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Matrix surgery feedback


Re: Matrix surgery feedback

Hi Nicky, I was diagnosed with DCIS in left breast in Jan and had an mx in Feb with reconstruction using strattice mesh and permanent implant. For the first few weeks it was very uncomfortable to be upright as it pulls on the chest wall muscle but at 8.5 wks post op I was ready to return to work on a phased return, now at about 18 wks I am pretty much back to fully fit apart from a bit of stiffness still under the arm and have started running again although the recon does still ache a bit at times. (Apparently this is normal for upto a year) Cosmetically the surgeon has made a really good job and was able to save the areola so it still looks like a nipple. Just doesn't match the droopy one! My reason for choosing was that I just wanted one op and on the whole I've been very pleased with the outcome, my sentinel node was clear so I didn't need chemo or rads which meant I was an ideal candidate for the mesh method. Good luck with your decision, feel free to private message me if you want to know any more. Nicola x

Matrix surgery feedback

Hi Ladies, am new on here having been diagnosed with bilateral DCIS about 6 weeks ago. Had my sentinel nodes taken out both sides on Tuesday this week (bad week to not be able to wear deodorant!) to check that cancer hasn't spread anywhere else. I've been offered either ld or matrix with implant as bilateral surgery options. I'm swaying on the matrix option due to the shorter recovery time but would love to hear from other ladies who have this done as I understand it's quite a new type of surgery. We're you happy with the results? Negative and positive feedback welcome x