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Mastectomy Pride Campaign

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Re: Mastectomy Pride Campaign

No, it's not only you, Jane.

That kind of thing isn't my bag at all, either, altho' to be fair, I have found other parts of the collateral damage more distressing than the mx.

Even so, it sort of misses the point for me.



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Mastectomy Pride Campaign

Hi All

When I was out earlier I saw 2 women wearing pink badges with a smiley face logo and the words "Mastectomy Pride". I asked one of the women what it was all about;she told me her friend had had an mx and she was wearing the badge to support her and "do something to raise awareness and celebrate that mx is life saving surgery".she hastily added that she has not had the op herself. As someone who has had mx and knows that it is not a guaranteed price for life this mis-perception always bothers me.I asked if she had thought the idea up herself but apparently it is part of a campaign being run by a woman's magazine, sure enough i googled it and it was there!

I know I am not the most adjusted re the mx experience - I hate it and it was for me the worst part of the bc experience in that active treatment including chemo etc ends, my hair is growing back and life is superficially normal but my boob won't grow back and the recon is a disappointment. I certainly can't say I am proud of having had an mx. I certainly don't think that women should be sold the line "a mx equals life" because we know tha lumpectomy results are just as good for many women. But I also thought it quite tasteless,is it just me?

I felt quite upset, embarrassed and thought it was a very tactless way to show support for women who have been through mx.I'd be horrified if my friends thought they were supporting me by wearing these badges - I'd rather they made a donation to BCC.

Is it just me?


Jane x