a few tips out of her book!

Mary - Glad you could get some more sleep and hope you do OK at the hairdressers today. You have been going to him for along time so he will take good care of you. It's nice that you can do the deed with someone you know so very well. Putting it like that makes it sound a bit naughty doesn't it? You know what I mean though. Look forward to hearing from you later.

Raechi - Nice to hear from you today and that you are feeling a bit better today. No doubt it will take a little while for the site to settle after being messed around with. Any concerns then you know who to phone. It would be nice if our rad sessions co-insided. If everthing goies to schedule I should have had my last chemo around 15 May. Rads may start early June and Onch Registrar was refering me to see the Rad Consultant when I saw him last week. He said I will get appointment somewhere around last session so they can set me up with a mapping appointment at Addenbrookes. So we will see how long that takes to come through. He didn't know how may treatments I would need or over how many weeks until they see me. Like I said before it is our intention to take our touring caravan down that way so we don't have to a 3 hour round trip everyday Mon-Fri. There are a few caravan sites close by and a couple of them are on bus routes to Addenbrookes which would be great.

Mollie - Glad your session went OK for you yesterday and you are doing good so far, long may it continue.

Off I go again - washing has finished. Sun is out for the moment but don't know how long it will last. Will be back again later.

Beryl XX

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi ladies,
Feeling a bit better today although am in a lot of pain from the portacath today.

Dulcie, let me at your daughter in law. That s made me so cross. I will come sort her out :-). How bl**dy dare she. Grrrrrrrrr. I have a of of other swear words in my head but don't want to offend. Please don't take any of what she has said to heart, you seem like a lovely, generous, funny lady. So 2 fingers to her. And don't you dare stop coming on here. You make me smile. I would never ever behave that way and I am guessing she may be about my age. I could tell her a thing or too about having this.

Beryl, always words of wisdom from you. Love it. We may be radiotherapy buddies if we are both at Cambridge 🙂

Caren, hope you feel better soon. Pain is just the worst.

Carolyn, best of luck with the lump. Fingers crossed its nothing. Easy to say not to worry though, but plead try not to.

Jane, good news re the anti nausea injection. Hope it works.

Gabby, hope you arm is getting better. I ended up with the port as my arm was buggered after the first FEC. It hurts right now but I am hoping it's worth it.

CM, I am so chuffed for you on the job front. Hope it all goes well and you enjoy it.

Joan, your breakfast sounds lush. Hmmmm not sure I can face that yet though. I am dreaming of bacon sarnies when the nausea lifts.

Wolsty, enjoy Your week ahead. Seeing people really does make a difference.

Sorry some of my posts have been short this week. I have had my mum come to stay for some TLC. It's so nice having her around.

Love to all, and apologies ifi have missed any one.


Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Morning ladies,
Well juicing 2 went better than 1 had to hang around for an hour but it was over in an hour and a half, then an hour wait for drugs.they gave me anti sickness with my fec and it worked no sickness last night, hoping none today.
I have a really muggy head this morning and just skipped through the post will read properly over the weekend.
Dulcie I really feel for you I have 2 stepsons one is brilliant the other is an ar** he does not want o know unless he wants a lift somewhere or money, only seen him once since being diagnosed and thinks its all in the mind.
Gabby hope you get sorted, love to all back to bed for an hour no Debbie x

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Morning Everyone
Have had a lovely 2.5 hour sleep now up and ready for the haidressers.
KQ- I know eactly what you mean, I felt the same until recently but now i cant cope with the shedding its become a little distressing so want rid now.You are not a wuss, you are having a completely normal reaction to your hair loss. xx
Dulcie- hope you ok, Social Services may be able to help, sorry CM I know you had a bad experience but there are some decent ones out there. Also Dulcie you may be able to get more financial help. I found Citizens Advice good.If you have a community primary school nearby with a childrens centre attached its for the use of the community not just parents with young kids and Citzens Advice do clinics there as I know they have a bit of a waiting list in their own offices.Good look, thinking of you.((Hug))
Beryl- I was going to use the same name for Dulcies OHs partner but was trying to be kind but you are right she is a bitch!!hope you ok? xx
Marie- good luck mon with FEC 3, are you going on to TAX after that?
I also like your turban, looks really good, I am not too good yet tying the scarves, more practice needed I think.xx
Jane- good to hear you are well, enjoy your good week next week.xx
Caren- Sleeping can be rubbish cant it,hope you get a good sleep today.xx
Well off to get the deed done, will try and take a photo of wig later and post for you to see.
Big ((Hugs)) to anyone I havent responed to, thinking of you all.
I have to say to you all how much your support has meant to me, I am normally an extremely private person which can be detrimental at times but you have really all allowed me to open up and be the real me even OH has commentated on how much more open I am so thank you.
Mary xx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

hi all - hope youre all feeling ok today.

