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May Moonbeams

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Re: May Moonbeams

Hi poemsgalore i had hoped to sneak into the end of awesome aprils ,not that im keen or anything but like to feel that im doing something positive against this disease .However just got my letter for bloods etc on 7/5 so should be starting after that
Ive been reading all the hints and tips which have been great at the moment its the nausea that worries me most as ive really sensitive stomach at best of times and couldnt set foot on boat or plane without being loaded with pills lots of love and thanks for thinking of the newbies coming along behind you xx caz

May Moonbeams

Hi, I don't suppose it will be too long before there is a new chemo group for May. I'd just like to be the first to wish you all well with your treatment, and invite you to pop into the February Valentine's thread to see how we are getting on. It might give you a few tips of how to cope with whichever regimen you find yourselves on. Sending big hugs to whoever joins this thread. Good Luck.

Poemsgalore xxx