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Menopause at 33


Re: Menopause at 33


I too was officially menopausal at the age of 33 and was devastated to know that (on top of everything else that was happening). i really struggled with the hot flushes and lack of sleep and eventually sought help from a specialist nurse at st. thomas hospital who offers hypnotherapy. it worked wonders. Perhaps that is something you can explore to make you feel better if you are struglling with the effects.

I have also recently started using a product called replens for vaginal dryness, which is another menopausal symptom. Its very helpful. Please dont despair, there is a lot that you can do to make yourself feel better and alot of information and help available.

hope this is helpful



Re: Menopause at 33

Hi, it isnt as bad as anticipated well wasnt for me anyhow, Im mid flow meopause at 36 which was brought on by having my ovaries removed. ensure you check with your nurse as if your cancer was eostrrogen based you dont want to be hainvg HRT


Re: Menopause at 33

Hi Lisa,

I can't help regarding having a very early menopause (mine started though at 44) but I am just wondering why they are proposing HRT. Does this mean that your BC was not Oestrogen or Progesterone positive?

I have 'only' had DCIS but think it might be related to my being on HRT for 2-3 years prior to diagnosis so can't be on it any more. I suppose your Onc has all the information needed to make the correct decision but couldn't you try other medications for menopausal symptoms to see if they help first or is HRT your only option?

I'm sure there are many young women on here who will be in your position who will be along soon with their experiences.


Menopause at 33

Hi all,
I have received a letter from my onc this morning informing me that I am post menopausal.She said that as I am only 33,she is a little concerned & has wrote to a gynaecologist for his advice.She thinks that he may recommend a course of HRT.
I am feeling quite upset & feel like I am old before my time.I was wondering if anybody else experienced the menopause at such an early age?
Thanks in advance,Lisa x