had 3rd fec on wednesday - half way there!! so far, just feel really tired, having to go back to bed throughout the day!

antisickness meds still working well thank goodness,just some mild nausea on and off. maybe hopefully back to work at the end of next week.

anyway, lots of hugs for everyone - going back for lie down now!xx


Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Morning everyone, first day I am up and dressed at a reasonable time for a while! Its bright and sunny here, but I don’t think it will last.

Spacehopper, I like your style, think that might be the way to go! I am happy to go commando (when it’s a bit warmer!), but you have now given me inspiration to look at coloured wigs!

CM, hope you had a good night sleep for a change?!

Dulcie! What an evil witch your DIL is (actually, she doesn’t deserve to be called your ANYTHING)! My blood is boiling on your behalf! I wish I could come up there and give you a big hug! You DO NOT need this negativity in your life and you DO NOT need to be coping with some melodramatic drama queen whose sole purpose seems to be to upset you. I assume she must be in her 30’s or 40’s? She hasn’t learnt how to be a nice person or how to treat other people, has she? Not much hope for her now, I would think. PLEASE, rise above it, recognise how awful she is being and also that it is just maybe how she is. I just wouldn’t speak to her again unless she can apologise and treat you differently. Its better to cut off from her than to have to deal with the fallout of having contact with her. Be glad that you don’t actually live with her and that it is your choice to cut her off. Take control and don’t let her make you feel bad for being ill! You are doing exactly the right thing by trying to get some help sorted out for you and OH. I really hope you can get something in place before the weekend. Xxxx

Twinky, can I come along as a large lady too? Hope you are feeling better now?

Peanut, hope you managed more sleep today.

Beryl, bless your heart, you are always so sensible and caring. Xxx

Caren, glad to hear the session went well. Sorry to see you are feeling rotten today. Have you any diclofenic? They would be good for the backache, which may be from the injections? Hope you manage some sleep today. Xxx

Wolsty, yes you are so right in saying that FEC 3 will not be worse for everyone, sorry if I have made anyone worry about that. I know some have found FEC 2 worse, whereas I found it better, so I think maybe we are all different and each one may or may not be different from other ones. Sorry you too have had the emotional stuff this time, hope you are feeling brighter today. Sounds like you have a lovely week planned! Try to keep the 30th way back in your mind!

Rea, I hope you are feeling better today xxx

I hope everyone has a good day and those feeling low are feeling better soon. Also may the SE’’s lift soon. The support on here is invaluable and its great to be able to share even the smallest of worry without feeling silly. We all get things out of proportion sometimes (I am TOTALLY guilty of that), you lovely ladies make me feel that I am not alone and that you truly understand what I am going through as you have all been there as well. I just wanted to thank all of you for that. Oh, and yes, on a lighter note, for my breakfast, I had 2 all butter croissants, warmed in the oven, with butter and nutella! I warned my arteries first!

Joan xxxx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Morning Ladies,
Just back from have bloods taken in readiness for Monday
Dulcie- I am speechless, reagrding you partners daughter, she must have some serious issues about herself. Glad you are not leaving our site, you are a real tonic. Sorry you OH is poorly, not sure what help you are needing but you could try socail services to see if they can provide any care. As the others have said do keep an eye on temp and phone for advice if you feel poorly.
Patchit- glad you are feeling better, I have FEC 3 coming up on Mon, so will see what that does to me!!!. How did your son get on with the flat?
KT23- hope you manage to get arm sorted out ok.
KQ- glad to hear that you SE's have been minimal.
Bettie- hope you get on ok with onc.
Peanut-I know what you mean about having bed to yourself, my hubby on nights this week so all that sace and no snoring bliss!!!.
Care N- sore you are not feeling so good, hope you manage to get something sorted for you mouth.
Beryl- I can't believe you have to go all the way to Cambridge for your radiotherapy. I got my hats scarves and accessories from http://www.annabandana.co.uk
Carolyn- hope you get on ok with getting lump checked.
Wooltsy- hope you enjoy all that you have planned in the week ahead.
Well just had call from teleclinc in Norwich ( they do that pre chemo rather than hosp trip),as I was sick last time they are going to give me an anti sickness injection before I leave the unit, as an extra as well as all usual meds, so will see if that helps. I asked if the speed of the chemo being given was a factor they said no, probably just the cummilative affect.
Well must get ready as friend taking me for lunch later.
Hope thse we have not heard from for a while are doing ok.
Hugs to all

