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Mastectomy in Left boob, reduction in the right - support needed


Re: Mastectomy in Left boob, reduction in the right - support needed

No worries, I wish you all the best.

As Tracey said the op is nowhere near as awful as your imagination would have you believe. I too had been large breasted & always wanted a reduction but was too scared now I wish I'd had it done years ago and yes my boobs are better than they've looked for decades - every cloud and all that x

Re: Mastectomy in Left boob, reduction in the right - support needed

Hi Nikki, Thank you for replying, I wont be having Chemo as my Cancer is a tumor and its self contained, so with its removal thten everything ( hopefully) will have gone. There was some talk about three weeks of Radiotherapy but I've just been told that as they are taking more tissue than previously thought, I may not need Radiotherapy. 

Suppose this is an upside to having a Mastectomy.. I feel less traumatsied than I did yesterday, its surprising how well we all accept and come to terms with this diagnosis.

Thank you for dropping in to the forum, you have certainly helped me.



Re: Mastectomy in Left boob, reduction in the right - support needed

Hi Tracey


Thank you, its just what I wanted to hear, the Breast Care Nurse has shown me a series of photographs and I left feeling worse, although she did say they prepare patients for the worse then they are not shocked when they come round and are likely to be pleasantly surprised.


I know Im not going to look like a young chick with new boobs but I wanted to talk to someone who had been trhough it and adapted to the situation and youve done that for me.


I wish you well and a contiuned speedy recovery and Thank you again.


Re: Mastectomy in Left boob, reduction in the right - support needed

hi. just had r mastectomy and axilliary node clearance 2 days ago , i couldnt have immediate recon due to the fact i may need radiotherapy i am surprised at how good my scar is and that the loss of a breast hasnt phased me at all i really thought it would , my good breast can be reduced whatever i decide as i was big breasted and looks ridiculous now lol , no-one wants this but i can honestly say i feel i will stay positive and i hope you do too xx

Re: Mastectomy in Left boob, reduction in the right - support needed

Yes we are all different as is cancer and different surgeons/consultants have their own methods too.


The way my surgery was explained that mastectomy & immediate recon gives the best result - so sounds positive for you. 


The way I'd had it is 2nd and lastly mastectomy followed by a delayed recon.


Prior to my surgery they were unsure whether or not I would need rads fortunately I didn't.


If rads had been a definite I would have been advised to have full mastectomy as rads can destroy the implant or the reconstruction.  Also having a larger op can delay healing & hence delay the start of chemo.


in some ways it's been a long old road but in others the time has flown by.


Life is more or less back to normal, I'm back at work, my hair has grown back and I know a hell of a lot about a disease I never dreamt in my wildest dreams I would get!


I start to get a little nervous this time of year with the annual mammo looming & find myself dipping into the forum, I found it so helpful when I was diagnosed and going through chemo that I try to give a little back to those that unfortunately have joined after me.


will you be having chemo do you know?


take care x

Re: Mastectomy in Left boob, reduction in the right - support needed

Wow, Nicky 


Thank you for your reply, you have been with all of this for three years? Its sounds as though everything needed to be done at the right stage. I am under the impression my surgery for both will be done at the same time, and as of today it is undecided whether I will need radiotherapy. Perhaps our "cancers" are different, or perhaps I wont know of any future diagnosis until after surgery and the sentainal node and tissue have all returned from Pathology.


I am learning that its not one diagnosis for all, to be honest I'm a little overwhelmed with how many people are going through a version of the same thing.


I wish you well for the future...

Re: Mastectomy in Left boob, reduction in the right - support needed

Hiya, I've been through exactly the same, except opposite breasts.


diagnosed idc lump and massive dcis resulting in mastectomy of right breast.  As the lumps were deep I was able to have a skin sparing mastectomy with temporary implant.  Path result showed 1 sentinel node had cancer so I was given an axillary clearance the following week, all 11 lymph nodes were clear.  I then underwent 6 x Fec-t.


6 months after chemo temp implant was replaced and boob tidied up.  8 months later left breast reduction to match. Another 8 months and had a nipple made and last week I had the nipple colour tattooed.


i was diagnosed July 2013 and am just coming up to my 3 year anniversary.


happy to answer any questions you may have.


take care x

Mastectomy in Left boob, reduction in the right - support needed



Apologies if this topic has already been covered in aprevious thread, I did have a good scroll down and couldn't see anything.


I am ona rollercoaster at the momnet, having gone from a simple routine aspiration of cycts to reveal a 37mm tumor in my left breast, which could be treated with a lumpectomy. To finding a further area of concern deeper within the same breast which cannot be reached by a probe, so the result being a complete mastectomy of this breast and a reduction on my right breast to match.


I go from being up beat and positive to on the floor with terror at my situation, ive been and looked at photos today of before and after op and am amazed at how good all these women look who have gone before me, but nevertheless I am scared out of my mind.


The surgery is a week away and I feel its all happened very quickly, I have no idea what the future holds and am worried that my Partner and friends will see me differently. I suppose I am here just looking for some reassurance, from anyone who has been through the same operation/diagnosis, just trying to grasp some positivity.


Thanks you in advance and love and hugs to all those who have gone through it or like me just embarking on this new path of life.