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Mastectomy Decision


Re: Mastectomy Decision

Hi Cookba


Sorry you haven't had any replies to your question as yet but hopefully now someone will see it and give you some much needed support.  In the meantime if you would like to talk to one of our staff on the helpline you are more than welcome to give them a call, they're here to support you through this.  Calls are free 0808 800 6000 lines open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2.


Take care,

Jo, Moderator


Mastectomy Decision

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum.  I was diagnosed nearly a year ago with invasive breast cancer.  Following a lumpectomy a node biopsy and wide exision on the other breast I was also diagnosed with widespread LCIS in both of my breast.  My breast consultant has mentioned a double mastectomy, but is sitting on the fence.  He is saying that it would reduce the risk considerably (although we all know it can still come back) but that it's my decision ultimately.  Is it foolish of me to not go ahead with it?  I am 45 and have a 5 year old daughter so 90% of me feels that I should do it for her sake.  I am a single mum.  If the LCIS turns again into invasive cancer it could be more aggressive than it was last year.  It's such a minefield, but when you read statistics that say that the mortality rate for lumpectomy vs mastectomy as the same I kind of feel that I'd rather keep my breasts.  Trouble is I don't trust the imaging, this was missed on mamogram and also on the MRI once they knew the cancer was there.  I know nobody can tell me what to do, but if anyone has any advice it would be hugely appreciated.  Thank you