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Morning ladies, so many posts to catch up on

Oh Dulcie, like Beryl I can't actually put what I think of DIL how dare she! No one knows what this is like unless you are through it, even everyone's best wishes don't heLp at times, it's this forum that helps. We all know what's going on and how we feel and sharing is a real therapy. It's hard not to react, because if ut were me I would act and say the totally wrong thing, then have to eat humble pie, although I'm nit sure in thus instance I would. I'm so angry for you but you will have to try to put to the back of your mind, we are all here for you, and so hopefully is your partner. Hugs and love coming your way.

Glad to hear your on the up Joan, doctor next week not yesterday, must admit it'll feel strange sitting in breast clinic this time, especially in wig.

Caren I read somewhere aching back can be se of FEC, apparently a good thing means it's working. I too get back ache, but sometimes I put that down to sitting around too much.

I love the hat look Marie, and yesterday ordered a hat from Subrurbanturban. Like you Caren I tend to go commando at home, I havnt plucked up courage to wear hat outside as I think I have a but if a phobia about looking like a cancer patient, but I'm going to have to try to get courage up, it'll be a long time before nothing is needed.

Hope everyone else ok, apologies for forgetting personals. Onwards and upwards ladies another day nearer it ending and getting our life's back to normal.

Love to all

Carolyn xxx

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Aaaargh - just typed a long post and its got lost!! So annoying!!

So I will start again!!

Morning all

Dulcie - so sorry to hear about your DIL - she sounds selfish and mean. None of us sign up for this difficult journey (and yours is made even harder by the fact that your OH is ill too). A little bit of support would be so welcome but obviously she is not that type of person. Be strong, perhaps speak to your GP and see if they can offer any help.

KT23 - sorry you are having problems with your arm. I have had a couple of sessions of physio at the hospital to help with cording. Have an appointment with surgeon on Saturday so will see what she says as have 3 more chemos then herceptin.

Gabby - hope your clots improving - poor you.

CM - congrats on the job - hope all goes well on Monday and so encouraging for us all to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Patchit - know exactly what you mean about FEC3 - I was OK with 1 and 2 but 3 has really knocked my sideways both emotionally and physically (for all you ladies with 3 to come, it doesn't affect everyone badly so don't worry too much, just be prepared).

Shelley - hope portacath fitting and chemo went OK.

I have my good week ahead of me and have lots planned - lunches with friends (which will make me even fatter) a visit from my mum, a trip to Sheffield to see my sister and some friends. Then its first TAX on 30th April - feeling a bit apprehensive already.

Off for a walk now as the sun is shining although everytime I set foot out of the door it seems to pour down.

Thinking of you all as we deal with this difficult experience together - your support is invaluable.

Jane xx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi Beryl ..Kitty ..yes my OH knows now and he thinks she is dragging up stuff in her head that is really directed at him..grievences from the past!! Well before i arrived on the scene..their dad had been on his own 20 years before i met him! and we are very close and we share everything together..
I just cant get over her venom.....saying that 'i have had my time'!!!
My OH has an appointment today late on this afternoon..see the doc..but if we need a plan set up with care ..that needs to be done sooner...Friday being a bad day...
I have just this minute rung for a phone consultation this morning..i will ask doc..what we can do!
No i would never leave here..we are 'sisters' together..and i feel so bonded to you all..
Dulcie xxxx

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Good morning ladies, hope most of you had a good nights sleep, I can see there were some of you who didn't.

Dulcie, I am so sorry you have to deal with cr*p like that as well as everythiong else you're goping through, I want to volunteer as one of Revcats large ladies, I'm sure there would be several other volunteers! I think Joan's advice was good, your doctor will know where you can both get some help. I'm not surprised you made the Samaritan's lady laugh, I'n sure your fabulous sense of humour will shine through despite all the problems you're facing.

My brain won't work to do much of a message as I've been awake since 3am, with back ache and really sore mouth/tongue - I've taken painkillers and it seems to be easing, so might see if I can get somne more sleep soon. Completely forgot about taking temperature before taking painkillers.

Joan, really pleased to hear that you're feeling better. The scarf session was good, I do feel a bit more confident about tying them now, but would much rather go commando - just wish I was brave enough.

Need some sleep! Hope you all have a good day. Love and hugs to all.
Caren xx

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Morning All,

Phew what a lot to catch up on............

Dulcie.....behaviour like that from your step daughter is appalling. No excuses. Please don't dwell on what she said try and put if from your mind, you need to concentrate on you and your oh, that's what is important now. Big hugs xxx my cats arw around me all the time too, if I lie down three try to lie on me at the same time...good job it's not all 6.

GabbyLamb...What an awful day you had, hope you feel better today.

KT23..hope all goes well with your arm check today xxx

Patchit... Joan glad you are feeling much better........the lows haven't got me yet but I'm sure they'll be on the way xxxxx

My hair is practically zilch now but just can't bring myself to do the final chop.......I'm being a real wuss about it and wearing my hats all the time with a tiny bit of what's left of my fringe poking through !!!!!!
Slept better last night thank goodness.......SE's still seem to be minimal at the min.

Huge virtual hugs to all

Love KQ

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Morning Ladies


Dulcie - I was gobsmacked when I read your message about O/H's daughter. I would like to say what my initial reaction to that was but don't think I'm allowed to say on here, so I'd better tone it down a little.

What a bitch does she have a sensitive bone in her body? I wouldn't wish this desease on anyone but perhaps she would like to put herself in your/our shoes and she how she would be feeling or coping - think not very well. Don't know what she does for a living but I hope it's not in a caring profession. Don't you go feeling guilty about anything and consern yourself with getting yourself and O/H better. Don't know what extra help would be available but as someone else suggested speak to surgery or McMillan, they seem to have all kinds of leaflets offering various services and help. Does your O/H know about daughter calling you, perhaps he should have a word with her and tell her not to call unless she is going to say sorry for upsetting you and even better for her not to call at all. Seems to me that she is not going to be supportive towards you so best switch off as far as you can and focus on what is important to you both and that's getting better and moving on.

One last thing before I get totally carried away. We all come on here for support and guidance to get through this, so don't you even think about stopping! SHE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA! Big hugs to you and O/H.

KT23 - Glad you have come back on here because I've been wondering about how you are doing and some of the other ladies who haven't posted in a while. Pleased that you are getting your arm checked out and making sure nothing untoward. Let us know how you get on because we will all be wondering etc.

Gabby - Hope your injections are starting to sort clots out and you are feeling a little better this morning. We need an update as often as you can manage please so we know you are doing OK.

CM - Nice to hear from you again, as always your posts are welcome and informative. Thanks again.

Spacehopper - Sorry to read hair coming out but it's something you soon get used to and it's a breeze when you are getting ready to go out and about now. All done in no time and it's quite libertating. Can just imagine you in all your colourful wigs especially for the Jubilee, now there's a thought.

Joan (Patchit) - Good to hear that you are feeling much better this morning. Our little Cairn (Buster)who died some years ago was very much around anyone in the family when they weren't feeling very well. He used to like his own space but I think they sense things are not right/normal, it's strange really how they seem to know. Perhaps it's just change of routine but there's something in it I think. FEC seems to be quite hard but I've not had that. Tax and cylophopamide (spl?) has been my mix. So far, touch wood, I've been OK with just a few s/e's, but nothing to complain much about. I think they are all pretty much the same as far as s/e's go so don't you worry about TAX. I think if you get through FEC then TAX will be fine.

Mary - Hope you got some quality sleep when you went back to bed this morning and those expensive anti-sick are working OK for you because I/we know you had a rough time after your first session.

Socks - Hope you are OK today and keeping warm on this very cold and miserable day. Weather here on the east coast is very grey and more rain is set for the afternoon. Your lovely fire sounds very inviting. Pitty we don't all live nearer and then we could gate crash. Big hug to you X

Marie - What is your hat style called at suburban? It looks really nice? Trouble with me is I see something I like and am not sure about the style or colour choice and don't know if it will suit or not. They always look nice on the models because they have the right shape face/head.

Not sure who is going for any treatment today so will wish all of you who are good luck and hope nothing gets delayed.

Will post again later.

Beryl XX

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Morning ladies thank you xx
She isn't even my DIL cos he lives across the road...she was so wicked after i rang a friend until midnight ..i actually phoned the Samaritans....and the lady found one thing very funny that i said...no idea what it was....
I am gutted!!! she told me that i had had 'my life'...so tough...that i had cancer....
She has very little to do with her dad and me..and all i asked her was if she had any suggestions what her dad and i can do about our situation..and she went balistic...i have to be honest here...i partly didnt marry him..BECAUSE of his two daughters...i like a peaceful life..
Well i have had three hours sleep..and getting a metalic taste in my mouth....and my tum..is so stressed out...
I am not used to such behaviour..from anyone!!!
Sorry about the moan...i hope you all got some good sleep?
Dulcie xxxx

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Dulcie, I feel gutted for you, that is absolutely what you do not need at a time like this and how insensitive. As for using this forum, it is fantastic, a brilliant support. The only thing I can say and I know it is hard just try and move on as yoy do not need to be stressing at a time like this. Conserve your energy for getting well.

One thing i've learnt during all of this is to ignore people when they say the wrong things. I don't have the energy to dwell on peoples insensitive comments.

Take care

Bettie xx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Dear Dulcie
Just been reading through posts quickly before i go back to bed as been up since 5am!! Think I took steroids too late last night!! I had to respond to your post to say ignore the stupid girl, THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!! I know she is probably worried about her Dads health and thats how it should be but she shouldnt take it out on you! You can tell her that by posting on here you are more likely to be reducing your OHs stress levels by letting off steam on here. Dont let her put you off posting, you sound like a lovely lady who is taking all this shit with good humour and you certainly cheer me up.
If you can tell her that you will not accept been spoken to like that again and should she do so then you will have no option but to put phone down on her.
Thinking of you and massive (((((Hug)))))
Be strong
Mary xx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Oh Dulcie.....big hug for you. You didn't deserve that outburst from the step daughter. How cruel & absolutely nothing wrong with using these forums. Well done to you for being computer savvy & getting online to help find support! Maybe we'll go pinch some of RevCat's large ladles & bonk her a bit to knock some sense in x

Twinky x

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi Joan .i know you will be in bed now...but my partners daughter was on the phone to me before...(we are not close) she more or less accused me of making her father ill..and the cancer is my fault and i shouldn't be on message boards...(its bad for me) and at my age..she added quite a few years on! I have had a good innings...
I am so devasted.!!! i have just phoned a friend to talk to..i am beside myself...she knows everything about cancer.(the daughter)...as she does about everything else...
Nobody has ever spoken to me like that in my life....i know cancer can cause tensions...but this is awful...i have not been upsetting her dad ..far from it! He was upset at not getting to be with me at chemo....but before that i was trying to use a bit of humour...
Bye for now
Dulcie xxx

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

kt23, please don't panic, it is probably NOT clots (poor gabbylamb that it was!) but definitely good advice to get it checked out. As for the line going in higher up, they might be using another type of line called a Hickman. Same thing, just comes out of the body in a different place and is standard in quite a few hospitals.

Patchit, good to see you back. As I said before, chemo doesn't just mess with your body, it messes with the inside of your head. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. You deserve it.

Who was it whose support is also a bit ick? Please make sure you keep an eye on your own general health, and if you start to feel ill (not the chemo ill but other ill) or if your temperature goes up - above 37.5 twice, an hour apart, or above 38.0 just once - get yourself off to the hospital STRAIGHT AWAY. In fact, even if your temperature doesn't go up but you're feeling "not right", give the unit a ring and get yourself straight down to A&E. During chemo your immune system isn't able to fight off bacterial infections and it can make you very ill.

If any of you do have to go to hospital for a raised temperature, make sure you impress on the reception staff that you are having active chemo and need to be seen very urgently. They should know, but sometimes the staff aren't as aware of the dangers of neutropenic sepsis so you might have to be assertive.

Off to bed now, so apologies for not saying hello to everyone. Got to go to bed and get some kip. I've been sleeping really, really poorly recently, probably as a result of all the stress and stuff that's been going on, and I ought to get in the habit of going to bed early too, as I'll have to leave the house at 7.30 every day from now until Christmas.

Night night all, sweet dreams, small SEs and gentle hugs.


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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi everyone!

Chocciemuffin - way to go you! new job during FEC and now another new job you are a star and help to show life goes on after the 'treatment slow motion' phase.

Sorry to read quite a few are having such a hard time, warm hugs and have a duvet day with everything you like to hand. My SE diary looks like the list off the packets but fortunately they don't seem to last long before I get another one. It'll be good reading when I go for round two on Monday.

Today my hair is coming out in handfuls, I'm good competition for the doggies bless em. Just hope I don't break the hoover. Its quite mad how much comes out in one brushing! I've been freaking myself out about losing my hair, but, now going the other way and going to have fun with it. I have my normal hair wig which is great (its called Beverly), but planning to get some colourful party wigs and wear a different colour to work hee hee seen a great blue one. My friend thinks I should go for a red white and blue large afro for jubilee as I should be on shift that day hee hee now that will be funny xxxxx hope this makes you smile xxxxx

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hello ladies

Sorry I am so late in posting, it took a while to read back over the last few pages, I feel like I have missed what’s been going on with everyone while I have not been feeling too good. Thank you all for your lovely messages and support while I have been feeling so low. I am REALLY happy to report that I feel so much better today. Kind of getting back to being me again. I SO didn’t see that coming! I was just not at all prepared to feel so low and negative, it really threw me. I didn’t have that with FEC’s 1 or 2, so didn’t think I would with FEC 3! Woo hoo! What has TAX got in store, I wonder!! What a mixture of emotions to go through. Goodness!

Georgie, your antics with the grandchildren and dogs raised a smile, so thank you!

Megsmum, I hope the emotions are settling down for you now. Have a nice weekend at the caravan and remember to pack the car before returning home!

Peanut, what a day for you! Sounds like low blood pressure to me so might be an idea to get them to check it. Mine is always on the low side and getting up quickly or hot baths can make me feel faint. Scary stuff! Xx

Franoli, busy day for you, hope you are feeling ok and everything went well. Big hug xx

Marie67, love the new piccie! Very swish!

Flower, welcome to you, sorry to have you on board if you know what I mean! Plenty of hands here to hold and keep you company.

Chascat, I too just love my suburban turban! Lots of lovely comments, which makes all the difference to your confidence.

CM, BIG congrats to you on getting the job! That’s really great! Remember to let us know how you are getting on. You have been such a support to us, just to know how you are, a year down the line from us, its certainly given hope for the future. Thank you for sharing your story with us over the weeks and for having such wise words and guidance for us new ladies. Bless you xxx

KQ, hope you are sleeping a bit better now?

Carolyn, hope everything went well with your check up re the lump you found?

Caren sorry I didn’t make it today, still had a squiffy tummy this am so thought better not! Hope you had a nice time?

Beryl, your post made me laugh about your Registrar!! Hope you are ok and that your friend’s husband is coping ok.

EBHippo, love your new piccie! What a handsome son you have! Fancy, no toast after all that time! I have only once been offered a cup of tea out of the 3 times I have had my treats!

Socks, hope you are feeling ok this evening, especially with your son being away. Hope you have been curled up in front of your fire with your cat to keep you company. I don’t see very much of my eldest son, he does keep in touch but I am glad really that he isn’t worrying about me. I do sometimes feel a bit abandoned by him, but he is young and wrapped up in his own life, which is kind of how it is when you are in your early 20’s. As long as you know he is ok, that must give you some comfort.

Gabby, bless you! What a time you are having, something else to cope with! BIG hug to you! Xxx Don’t feel guilty, please! You are going through such a hard time and I am sure that if anyone can say a kind word or offer a virtual hug to help you feel a little bit better than I am sure we would all be more than happy to do that.

Dulcie, how are you doing this evening? You are going through the mill! I usually use a couple of senokot for constipation which seem to work for me. I think animals do pick up on illness. My cat, Patch (yes, she is still with us luckily!), is always where ever I am, at my feel or on my lap! I hope your heart monitor goes well tomorrow. And your OH! Could you maybe have a word with your GP? Ask if there is any help available for you? You cant possibly cope with looking after each other! You need some help and you should ask for it. Preferably before the weekend? Big hug to you, I do hope you are not feeling too low at the moment and that your wonderful sense of humour is helping you to cope. xxx

Pargayan, hope your nausea is a bit easier?

KT23, hello! Lovely to hear from you again. My arm aches from elbow to wrist and I use ibuprofen gel which does help. I hope your treatment has been going to plan. Good luck for tomorrow, let us know how you get on.

Bettie, glad the scarf was a success!

Off to bed now after this mammoth post! Hope you all sleep well and the SE’s stay away. Good luck to anyone going tomorrow (sorry, cant remember who!)

Hugs to all
Joan xxx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi Everyone
Bettie- my hair has been shedding everywhere today OH says am like a dog every time I shake my head it comes flying off. There is hair on my pillow, dressing gown, bathroom, sofa cushions and then OH on way to bed patted me on the head and said do you know you have a large bald patch on top of your head?? Doh!! Do I always look at the top of my head all day and by the way we have just been to Asda so thanks for that OH!Am not as gutted as I would have been 3 weeks ago, put everything in to perspective, least of our worries but am little upset as going to go to hairdressers tomorrow to get it cut as short as it will go without been bald, not quite ready for that although wig all ready!!
Dulcie- No you are not been selfish! you have to think about yourself because if you go down with an infection you could be more poorly then your OH. My OH has a nasty cold so he has been sent to spare room, not taking any chances. Actually its quite nice to have bed to myself, got my laptop here and my book so very comfy thank you! Up to 5 years ago we were still doing Fri nights out every week with my 3 best girlfriends so you are not alone!!
K23/Gabby- sorry to hear you have poorly arms and bad time Gabby but good advice from you Gabby for K23, am sure it will get sorted quick.
Anyway going to read for a while, may make a cup of tea.
Goodnight everyone, thinking of you all
Big ((Hugs))
Mary xx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Gabby that is all quite scary stuff! isn't it good that you came on and helped KT so quickly ...good luck KT for tomorrow..
Bettie your so right in what you say..
Things are changing here ..my soul support has now tonight come down with Bronchitis...and he gets it bad...erm wonder what happens if i get it too? selfish i know..but it could make me really ill...
I have arranged a dog walker for both of us tomorrow..and i will go in a taxi for the heart monitor..My brother will take me for the wig..but i wonder how we are going to look after each other in the coming week....this couldn't come at a worse time..Can help be arranged through nurses or anything...?
Dulcie xxx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

good luck kt, its quickly dealt with even if its a clot so dont panic. 🙂

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi gabbylamb,

I rang my chemo help line and they asked me to come in tomorrow morning so they can check it over. Although now I am starting to panic about what it is, though it might have just been me being a wimp but in the last 48hrs the pain has got worse went from a aching muscle pain to a sharp pain when being extended.

Thank you for your quick reply 🙂


Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi all. Feeling very sorry for myself today as my hair is shedding big time and it is everywhere!! Might have to get it shaved off at the weekend as it looks such a mess.

Went out for lunch with a friend today. Wore a nice trendy scarf and she said I looked great so that gave me confidence.

What a horrible thing we are all going through but how great we can come on here and vent our feelings with others who are going through exactly the same cos noone really knows unless they have been through it.

Big hugs to those suffering Se's and best wishes for those having chemo tomorrow.

Off to see onc tomorrow then out for lunch with hubby.

Night night all and sleep well

Bettie xx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

I feel so much better now, you ladies are sooo supportive and make me feel very guilty!!

Gotta answer socks and kt.... I had pain in my forearm after second FEC, it wasnt getting better but pain moving up to upper arm. Today it was confirmed I had blood clots (3) in my arm , so PLEASE get it checked out! I left mine for 8 days and I should have got it checked out sooner, but I thought I was being brave. Get it checked.... chances are all is ok, but checking is better than something going wrong!

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hello ladies,

I haven't been on here for about a month now so I have ALOT of reading to do. I hope that all you march ladies are doing well and the side effects are at bay.

I was wondering if anyone has had any pain in the arm that they have been having chemo? As In the last week I have had a really bad pain every time I fully extend my arm out, it's from my elbow to my wrist and is quite painful.

I will have a read and catch up now 🙂 xxxxxx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hello ladies.
Gabbylamb- what an ordeal you have had, how long will you have to have the injections for? You rant away all you need on here.
EBHippo- glad you managed to get your chemo, cannot belive they didn't offer you any food.
Lindy- glad you got your chemmo ok and managed to enjoy a breakfast!!
Dulcie- sorry you havent been feeling to great, you could try senna or movicol for constipation, did the hospital give you any recommendations? You have an exciting week!!!!!!I do think animals do sense when we are not at our best, one of my cats is asleep by my feet, a few months back that wouldn't have happened.
Thank you for the comments re pic,it's a hat with scarf tied round and a clip on flower from annabanda.
Have early appointment at GP surgery tomorrow to have bloods taken in readiness for Mon ( hopefully).
Hope everyone has an ok night

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi again..i have been feeling so awful which i didnt expect yet!
I had to ring the hospital last night about...constipation...i usually use an occasional suppository...a no no..i was told..
I was told also at the hospital that at any time they will stop treatment if its too severe for me..but didnt suggest any alternative...and no prognosis..quality and qauntity...no wonder i feel a bit negative....
I have a 24 heart monitor tomorrow...and to think...it used to be 'club' night a few years back...coughs...well not that many..the 'excitement' gets even better with wig day on Saturday...i fancy a medium bob which i ordered ..now i fancy a below chin something like bouncy with a curly/wavy face softener one...then i shall have a number one next week...
Strange the dog has been closer to me since the chemo....can he smell it i wonder?.
I am rambeling on a bit aren't i sorry?
Dulcie xxxx

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Gabby - My what a day you have had and I/we send you a huge hug and hope that it cheers you up a little. What a carry on and have they said how long it will be before your treatment can continue?

Don't you worry about coming on here and letting it all out! You can be me, me, me anytime you like. Anyway, we all do that from time to time but by the sound of it you are more than justified at the moment. Thinking of you and send my best wishes and hope this clears up for you very quickly.

Here's to a good and or better night for all.

Night, night.

Beryl XX

Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi everyone
Gabby – b****y hell, what a day you have had, don’t apologise, you have every right to feel angry. Hope they get you sorted quickly.

Franoli – hope the portacath went in ok and you got your treatment ok. I would imagine you are tucked up in bed by now, hopefully at home. I remember I had to sleep propped up on my back the first night so I did not roll onto the fresh scars during the night, but it did ease quite quickly.

Lindy, Liz (EBHippo) and anyone else who had a treatment today, hope it went ok with no or few problems.

Kittyqueen – I try and use the days when I suffer from nausea to reduce my food in take a bit in a bid to fight the inevitable weight gain, but luckily I have not suffered from losing my taste too badly so food is mainly good. I use H&B Dr Organics mouthwash which seems to help keep my mouth healthy as I am prone to mouth ulcers and touch wood have not suffered despite biting into the side of my mouth a few weeks back.

Beryl, Jane – we are still waiting for the ‘urgent’ referral, not too sure if the hospitals understanding of the word urgent is the same as mine, but thank you for your thoughts and best wishes. He has got a neurology appointment in mid July! This is a follow up from tests in January, he was tested for MS but thankfully only one of the tests came back positive but there has been no guidance on what the next step was to be for our GP. At least the breast clinic and oncology seem to be more organised, mind you I wish my Onc was a little more ‘user friendly’, still the nurses more than make up for it.

Tiredness kicked in and a little nausea, slept well last night after following advice re taking last steroid before 1400, but still had to have a doze in the afternoon.

Take care everyone and hope those who are not posting are not suffering from huge SEs. xx

PS Dulcie good to hear from you hope you feel better soon, re my dog, she is a little madam but very loving which is just what I need at the moment.

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Re: Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hi ladies...
Lydia wonderful news about your hubby xx but so sorry you have been unwell..
Joan love ..you not so good either take care..i feel just like you at the moment..
Hugs Carolyn
Hugs Gabby sorry about the PICC...
Hugs Bettie..
Hugs to Rae i hope your S E's go soon..
Gosh Georgie looking after your 2 baby grandsons ..your brave love lol
Meg i hope your feeling better...hugs
Peanut so sorry you had a bad time and you are so right we have to really look after ourselves...its not the flu..(if only)
Franoli poor you what a rough time xx
Hi Beryl ever so cheerful and calm..bless xx
Hugs Jane love that smiley piccy you look fab as always..hugs
Hugs to Flower ..Choccie ..Paragayan still love that dog....Mary....Mollie..Kitty...Hippo...Wintersocks be kind to yourself love...Lindy..
Gosh sorry if i have missed some lovelys out ....
Dulcie xxxx